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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stamp Maker anyone

Not sure if I am going to get this...but if I do I promise to post all about it. It's interesting to see all the new gadgets that come out every year at CHA. It's actually crazy. It is obvious to anyone with half a COCO that it is impossible to keep up with all the scrap goodness out there.

Anyway, this is the Teresa Collins Stampmaker. What does it do you ask? Well, let me tell makes stamps. I think I am going to have to play with it before I give you my final opinion. Yet, wanted to share that it is out there for those of you crazy stamp lovers.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another BUSY Summer Day....

Tuesday...what a beautiful day we have here in South Florida. I am about to head out and pick up some of my kids friends...spend the day at the pool have a picnic, go out and workout, eat pizza and go to the movies. Yup. That's how I will be spending my day. :)

Got to share some goodies and eye candy....

Be still my heart. Can you believe these are's not who you think. PINK PAISLEE IS the wonderful manufacturer for these beauties. LOOK!!!! YELLOW!!!!! YIPPEEE. Love, love, love yellow letters. Can you tell what is going to be in your kits in the next coming months...hee,hee.
Look at this yumminess. Isn't this pretty? Pink Paislee is kicking this CHA.

I am in love this line. I can not wait to get my hands on it. YUP...I have visions...can't wait to release this class!!!Check out this beauty by Daniela Dobson. I love this. It's just so darn pretty. Sigh...

Hope you enjoy your day. Hug your kids, your spouse or whoever is your loved one. Enjoy the moments girls!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

SUmmer is fLyING awaY!!!!

OK...I can not believe that SUMMER is almost half way through for us. I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!! I have been having a great time with my kids. Lots of pool time, family outings and just plain Summer GRILLING!!! YUMMO!!! Mr. has a heavy traveling schedule this Summer, we have been having a lovely time. Lots of time talking, sharing and simply speding time together. LOVE THAT MAN!!!!

ALthough, I have taken a break from teaching large venues for the Summer, I have been busy with personal classes. I have met some lovely ladies and wanted to thank all those who have taken their Summer VAC. to take a class with me.....THANK YOU...YOU BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!!! I certainly hope you enjoyed it as much as me.

I have been impressed with some lovely things that so many of my customers are creating. Don't you love how the creative side just seems to come on out when you least expect it? LOVE THAT!!!!

I have completed 5 mini books since SUmmer began.....very happy with the outcome of all 5. I have also been working on my first love....12x12 scrapbook pages of course. I completed 18 pages this past week. Worked on the Flutter kit and the Jenni Bowlin...and of course on one of my FAV...the material girl kit. Will post pics soon as I find my camera cord! :)

I wanted to share this today:

Isn't it amazing, how you can take this:
And make this?

Isn't that amazing? This is the Maya Road (Body Form) chipboard album...and after waiting for quite a while they should be here pretty soon..whoo hooo!!!!
Will keep you posted on what the girls create with this one.

Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blogger MIA

Yes, I know....I have been MIA!!! LOL. SUMMER is in full swing here, and honestly, it's so HOT here in Florida. It's insane!!!

I have been getting projects completed, meeting deadlines and simply enjoying my kids and their time off.

Now, let me share some of my absolutely FAVORITE CHA Summer 2010 Releases.


OOohhhh, look at this deliciousness!!!
oH MY, Oh, MY!!! I am running out of wall spaces!!!!! LOL!!!!

I think so far this is my favorite new thing. 7 Gypsies is rocking!!!! I think I am going to share this in the retreat in October...what you think?

Have a great TUESDAY!!!