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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How exciting is this? May kit is a success!!!

Thank you...Thank you...Thank YOU!!! You have all been so amazing in your support in my new venture. I promise to keep putting together only merchandise I would purchase for myself..(WINK). Wow...I am so surprised with the overwhelming response to this kit. I guess it really does help when you have some amazing products. I want to thank all of you who have purchased a kit. This was my first monthly kit and honestly it has been a huge success.

I have 3 customers who got a extra little bag in their boxes....#50, #100 and #150. You'll see who you are when you open up your boxes (SMILE). ENJOY!
The official blog for the monthly kit will be unveiled on Friday....I shall post the blog address here. Can't wait to see what the response will be like...
Great customers, great themes and absolutely some amazing pages being created here this past Saturday. I had a smaller group, but I love to see how people document what is important to that! goodness....Some RICKY MARTIN GOODNESS!!!! One of our favorite customers and a dear good friend...Shenny, worked on her masterpiece. She had everyone rolling off their chairs. She is a Ricky martin fAN...OK...MAYBE...A LITTLE MORE THAN A FAN. She had been preparing all her goodies all year to complete this album. Her whole theme black & white...(It's Ricky Martin's tour name). I have got to tell you, it is an amazing album. I was super impressed... with the pics, the art and simply the documentation of something fun that my dear friend enjoys in life...Isn't that the point?!!! If you look closely there is a pic of good old Ricky (EN PELOTA) naked...DOWN is actually a very quick slide you would see if you went to the concert..most people would miss it... Yet, leave it to Shenny, to go to his concert more than once and actually KNOW when to click that camera and get the perfect pic of her fantasy man...hee, hee,ha! He's hot!!! I don't care what any of you say...the MAN IS HOt!!!!!

This is a quick layout I did for my cousin to prove to her that we can use flowers on BOY PAGES!!!! I love this little boy...he is just one of those that just hits you in the heart and makes an entrance...he's our Daniel! (SIGH)
Well my friends...this is it for now. Have to get to work. Have a meeting with the design team...working on some really yummy goodies coming your way!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I know...I know...i owe pictures but

it's been just a tad bit crazy here. I did not expect such a wonderful demand for my little kits and been busy sending out and getting ready for all the events we have planned for this coming month. I'm getting the hubby to download pics today, so I will post in the middle of the night if I get up.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Wow it's already FRIDAY!!!

Ok gang...quick post here. Lots of exciting changes going on here. The website is coming along for Scrapbook Designs..that makes me very happy. In additions to purchasing the monthly kits, you will now be able to purchase all kinds of goodies..who hoo!
I am presently filling in some dates for the calendar for MAY. My goodness, school is almost out here. Can you believe it? Incredible. Well, tomorrow, I will be celebrating my 2nd NSBD. I am looking forward to I have some really great and incredible classes going on this month. Can't wait to share. Well...have got to go. The kits are flying off the shelves..and that is GOOD! I will be posting pics by Sunday. I promise.
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Some Black, white and pink goodness....Ooohhh, how I love this little kit. Makes me happy.

I know, I know...the picture is not that great...but you can get a feel of what the kit brings. I will post details and better pictures tomorrow. The kit is $38.00 and brings some delicious embellies. This is one of the new Heidi Swapp lines that I absolutely adore. It includes 12 patterned papers, 6 card stocks, a chandelier stamp, ghost, ribbon, American Craft thickers, a stickler, XL photo corner, a pack of American Craft buttons, various journaling tags, butterflies, 2 damask stickers, a chandelier overlay, a sheet of glossy extras and some bling...could not leave out the bling. We will officially begin mailing kits on the first of May...but due to some people harassing me....we won't mention any names..LOL...I have posted the kit here for a viewing. If you are interested in one, please email me at and I will put you down on the list. ENJOY!
Lots of hugs!

Monday, April 21, 2008


As promised here are some pictures of Saturday's National Scrapbook Day. We had a ton of fun, and honestly, I moved furniture around the house to make everyone fit comfortably. My pink room was outfitted with my living room love least it held more baskets full of goodies for the girls. 158 pages were completed this Saturday between all the ladies who attended. I think that's pretty awesome.

Alma and Dayami, raising their goodie bags...they seemed to have liked their goodies. Noemi and Ady pose for posterity here. Have to mention...I am giving Ady a raise!!! She deserves it!!! he, he, hee, ha! Ady, I am going to DOUBLE YOUR PAY!!! Love you girl!

Ana shows her work.

Sweet Alma, worked on her little girls Album...that little one is delicious.

Vanessa and her acrylic album...too cute. Margie worked on Christmas...really cool layouts.

Susie and her famous TICK TOCK. Bethsy, going through her goodies.
Well, one down, one to go. I will do all this all over next Saturday. You are welcome to stop by visit, shop or join the fun next Saturday, as I will have 12 new girls celebrating their NSBD. I really have to thank every single person who attended. I am honored that they chose me to spend the NSBD with. I really need to thank several people who went beyoned!!! Ady, thank you for working for....hmmmnnn...FREE! What kind of friend is that? ONLY THE BEST KIND. Margie, thank you for ALL your help. You did so much during the week that I was just amazed at your creativity. You really should be published. Ely and guys are the best...I just could not do this without your help. It takes quite a bit to pull of any event with success...but I have wonderful people in my life and that makes my work so much easier. THANKS GANG! I PROMISE TO HOOK YOU UP IF I WIN THE LOTTO!
I have decided to make available my class kit I make on a monthly basis. I will unveil the kit tomorrow for the month of May. It has a ton of Heidi Swapp goodness. Can't wait. LOVE THAT CLASS. Anyway, due to so many request for these kits, I decided to take the plunge and make them available to (whoever purchases them I will only have a limited quantity and when they are gone...they are gone.
I'm I am extremely tired. I have some old sleep I need to catch up on.
Tune in tomorrow for the pics and details. A formal website is in the works for this that is super exciting!!! Whooo hooo!
I am very proud to announce my three very talented designers on my team. They are: Ady Abreu, Margarita Bonilla and Dayami Lauzurique. I will be posting ideas and layouts on a monthly basis to help you complete kits...or simply to give you some inspirations. Can't wait!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I will so post tomorrow with pics. Just know yesterday was a huge success. I am so exhausted, I can't think...tomorrow.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I overslept today!!! I got up at 6:00am...ADY??? What is up with that? OMG! Hey, I needed it. I accomplished sssoooo very much last night, and honestly, with the help of several amazing, wonderful people, this event is truly coming along. I know it's not a thousand peeps attending my event, buy honestly, I feel like anyone who comes to my event, should get the best that I can give them. I really feel this is going to be the BEST National Scrapbook Day I have hosted. I am ssssoooooo sorry that I have not posted pics...but I promise within the next 72 hours I will not only post pics of all the goodies given away, but I will post details of the whole event. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!
Got to go, as Vanessa is stressing me out with the cafe con leche situation!!! LOL!!! Vane...remember 7:30am or you are ssssoooo OUT OF GAS!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Buenas GENte!!! LOTS OF PICS!!!!

As many of you have requested...the pics of all the infamous events of my life are here. I will post on scrapbooking tomorrow.

Here are the some of the pics we took at the Miami Seaquarium this past Saturday. OMG, we had SOOOO much fun. You can always tell when perfect strangers take the pics because you can't even tell who the heck we are. But hey, I KNOW. Anyway...we had a great time. The kids were in awe of some of the sea life we saw. I truly have the best brother in law in the world. He sat in the front zone with ALL the kids...YOU KNOW..the zone where you get blasted with water !!!! He was our guide for the day, and honestly, it was not only a beautiful day, but we got to spend it with our families. Only one damper in the day...Rios did not make it. (Rios...we did miss you!!!)
As you can tell some of my nieces are a hoot. I love the pic of all of

us in front of the whale fins....we are so far away that the tourist that took
it must have been out of her mind. (We could have fit another 50 puertoricans there)LOL

Jazzy and ELIJAH ARE JUST SOO SWEET. They are such good kids. Just FYI...most of these
pictures were taken by Elijah. He's a little photographer. I love Miami. This is a picture taken from the bridge heading towards Biscayne. Elijah did a freaking good job!

Here are some Pics of Jacqueline's birthday party. What did she want? A scrap booking party. Lucky for her, her momma has a hook up!!!! LOL. The girls each got a mini album with plenty of yummy embellishments to decorate their pages. The girls loved it! By the way, thank you all for the sweet wishes to my baby girl. You guys are the best.

Some of these girls really surprised
me. Their scrap booking skills are
very impressive.

Kristen with her final product and Jacqueline with the sticker book.
I gave the girls my sticker book and told them they could use whatever they wanted. TALK ABOUT HEAVEN.
My nieces Alyssa and Jazmyne...talented chicks. They looked adorable.
I can not believe I do not have a picture with everyone in it. Isn't that crazy, buy when you are host that's what happens. We served
Jacqueline's favorite foods and when it was all done, my daughter
thanked me for the party and said it was the best party she has ever had. (my heart just melted) I love that little girl!

Look at this!!!!!!!!!! This is my niece Alyssa. She is 4 years old and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL AND CRAFTY!!!! Just like her momma. (and her aunts). She is super smart and let me tell you this little chick is a scrapper in the making. These pics were taken on Easter Sunday at my house. We had finished dinner and she wanted to create something. My sister Margie taught her how to use the Cutterpede cutter. I was soooooo impressed. I came in after her mother set her up and she had cut several papers. She informed me that I HAD TO BE CAREFUL BECAUSE THE cutterpede was NOT A TOY. They had blades and we had to make sure to respect them and handle them properly. She then proceeded to show me the correct manner as to HOW TO handle this baby. (She cracks me up). By the way, I am also not to use it without some adult supervison..LOL. Come on peeps...that is funny

I thought I add this pic, since many of you read about Vanessa and Ady all the time. These are my scrap booking buddies. They were originally customers, but over the years became more like
sisters. In the pic from L to Vanessa, Ady and me. Now you have visual aid to who the
heck the girls are when I talk about them. By the way: Ady, those clubs you scrap for are phenomenal...LOL. You all have to read the blog. By the way...Ady has some FANTASTIC NEWS. She is getting published. WOW... AMAZING....WAY TO GO MI AMIGA!
I AM SUPER PROUD OF YOU!!!! Send her some good wishes. I will post all the details so you can go and buy the magazine!

Wow...what a long post. But so many of you asked for it!!!!
Well, I caught up with pics. I hope you all have a great day. Be safe and please spend some time with your families. It is the most important thing in the world. I just want to send a shout to my friend Alma. Te doy las gracias por el jesto tan bonito. Te quiero con todo mi corazon amiga.!!!!!!!!! Gracias por pensar en mi.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Saturday everyone..and a FREE GIVEAWAY!!!

and I know I am way overdue for some pictures. I have just been so ttttiiiiiirrrrrreeeedddd. So one more thing on the list of things to do is just quite overwhelming right now. Downloading pics falls more thing to do. If I get back home early today, I will download a ton of goodies..including the NSBD peek. (That's for you Vanessa).
To make life a tad bit is a FREE give away.
Send me a lay out of your family and I will choose one winner. Winner will receive a bag full of goodies from my family kit...for FREE!!!! WHOO HOO.
We are heading out to the Miami Sea Aquarium today with my WHOLE family. Isn't that cool? I definitely will have to post some pics on that.
Just wanted to let you a ton of new Bazzill Paper in. American Craft, Stickles, Dabbers and Flowers. Oh my! Love the new goodies.
I have been working on some really sweet projects and simply can not wait to show them off next week. DID I MENTION: NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY IS NEXT WEEK FOR US!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!
Got to get ready. I will try to swing by tonight. You all have a great day with your families. Be safe.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

When is too much...too much

I have asked my self all week. I have been ordering up a storm and honestly...I'm tired of ordering. I just want to create pretty stuff. Does anybody want the job of ordering for me?
Now onto some major news...due to the great demand I will now be hosting 2 National Scrap Book Days'. You go figure. They will both be celebrated at my home and just for the record...the 19th is already full...NO MORE SPOTS for this day chicks. Now, I still have 3 spots available for the 26th, which will be the following Saturday. So call if you are interested in attending. I have been asked to give some sneak in the spirit of giving something to you...I will post some pictures tomorrow...or maybe tonight. We'll see.
We are busy, here, as usual. I just have way too much stuff going on...really. I have decided to get someone to clean my house for me...twice a week will be fine. We really do live in our home and honestly, I just can not keep up with the situation of having a nice kept home, create projects, lay outs, run this business, cook 3 meals a day, keep my kitchen clean, drop off children at sports, clubs, pick up, go to recitals, make sure you help with projects that really should have never been given to your child in the first place, and the other million things we mommies or simply women do. (Can anyone relate to this?) LOL...I'm sure that every single one of you can.
LIFE. It's all good. I just decided to make it a tad bit more simple. I am getting a highly intelligent individual to clean my home. She will be my goddess. My prized guilty pleasure. YUP, life is really good.
Now if only I could get a full time handy man..he, hee, ha. (LET ME GET REAL HERE, NOW!!!)
As for scrap booking news: I am still working on a ton of stuff for NSBD. All this wrapping and organizing...I have so much ribbon and paper it looks like a gift store. Lots of embellishments coming our way. Hopefully by the end of next week everything should be here.
For some great news...we are going to be selling merchandise via online. They are presently working on this...I shall keep you all posted as soon as the site goes up.
Well got to go. I think I bombarded you with enough STUFF!
Have a happy Thursday. ( mom is cooking arroz con gandules and pernil...que rico!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Drive by post.........

I am in the middle of some major goodie bags...geez....I am in the mode of getting everything into bags, boxes and wrapped up. I can not wait for NSBD.
I have some major classes coming up but am so tired that have no desire to talk about them. I am in scrapbook overload. So much stuff so little time..he, hee,ha. (I ALWAYS FIND TIME)!!!! I certainly hope you do to.
Got my kit from WIP. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Talk about DELICIOUS. I will have some samples of the things I got so you guys can get a good look at her kits. They are really a good deal. Check out Trish's blog. Some good stuff there.
I am chipboard happy this week. You will all see why next weekend. I am placing some major orders this if you want anything in specific...give me a holler.
Catch ya' all tomorrow.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Hi Everyone...this is Jacqueline here....

Thank you guys for the comments you left me. They were awesome. My birthday was amazing. I had so much fun scrap booking. Also the gifts were pretty spectacular. Just like my mom I have the best friends in the world. I want to give a special shout to my aunts, cousins, and friends...Thank you for making my day special. (Titi Margie...thank you for running around for my mom and helping out with the party). I really appreciate it.

Now...for the winner of the HEIDI SWAPP KIT:

JAZMYNE MOLINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call my mom, she's about to hook you up big time. CONGRATS!

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to JACQUELINE

BOOO baby is 11 years old!!!!!!!!!! Where the heck is time going? I promise to post pics later on after the party.
FREE GIVEAWAY: If you wish my daughter a Happy Birthday, you can be the lucky winner of the HEIDI SWAPP KIT!!!! Some major yuummy stuff in there. POST PEEPS... POST!!! I shall pick the winner tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some Heidi Swapp Goodness

is in the air. This picture does not do justice to this line. DELICIOUS!!! I love the paper, the embellies and honestly I have played with all this goodness and made two altered projects that are just too darn cute...I am keeping these for sure! This kit is going to be available by next Friday and includes the whole paper line called "RUNWAY", the new HS foam letters, a chandelier overlay, chipboard, ghost, mirrors, stickles and more and more embellies. I am still waiting for some pieces but as soon as they come in...girls, the kit is ready to go.
I have a class today, with two lovely ladies. Then I am going to go help my friend Cheryl. I can't wait to get my hands in that room Cheryl!!! WHOO HOOO! Last night we began to divide all the NSBD kits. My son is hysterically funny. He is really the type that has to have everything lined up and all in order. He does not like chaos and does not appreciate it when his sister gets in the mix and messes up the perfect piles of embellies or paper. (Quite a show ladies).
This is it for today. Calendar is definitely out by tomorrow. Have a couple of pending classes we must take care of.
You all have a great day and a hug heading your way.