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Monday, July 27, 2009

Funny story here.....

My friend Lou had the craziest moment with her blog a couple of weeks ago and after reading all the crazies she went through I posted an entry and told her that she had gone through so MUCH hassle that if it had been ME... I would have never blogged again...............well ...........something happened here...changes...crazies and I have not been able to get in this darn thing....I did not try too hard, but I finally figured out that the email account has changed....only the celestial beings...and maybe you smart chicks out there too....will understand why this has happened, but jeez, could they have not explained to little puertorican how this was going to go down?

Well, now that I have blog privileges again , here are some layouts I have been working on.

I created these layouts in a jiffy as I had to get them out to my darling cousin Lucy in a couple of hours. Man, oh man, oh about pressure...I created 9 layouts in 2 1/2 hours....boy was I sweatin'!!!! I kept them simple and used tons of PRIMA goodies as you can see. The brighter colored layouts are American Crafts, it's the Spring/Summer collections from last year.
Have a great day...and so glad that I was able to get my blog back...he,hee,hee!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scrapbook Retreat is on my mind.........WARNING: PICTURE HEAVY

It's almost here!!!!!!!!!!!
My pink room is filled to the brim with goodies for the Scrapbook Retreat participants and I am so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!
Last week I went on a mini vacation with my kids and as I toured Florida I made a stop at Sanibel/Fort Myers and took a view of the facilities where I am hosting this Scrapbook Retreat. I am very, very did I mention VERY happy with this hotel. The views are so relaxing, the pool area is great, the restaurants and amenities are pretty darn fantaSTIC!!!! Customer service is impeccable. VERY, VERY HAPPY.
I wanted to share some pictures.

This is right before crossing the bridge to Sanibel Island.

This is one of hotels on the premises.
Taking pictures from the parking

The lobby is beautiful. Very airy and the the views are amazing. When you walk in it is very spacious and the back wall is all glass windows so you get the see the pool and the water beyond...really pretty.....
Had my children posing.....look at my 14 year old...does he look thrilled or what!!!!!!!! LOL

This wooden bridge is long and a fantastic picture OP for anyone. I took some really quick snap shots and was on my way to the hotel. You can walk over the bridge..(it's almost like a mangrove)...from the parking lot to the hotel if you do not want to pay for the valet daily fee. It's absolutely worth a walk!!!

The Hotel Guide told me this was the good view...............

And this is the bad view............LOL..........I CAN HANDLE BAD!!!.........LOL....
The rooms are large and by the way....loved the bathrooms...nice and big......whoo hoo for girls and their space!!!!!!!!

I can not wait. I am so excited.......can you tell?



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How about some American Craft goodies?

Well gang, CHA is almost know what that means. sigh...tons of new stuff heading our way.

Here is some of the American Craft goodies that pre-ordered.
Look at that, they are now mixing up the colors...sigh...remeber in the old days how I WOULD MIX 100 little containers....arrrggghhhhhh....I guess they finally saw the light. ABOUT TIME!!! LOL....

They have a huge new brad line. Glittered, jeweled, pearls, and fabric. Very pretty colors too.
Look at these albums. They also have some faux leather ones that will be more economical than their leather albums. The bottom two albums are embroidered...pretty stuff....

You know that pink baby is mine right? all knew that?
Will show some more goodies tomorrow.....

PS: LOU...I know, I know...I ordered ALL THE THICKERS...just for you chica!!!! LOL.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Jenni Bowlin anyone?

Hi gang. Wanted to share this great kit with you. I put together some Jenni Bowlin goodness. This line is really pretty and you can utilize the papers and embellies for just about any event in your life. There is some really great yumminess going on here. I used some new Kaiser flowers, New AC THICKERS and the journaling cards are JUST DELISH!!!!

Ady GOT CREATIVE and man did she burn some midnight oil with this kit. You can see her other layouts on her blog.

I only have 12 of these left, so drop me a line if you are interested in one.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The world of blogging....AND THE NEW KID

I know so many of you have emailed me regarding this blog. I understand some of your frustrations about me not blogging regularly. But the truth is..............WAIT FOR IT.........ARE YOU READY?

I've been busy.

It's a funny story see my buds Ady and Vanessa got me started on this blog thing...and as time has come and buddies do not blog as often as they used to. They have left me for the next new best see there is this new kid in's called......


It seems like everyone is on there. I have more friends request that I can possibly need or want in a lifetime. But I just have not been bitten by the bug. Yes, I opened an account, yes I do check it out every month or so, but I am just not good at this sort of thing. I am not electronically inclined and the truth is that it's very difficult for me to learn the ins and outs of new programs. Rios tells me it's because I am lazy...I think it's because I DON'T CARE therefor, I don't want to learn something new.....yeah, I think that's it. You see I tend to have a ton of things to do on my list. For example this is what Today's list looks like:

1. laundry

2. kitchen cabinets

3. hand wash delicate clothes

4. clean scrap room

5. sweep house

6. mop house

7. finish dad album

8. order more basic supplies for pink room

9. send out email for classes and crops in august

10. call for dentist appt.

11. call for JAR surgery

12. call and make reservations at hotel in New Orleans

13. Call buds in Texas

14. Clean your scrappy crap off the Kitchen table

15. Cook lunch and dinner

16. call mom

17. call MIL

18. Call SU lady

19. Call auntie Judy

20. organize the pink room

21. finish surprise gifts for Scrapbook Retreat

22. organize kits

23. take picture of kit and post it.

24. Finish 10 page class layouts.

25. Clean scraproom.

OK....I only put 25 things on my list a day. Because, hey it's life and I am sure something of more importance will crop up during the day.

Do I ever finish my list? Uuuuhhhmmmmmm NO! Does anyone? Really? But I do try.

Well, I digress....

The whole point of this post today is that although I WOULD LOVE TO FACEBOOK with the peeps who want to become my friends or even facebook with those who are really actually my friends....I do not want to take another moment of my life to learn something new at this time.....maybe in a month I won't do laundry for 3 weeks and will get addicted to Facebook like so many of my buddies...but for today...I blog and share my woes. It's hard enough for me to get on here and blog....I just simply can not add another connecting with people engine on my list. I just can't. Ok...I don't want to. Honesty...makes you feel so much better at the end of the day....LOL.

So this is my profound statement for the day. I really like to blog. It's personal and although many of you leave no's simply fun to share thoughts, pictures, memories and dreams with friends, family and hey...strangers too.

Although I do not post every day, I find pleasure when I do. So thank you all for your kind statements. Your visits and taking time from your busy schedules to visit me on my little blog.

And with this I leave, as it seems that house work is calling me today.



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get ready for some Scrappy YUMMINESS!!!!!!!!!

Oh my girls, I have got to say that Prima has been off the chart this last year with their new products. What is a girl to do? Shoes or Scrappy materials? (I have plenty of shoes) LOL.


Fluttering Vines
Say it in Peal centers....DELISH!!!!!!!! I HEAR ANGELIC VOICES SINGING!!!!!!!!!!

Prima has released over 160 new items. You know I was all over that order sheet for the last two days. I was so overwhelmed...I WANTED TO BUY IT ALL!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!! I did have some restraint. I purchased 57 new items. to make sure my peeps are in the know with the new stuff. I promise to email all of you as soon as the stuff gets here.
Have a Happy THURSDAY.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wow..I haven't been here in a while....

but man oh man, have I been busy. Getting ready for this Scrapbooking Retreat has me on overdrive. I have some major beautiful stuff in the house and some wonderful new merchandise coming in the next few days...aaahhh, the smell of new stuff!!! WHOO HOOO!!!! I love all these goodies. I am going to attempt to display some of the new stuff, but gosh people, it is just one more thing on the list of things to do. I leave you with this eye candy.............

This is a gift holder (money probably). I love the butterfly. Gives you a very vintage, almost chabby chic feel. This was done by Oddbjorg Ringsby. She used all those yummy Prima Products. I still have a few of these kits left so if you are interested drop me a line.
I am so waiting for Vane and Ady to get my hands dirty. I can not wait to work on this Donna Downey canvas album. I am in LOVE with everything. I just have not decided what I want to do it on. I want it to be a very special album on something fantastically special to me....when I do decide my subject, I want to work along these lines. I can't give the artist credit because someone sent me this in an email...I know it's Prima product but have no clue who the artist is.

SHE rocks...bless her heart.This yumminess was created by Ingvild Bolme. I stalk this chick. My goodness, when I grow up I want to have half her talent.
It is 2:22am in warm and muggy Miami....I am off to bed.