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Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a sweet Monday...YIPPPEEEE

Ok gang...I am so backtracking here....
My son Elijah turned 15 on June the 6th. It was a bitter sweet moment and the truth was it hit me 2 weeks before his graduation, that my son is now a Young man.
I asked my sister Margie for a photo session with my son. She sent me 8 proofs so that I could choose for the invitation...this are two of them.
This is so him. He is a very casual young man. He does not like big fusses and big hoopla's. He loves' his family with all his heart and loves to spend time with them.

I of course cried my head off when I saw my son...he was no longer a little boy.. WHEN DID HE BECOME A young man? It kind of hits you and you don't even realize that they are growing front of your very own eyes.
I only pray that God continues to give me the wisdom and courage needed to guide this wonderful gift that God has bestowed me.

You have got to go to Margie's blog and see the pics of my ELIJU. She did such a fantastic job of capturing his essence. Check them out here....Margie Bonilla Photography.
Enjoy your Monday my friends.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM!!!

Today we celebrated my moms' birthday. (Although, the official family celebration will be on Tuesday). We got some shopping done and had a really nice lunch at the Falls. I enjoy spending time with her...although she thinks about my dad 24/7 when we are out and about, and worries about him like crazy, we spent a great Saturday morning and afternoon together.

I will share some of the photos/layouts on this this week.

Now for some really great goodies...check this out....Here is the July 2010 kit. There are a ton of goodies here. There are a very limited amount of these make sure you get yours now.

(Sorry for the tiny little print...when we downloaded the JP file it ended up like that...and I don't have the time to fix it...ok...I DON'T WANT TO FIX IT...LOL)

Cost of this kit is $20.00.

The following are some fantastic LO's you can complete with this kit. I got these from the Jenni Bowlin Design Team. ENJOY!!!!

I will share some more layouts tomorrow. I do have an add on kit but I think I sold out...I will let you all know by Tuesday.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010 it really ALMOST JULY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I can not believe this month is almost over. I can not!!! I have had so much going on. It has been crazy!!!
We are on Summer vacation...WHOO HOOO!!!!!!
My son turned 15.
My son graduated and is now officially in high school. OMG!!! TEARS HERE :(

So many milestones in our lives and honestly...I am just loving this walk of life. Although I apologize that I have not blogged consistently....I have been living gals. Simply living.

With that being said, here is some eye candy for your delights.

This was made by Ms. Jana Eubanks. LOOK AT ALL THOSE YUMMY COLORS!!!!
Can someone please say YUMMO!!!! Isn't this totally adorable. The lovely Ms. Linda did this adorable card. PINK AND FLOWERS.......a girl after my own heart. :)

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NO PICS.....sorry..... :(

Hi gang.

I sure hope all is going well. I am in Central Florida this week taking care of some business, teaching some fun classes, visiting some friends, and actually scrap booking my little heart away. TONS of pages done. Unfortunately I had to stop scraping because I ran out of adhesive...can you believe that? I had 5 adhesive refills with me...what the heck is that all about? (I guess 42 pages does take quite a bit of adhesive...LOL)

I am so sorry, but I can't post any pictures. :( I have no idea how to download on this borrowed therefore, you are all going to have to wait until Friday when I get back home.

I have some delicious stuff waiting back home for you lovely ladies. Jenni Bowlin is all in. WHOO HOO!!! The add on kit is in also. I am not sure about the albums, but those will probably be in some time this week. Will keep you posted on that.

I just realized yesterday that Father's Day is this Sunday. Holy Toledo...where did the time go? I can not believe it. Thank goodness I have Saturday to handle business. It's all good. Although I do remember a time when I used to have every one's presents, cards and party supplies a good 3 months ahead of the date...........those were the good old days..hehee,ha.

Well, got to go a I will be teaching a class this morning in 15 minutes.

You all have a great Wednesday....I promise LOTS OF PICS this weekend.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last Day of School....WHOO HOOO!!! I am so excited!!!

I am thrilled!!! We have officially begun our Summer Vacation in the Rios' household. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic Summer. I really have no official plans. We are just hanging out this Summer. We'll see. I see some lazy Summer days coming my way.

Now ladies, check this out. It was created by the fabulous Lindsey. The mom and daughter duo have the most delicious stuff up their sleeves. Isn't this adorable?

Enjoy your day girls.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So much to do, so little time.

Tuesday.....whew....I am getting into the habit of simply doing what needs to be done TODAY. I will worry about tomorrow.....well, Tomorrow. How about that for words of wisdom? LOL

Gotta share this beautiful vintage yumminesssssssssss.

Ms. Melissa Phillips created these wonderful cards.

I'm off to finish my task.

Hugs, ME

Friday, June 4, 2010

She's up and running!!!!!!!!

Hello ladies: I am so happy to inform you that my lovely friend Nana Campana, is having her grand opening this evening.

13056 SW 133 Court

Miami, Florida


If you are in the area, come on down and join the gals. She will be having a "Girls Night Out Crop" tonight. EXPECT A REALLY GREAT TREAT for all those who show up!!!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Thursday girls.

Wow, I am exhausted. I have been working very hard ladies. REALLY :) Now I have got some delicious news to share with you. My lovely friend Julie has something delicious to share....and I HAVE GOT TO SHARE WITH YOU!!!!

This very lovely lady has some amazing stuffesses going on. Please go check her out here!!!!
Here is an excerpt from her blog..............PLEASE GO TO HER BLOG TO READ THE WHOLE THING......

"Soooooooooooooooooo it is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY....and NOW we have BEEN PUBLISHED!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Sooooooooooooooo I have lined up sooooooooooooooooooooo MANY AMAZING sponsors for this EVENT!!! I have NEVER SEEN this MANY PRIZES for ONE CHALLENGE before!!!! We are GONNA HAVE 27 WINNERS!!! YES!!! 27 WINNERS!!! And what is our CHALLENGE????? Wellllllllllllllllll here we go...............
These are a Few of My Favorite SHOES!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
We all have a FAVE PAIR OF SHOES....U know it and I know it....soooooooooo we want to see what U can create showing us YOUR FAVORITE PAIR of SHOES!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):) Now, normally, I would go on and on and on (I shocker, right??!!??!! LOL) for each design team members LO's that they created...but because I have to list 26 SPONSORS and PRIZES for this challenge...."
OMG...for real JULIE? 27 prizes!!! Sera posible? I never join challenges but I have decided to SO JOIN this one. Come on, man, how cool is this!!! SHOES!!! That's is like right up there with pink, clocks and scrappy stuff for me. SHOES!!!!
I hope you decide to join the fun. THOSE ARE REALLY SOME AMAZING GOODIES they are giving away. So worth a try. (Thanks Ms. Julie for sharing the happiness)
Well I've got to go.
Have a fantastic Thursday girls.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Busy day in store for me here. I am working on something that will be revealed on Friday... whoohooo!

Check this out:

This is NOT MINE...but I finished a project on Sunday, and as I was looking for something on cyber world I found this cutie patootie! A girl can never have too much pink. HEE,hEE!!!

Hoping you have a fantastic Wednesday!

Hugs, ME

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 2010!!!!

I can not believe we are already half way through 2010. What the heck? Where does the time go ladies? I guess if I really think about it....we LIVE. We are all living our lives and leaving a mark behind. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Have to leave you with what I am working on.....Ms. Linda Albrecht designed this. Tell me this is just totally fun and happy? Love it. I have been inspired by this to create something delicious. Will share soon.
I certainly hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I was busy with family and friends and I did scrapbook quite a bit. Nothing like getting projects completed. LOVE IT!!! Hope you are all inspired to create something fun and pretty. Catch ya' later. :)