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Monday, September 29, 2008

WOw..lots of stuff going on so here are the PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS!

I want to share something super cool that my lovely friend is hosting and it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The lovely Esther Lozano (not only a wonderful friend, but such a talented chick) is hosting her fist Card event...Please check out Esther's brand new spankin blog HERE and get all the details. She is hosting this event on Oct 4, 2008 and girls, it is FREE!!!! You must RSVP, but my goodness, this is just an amazing event, and make sure you come on down and enjoy the festivities as she will be teaching several techniques that are truly fantastic!!! AND IT"S FREE!!!! Make sure to make an effort and go!!! You wont regret it!!! Did I mentions that it's FREE!!! I will so be there learning
something new and seeing all these lovely goodies.

And remember that It's FREE!!!!!

Now, Let me share something really cool. My lovely friend Lou has created a super cool blog.
I am very proud to be a part of this pool of talented women as they are not only my friends, but are some of the classiest ladies, I have ever met. We share a passion for scrapbooking, and creating beautiful things. This is a great blog to get some great ideas, so check them out.

Please check out the following link: Scrappy Chicas
Great new blog...go check out and get all the 411!!!

Now, for all these pending classes with me:

I have 7 different classes being hosted in October...I will post pictures and all details on Friday. YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR THESE CLASSES, as they are available on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS.


I am thrilled to announce that I will be hosting my annual Cropberfest, and guess what it's going to be a:

(24 HOUR CROP!!!)

The place is booked, the goodie bags are rolling in, and yes, the food is even being catered. So get those bags ready and begin preparing to scrap your hearts away. Email me to save your all know how it space and availability is available on a first come first serve basis. Get ready for some great company, good food, and some fantastic teaching classes that will be posted as the time gets nearer.

Ok, these are all the public announcements I have for you those dates and confirm your spots for some amazing fun.

Well now, Gots' to go as I have a pumpkin album I have got to finish by today.

Have a fantastic Tuesday and sending you all a big hug!


WE SURVIVED SCRAPPINK....and it was all good!

I hosted ScrapPINK on Friday and Saturday and boy oh boy, did I have a bunch of surprise for the girls.
I made personalized name tags for every girl...aren't these adorable?

Two of my favorite people in the world...Esther and Barbara...they have the biggest hearts in the world!!!

Look at these babes and their boxes full of goodies. Every participant got a box full of scrapbooking (Goodies) and a Pink scissors was tied to a pink bow! Nay, Shenny, Sharon, and Maida began their ScrapPInk on Friday so they were the first one's here.

WE HAD HELPERS!!!! This is Ms. Alyssa helping Alma. (You can see the next generation of Scrapbookers in the works here!!!)
Vane and Ady, cropping their life away...LOL...SOme beautiful stuff was coming out of this table!!!
3 Of my funniest girls here...Annie, Michelle and Beatrice...(So much fun)

Ms. Jacqueline was a huge helper...she made a cake and BROWNIES!!! This young lady ROCKS with her baking skills....who would guess an 11 year old can bake like this?
We even had a birthday cake (thanks to Jacqueline)...Happy Birthday Beatrice!!!
And....this is me at the end of the day.....The girls are still kicking, Rios (the best husband a girl could ask for rocked and took care of business all day), and I was ready for bed....LOL
Thank you to all who participated. We were able to collect a good chuck of monies for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
I will try to post more pics tomorrow, but am waiting for my battery to load up! (I know I am missing some give me some time...sorry!!!)
And now...I am off to begin the preparations for CROPTOBERFEST on November 1, 2008.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Thursday ladies!!!!!

Well it's almost here and the truth is I am a little busy beaver. Have tons to do before the gang gets here.
I have some great things to post but I am just too tired at this between today and guys are in for a treat.
I am in the middle of creating a class (WHY YOU ASK? Because although I have a million little things on my plate right now, my brain is on overload and I have begun to create and therefore, my class schedule for 2009 has already begun!!!!) This January class is going to be a VERY speical one...I am still working out the kinks, but ladies this is going to be one of my favorite classes as I am already seeing the meaning behind it.

Now have to leave you with something delish. I love being a girl. It is so much fun to buy clothes, purses, to scrapbook and buy paper and embellies, create pretty things, pefume..did I mention perfume? .....sigh...what we could do with more time and MORE MONIES...LOL

Here is a pic of my nieces and sis'. Totally different styles yet we are so similar. GUESS WHICH ONE IS JACQUELINE!!!! LOL. The youngest on this pic is 4 yrs. old. and the oldest is 42. (We will not share the name of the 42...OK,'s me... it's all good.

Happy Thursday and have a safe and happy day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Holy toledo...Tuesday is already gone...

and the make and takes are almost done!!! WHOO HOOO!! If any of you lost your mojo please call me because I had mine kicking here and a ton of other artists'! LOL.

Got to share my beautiful friends awesome RAK. Check out Sharon' Blog and LEAVE A MESSAGE (IT WILL SO BE WORTH YOUR TIME) you could win a fantastic gift that she is giving!!!!
Sharon you are a sweetie...this is a fantastic RAK!!!!
NOW check this out..........I have been stalking this young lady's blog.....I am in awe of this......
Check out this awesome LO. This is the talented Ms. LEAH. I love how she made all these elements work. I love the PICS the embellies, the paper...OK...I LOVE THE WHOLE Lay out!!! She so rocked this. She should submit this, because honestly it has become one of my favorite LO's.
OK, peeps have got to go as I have 13 boxes that I still need to price and hang on the walls.
Have I mentioned that I am super excited? HMMM...SCRapPINK is almost here....WHOOO HOOOO!!!!! LOL...


Monday, September 22, 2008

Well, isn't grand to know such Great ladies?

I had a great time at the ScrapYard Sale at Scrapbooks"n"Stuff. This is one of the LSS. The owners are Lisa and Kobe and they are really nice ladies. Fun too!!! I don't get to participate often in their events as I am teaching most of the time, but they do have some awesome goodies in stock. They also have a great blog that you can check out here.go check them out! Here's Kobe, Me and Ady.

Here is one of our favorite girls: Laverne...she is such a sweet and talented gal.

These are two of my favorite girls. We met at the ScrapYard Sales quite a while ago, and have been participating ever since. We see each other every time we do these ScrapYard Sales and they keep me rolling with laughter. Great girls! (from left to right: Me, Barby, Ady & Eni)

Some of you asked what is a ScrapYard Sale...well the store rents a table to you and you bring your personal scrapbooking merchandise that you no longer want to use. You find some really great bargains and the truth is the LSS tends to have a huge turnout for these. At the end of the day, the store gives you a store credit and you can purchase new merchandise. ISN'T that a great idea? THANKS LISA AND KOBE!!!!

I had a great time with Ady and D. Although I missed Vanessa, as she is always a part of my (in) group...(that's what Margie calls it). LOL.

Well, am trying to mount all this stuff on the walls for my girls on Friday/Saturday.



It's all about ScrapPink this week...

Here are the Sneak Peaks I promised.
Vane: This one if for you.
This is only one side of the room full of boxes of goodies that have to be inventoried and put on display....DELISH, DELISH!!!!!

These are some of the raffles that I will be gifting on Saturday for those who participate in the "$100.00" Donation Collection for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Some really awesome prizes have been chosen for this specific cause, so make sure you get those donations in to be eligible for these gifts!!!! (You do not need to be present in order to participate in this raffle).
This will be one of the MAKE & TAKES for ScrapPINK.
That's it for now. Gotta go and start packing goodie Bags.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

another "21" kit....

is coming your way. I have put together another fun 21 kit and here is a peek. Some American Craft Goodness. It's a fun, bright and happy.

I will have them available this coming Friday. Please email at if you want one. Gotta go as I am heading out to the Scrapyard sale
Make sure you leave a post as I will be giving away a grand RAK at the end of the week!!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The hours are flying by and I am not READY!!!!!!!

Why is it that for all the well, executed planning, amazing effort that I put towards an event, I always feel like I am trying to catch up? AAarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

This is going to be so short peeps. Can't do sneak peaks because guess what? Have battery charger here, but the cord to download the pics IS GONE!!!!!

This is going to be the crazy weekend where I am thinking, am I going to ever be home, clean up, do inventory, complete the final 5 projects pending, and all before NEXT FRIDAY? Hhhmmmm..,,,I'll so let you all know.

Anyway, today I am having a class at 8, then drop of my son at his best friends house, Celebrate Jacqueline's ceremony, go to my beautiful friend Barbara's house to make Christmas cards, and come home and finish the canvas. Maybe I should cook for my family somewhere in between....NOT...don't have time...whats breakfast, lunch and dinner when you are running around like a crazy women? Tomorrow I am going to church, then head over to our LSS Scrapbooksnstuff, to participate in a ScrapYard Sale, and then I have a meeting with some very important people. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? HOW?

GOTTA GO, it's 4:59 AND I HAVE NOT DONE A SINGLE THING THAT I intended to do since I got up at 3:30am.

BY the way, if anyone wants to join me and two of my beautiful, fun, and cool friends and go to a TINA TURNER, concert, one of my sweet friend is selling her ticket as it seems that she is not going to be able to make it. Send me an email and let me know if you are interested. The seats are off the chain. scrapbookdui!

Ok my loves, have a happy day...........I KNow....NO PICS...SO STINKS......TOMORROW!!!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Thursday.......ARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH...

where has the week gone? I have been working like crazy and I feel like I have nothing to show for it. Gotta make this quick: I wanted to share two ok...three things....
1. Scrap Pink IS HOTTER than yesterday...he, hee....I am so looking forward to this event,and can't wait to share with my girls. Vane...I promise to post the sneak later on TODAY....
2. Get a look at this baby on her way here....just another adorable organizer:

This is the new ribbon box by Making Memories. They go for $29.99 and I only ordered 25. Please email me if you want one and I shall put it aside for you.

3. Now I have GOT to brag...check out Margie's blog and as my two beautiful nieces were in a dance this past Sunday at church and these little girls rocked...I know, I know...but hey, what is the point if we can't share the joys of our families? He, hee...

I will be posting pics TONIGHT!!!! So come visit me later.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some more eye candy for the season.....

my lovely friend Ady, made one of my favorite chipboard mini albums. I can not display the whole thing because.....she has been published...whoooo hooooo!
I am so proud of my friend. I feel like the mother hen, who gave her chicks basics and they flew the coop and are flying...OK...OK...I know chickens don't fly. KEEP up with the metaphors She was published here. CONGRATS MY FRIEND. I am so proud of you!!!

Anyway, wanted to share my friends success so check out her blog as she has some pretty cool stuff there. This is going to be short post as I have got to get that second mini album done today and posted and I have to volunteer at my baby girls school....aaahhhh, the wonderful world of motherhood.
But before I leave...I have got to brag..........go check out my sis' blog. She is one heck of a talented chick too...(I did not give her any basics or teach her she is not one of chickees, although, I am her biggest cheerleader if that counts for anything!!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Announcing....the SUper Creative..........

Rocking, Hot Mamasota, You are the hot dog diggity BOMBA: Camille Serra McClelland. Many of us admire certain artist, whether it's their art in general, scrapbooking, or their written words.
I, admire this artist soooooooooo much, as she is one talented LADY. She is known for her acrylic albums, and as many of you know, my fondness for acrylics is quite intense. Her creations are works of art. They are original and LORDY, LORD...she CUTS THE DANG THINGS HERSELF!!!! Now that earns the highest respect from this puertorican who can't even sew if her life depended on it...can you imagine cutting this thing? OK...I'm sure some of you can, but hey, let's be realistic, the majority of us would say, "OLLE CHICA, Just sell me the darn thing!!!!" SO TOTALLY ME!!!! LOL. Anyway, here is her latest creation, and gang I am not sure if she is selling it...but check our her blog and I am sure she shall keep you posted.

Please note this is copyrighted. "copyright Camille McClelland 2008"
If you want to display this on your blog make sure you check out Camille's blog and follow instructions!!! (SUPER IMPORTANT!!!) But this is truly worth displaying...don't you think?
Onto other goodies...the October "21" kit is shipping. You must email me so that I can send you a Pay pal invoice. Posting some pics on these goodies on Thursday....DELISH!!!
Gotta tell you peeps: So many of you have been asking me questions and posting, but I have no way of getting back to you...please make sure that you leave me an email address where I can contact you with answers to your questions.
ScrapPINK is HOT!!!! I think am more excited than a little kid!!! Love the goodies, and I know those who are participating will be too. I think I will post a sneak peak tomorrow...hmmmm. Just for Vanessa, since she is into the sneak peaks.
My infamous TURKEY album is almost done. HAY DIOS MIO!!! I know, Ady, I know!!! I am going to be posting it on FRIDAY to begin registration for that class...guess what...another mini is in the works...If I get it done, I will post it along with the turkey on Friday.....hmmm..laundry or work? LOl.
Scrapbook Beach Retreat 2009 is on it's way. I will post more tomorrow as my post is looking like a book today.
Gotta go and hit the kitting section....I want to see my floor TODAY!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

MONDAY September 15, 2008

Girls, I am kitting and uhhmmm....yeah kitting. Heading out to the dentist and turning in some mini books that I really should have turned in in the late 1600's.....get it? LOL.

Thank you all for your kind words and support. This weekend was really an emotional battle for me, as I kept crying on and off. I went to church yesterday and honestly it was so soothing. I felt my spirit at peace, and that is something that I really needed. Still mourning but I feel serenity which is one thing I look for in my life on a daily basis. I have attached Aleida's link for those of you who could not find it.
I completed a little mini album on Elijah on his 6th grade year, this weekend. Since Aleida's death, this past Friday, I am so bent on finishing my personal projects, so what better time than the present. Will try to post the finished product by tomorrow.

OK...let's have SOME HAPPY NEWS. THE WINNER OF THE RAK IS: Haberdawoman. Please email me at with your info, and I shall send you, your goodie.
ONTO SOME SCRAPPY NEWS.....................LOOK WHAT'S COMING IN..........
I have ordered these. I think they are on back order....Lord knows...I have so much stuff coming in from everywhere, that I am so confusssseessees!! (THIS WILL SO BE A CLASS!!!!) I already sketched it, saw it in my brain, colored it...and its ready to go..(smile)

These are ordered. too........will probably take a zillion years to get here as most of the stuff I have been ordering lately, what can I say? Vendors are WONDERFUL!!! (tongue in cheek here). HAD TO POST baby is no longer a baby...he is a little man. (I don't care how old he gets...he will ALWAYS BE MY BABY)!!! This boy really is a sweetie. He has a heart of gold...even though he loooooooooooooves to irritate us and especially his cousin Caleb...gotta love him. DELISH! OK: Enough drooling over my, hee, haa.

Anyway, have to go. I have a hot date with a dentist.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday and I have a headache....still.....

OK's been a really rough weekend. I am dealing with another root canal I have to get surgery on, cleaning, getting organized preparing for Scrap Pink (thank you Ady for your help on Friday night) cutting 500 turkey kits, and dealing with the loss of the beautiful Aleida Franklin. This has hit me really hard, and I am amazed as I really have no answers as to why her death has impacted me this way. Her husband posted about this difficult time and how sad that a young 22 year old ran a red light, T-boned her car and Aleida died instantly. That quick, that simple. I can imagine the burden this young woman will carry for the rest of her life. I have thought about little except this loss during the weekend. One thing I know for sure is that Aleida left her children and husband a legacy with the beautiful albums she created. This has made such an impact on me. I am literally making changes in the way I scrapbook, how I teach and how I invest my time in this industry. I love this business and even though it is not always fun for me, I love to see a completed album in front of me. It is one of the most amazing feelings I love to experience. I encourage you all to work more diligently in being your families historian. Many of us have thousands of dollars worth of materials...but how many albums, or projects are truly completed? I made inventory last night of what I have completed....I was surprised to find out I have 31 albums completed. Yet, I have a ton of projects pending. This tragedy has made me want to get back to my old ways, and literally work on my personal albums every single day. I encourage you to do the same.

I will continue to pray for Aleida's family and now for this young lady.
I will be going to church this morning and I just want to loose myself in God's presence....I need to seek some spiritual soothing, and some uplifting....I know I will find it in God's House.
I promise to post some DELISH STUFF TOMORROW...I promise...but for today...I'm still mourning.
HUGS and a lot of love to all those who are mourning this loss.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am so sad............

today a beautiful woman who touched so many has gone to be with our Saviour. Aleida Franklin, known as the Scrapping Rican passed away this morning due to a horrible car accident. Vanessa called me to tell me and I am just in shock. I read this lovely ladies blog every day and her talent was truly amazing. She was a cheerleader for so many and the truth is that even though we never met in person, her spirit was one of good cheer, sharing and abundant love. You could tell she loved her children beyond words, and she loved her husband with all her might. I am so sad and the truth is have been crying for a while. I just can't get over this. I am truly shocked. Please pray for this family as she leaves behind a 7 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. I can't even imagine the loss her husband is feeling right now. PLEASE PRAY!!!!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Well about a RAK?

It's been such a heavy emotional two weeks, and I think it's time to spread some let's give a RAK to someone special....what do you have to do? LEAVE A COMMENT!!!
WANT a PEEK?'s the RAK:


Monday, September 8, 2008

Its a fresh week and....

it's Monday gang and I really like Monday's. It's the beginning of a week and I can begin least that is what I tell myself.

FOR SOME KIT NEWS...I have 2 kits coming up for the month of October and will be posting those in a couple of weeks.
NOW FOR SOMETHING NEW: I am also putting some additional kits together. These are going to be called (THE 21 KITS). Many of you have expressed the need to purchase smaller kits at a lesser price, therefore, I am on a mission to KIT some pretty fantastic merchandise together for $21.00 dollars. The quantities will not be as large as the main kits, but the quality of the kits will still be the same.

This is just a little peak at what's in the first 21 kit family.
Is this adorable or what????!!!! I will post a picture of the complete kit by next week.

I only have a limited quantity available ...but just to sweeten the pot....there is a delicious little twist here...Everyone who purchases the kit will be getting a FREE gift in their kit....hint, involves chipboard!!!! The kits cost is $21.00. So make sure you order yours quickly because when they are gone...THEY ARE GONE!!!!

YOU MUST EMAIL ME AT if you want one of these.

Catch you all tomorrow.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My heart is so heavy....

and burdened for my friends loss. I am so sad to announce that our wonderful friend Vanessa's Mami has passed away. This woman was an integral part of her life and whenever Vanessa spoke of her, her eyes would glow and you knew, her mami was a special lady.

Vanessa was a fantastic granddaughter and a beautiful example to me. She showed me the love that we should all have for those so dear to us. She taught me to appreciate the little things like spending time with your grandma...because they are fragile and time is the enemy. She showed me find humour even when the times were rough. With her persistent and do it yourself attitude she showed me that sacrifice is a duty and not a burden. I am very proud of Vanessa, as she is truly an example to all of us as to how to handle our aging parents. She shines in my book, and today I continue to pray that our Heavenly Father give Vanessa and her family peace and serenity in this difficult time. I know with all certitude that Vanessa's' Mami today is with our Saviour at peace and with her beloved. Please keep Vanessa and her family in your prayers.
PS: This layout belongs to's one of the one's that she did a while back, but it has always been one of my favorites.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Now look what's heading our way........

IKE! As if we really wanted this unwanted visitor.

Many of you have been emailing me sending me well wishes on Ike. (thank you for your concern) For those of us who live down south we know and understand that hurricane's are a part of life in South Florida. Now this is something my family and I DO NOT take lightly. We lost our home and all of belongings when we rode out Hurricane Andrew in our home at the time. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. I will never forget my mother singing throughout the night and praising GOD...(Gosh to this day it gets me)...she praised HIM for HOURS and HOURS. The wind would blow and this horrible noise (sounded like a train whistle at time) kept coming at us for those long hours. We never expected what came upon us. The truth is, neither did the forecasters. They thought it was going further up NORTH. I clearly remember the weather being absolutely BEAUTIFUL that Sunday morning....yet come Sunday night...that was another story. The wind picked up and it began getting stronger. The lights went out and shortly after, we heard the first explosion. It was the first window to shatter and (gosh gang..I haven't spoken about this for a really long time and my tears are rolling down my cheeks)...anyway, my dad began to scream and push us all into the utility room. He grabbed a twin mattress and kept it against the door that lead to the outside and my Mom held another mattress against a small utility window in that tiny room. ALL NIGHT. They held those mattresses ALL NIGHT. My mom did not stop praising GOD. She kept singing and kept all of us from loosing control. The windows exploded one by one. Yet, mom kept her family united in one thought...and it was really all about our Saviour. We heard the most ominous sound of something tearing in half yet, Mom kept us focused and even though all 7 of us were petrified, she kept the faith. The wind became a part of the house and you could hear this being devouring our home. You could hear glass break, explosions of unknown sources, objects hitting each other, and wondering what was that breaking sound. We were in a pitch black room and all you could hear was this animal destroying our sanctuary, but you also heard my mothers voice. It was strong, with a mission and it never wavered through that terrifying night. She later told us that she was falling apart...but the truth is, that as I think about it, all I heard was strength, power wisdom and FAITH in her voice. It was the longest night of my life. When Dad and I walked out of the room around 7:40am....(everyone else waited because we weren't sure what to expect) my heart fell. All the windows were gone, the sofa was gone! The wall that connected my sister's room had come in not in IS THIS REAL? There was a door in the middle of my room, a gap in the roof, mom's room was destroyed, there was water damage....I still see it vividly and still can not believe something like that can really happen. As we all came out of the utility room, we all began to feel the shock and the overwhelming feelings that accompany someone who is the middle of a crisis. Our home was destroyed. We lost everything of material wealth including, furniture, clothes, home goods, everything that makes a home...well, the house itself was considered a total loss. Yet in spite of all the loss and the sorrow we went family survived. We learned a lot. It was a slow painful recovery, as expected when destruction hits communities on such a large scale. It took us years to reconstruct the house we called home. Dad and mom purchased another house and we continued the journey of life. I am sharing this with you all because it is a serious matter. We must be cautious and prepare for the worst but not forget that in all this we serve a GOD that will take care of us and lead us in times of trouble and danger. With that also comes responsibility as we must take action and prepare as good stewards should. The biggest lesson I learned was: Everything can be replaced except: PEOPLE, PETS and PICTURES. I have you all in my prayers, and I ask all of you to keep us in yours.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Just a little flower.......

...goes a long way. Since flowers were on my mind and the topic of yesterdays entry, I thought I share.

This is one of my favorite layouts I did for the MIRA class early this year. I always leave space when I teach classes so my students can add pictures and whatever embellies they like. When I was done with mine...a flower was calling me...(I promise...I heard it...LOL). I used the Bazzill paper flowers and added a Kaiser bling in the middle. I added the wood flourishes (also from kaiser) after I had added perfect pearls and this completed my layout. This page has a huge journaling entry in the back. This layout was important to me and I did not want to compromise the art or the I wrote in the back of the page (the entry is so long it looks like a book) Not that I really care. I wanted to let my son know certain things that were in my heart and's all down for posterity.


Thursday, September 4, 2008


OK...lately the craze here has been flowers. I am not able to keep them stocked long enough and it's an aweful lot of fun to see what my gals can come up with when they get their hands on flowers. So in the spirit of are some of the flowers that are presently in stock right now. ENJOY

Thee Fabric Flourishes are from Imaginisce. They go for $2.99 and come in quite a bit of colors.

Petaloo Mini's. They have a million in each package..OK..not quite a million but darn close...They come in different colors and already have the bling attached....gotta love bling girls...come on! These go for $3.50 a pack. Sweet!

Prima is kicking house!!!! These are the lovely Obsession Line and gotta love all these deliciousness. The colors rock and they flowers are..HELLO...embossed. Is that cute or WHAT? These go for $5.99

These lovely ladies are from Petaloo...and hello....the prices are insanely low for such pretty flowers. The red ones go for $1.99 and the double wammee colors are $2.99...for all those flowers. THAT IS A BARGAIN!!! These are quite large in size and are perfect for making some quick pages....gotta love that!

These great tubes are from PRIMA and were released at CHA Summer 2008. They have a great deal of flowers (OVER 50). The cost is pretty great too...$4.99 a tube. Love that you can keep the tube for future storage once the flowers are all used up. GREAT IDEA!!!

These Paper flowers are from Bazzill and have some of the prettiest coordinating brads I have seen. The brads are quite lare in size and are really pretty. These come in in four sizes and are one of my favorites right now.

OK...I had a ton more....but something happened to my blogging sphere and I can not download any more pics...but I will try again tomorrow...maybe...I have a couple of other goodies I shall be sharing. LOL
Well that's it for today.