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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great weekend...

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.

First of all we have 2 winners: (Balou) & (Scrapbookgirl). Make sure to send me your addresses @ and I will mail you your goodies. Congrats girls and I promise to have some more RAKS really soon.

The designers are in full is such a sweet lay out that Ady created with the JULY kit.


By the way...I went to one of my LSB (local Scrap Book Store) Scrap 'n Elegance and boy oh boy oh boy...they are having a huge sale on select Martha Stewart Products. All the baking products, gift wrapping, craft kits, and seasonal stamps products are 50% off. Really good bargains. REALLY GOOD. For those of you who love to decorate and bake for the upcoming holiday's...this is a deal!!! Go visit them at Historical CAULEY SQUARE. You can even email them and they will probably mail you the stuff if you don't live locally.
Their info is: 22400 Old Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33170 (Telephone: 305-258-7770)

I got up super early today and began getting ready for my little scrapbook yard sale. Gosh, I already have so much jun...I mean stuff in bags, that I just can not believe this stuff is all here. NO WONDER I CAN'T SEE THE FLOOR!!!! lol!!!
Enjoy your Sunday.

Friday, June 27, 2008


I am so pleased with all the goodies I am putting together. I really like the stuff I am creating. THE MOJO IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!

Here are some minis I worked on for some really special kids.

These minis are super easy to do and honestly you can custom them to fit about any occasion. They took me approximately 1/2 an hour to do once I got the whole thing going. I did 37 in total. The kids loved them, and honestly, They saw a year in review and thought it was a pretty cool gift. (I left plenty of space so the kids could journal their own stories). I cut a 12x12 cardstock in four and whualllaaaa!!! You got yourself a cute simple little mini album. Great gifts my friends!!!
Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I am so grateful to my mom as she is the most amazing women I know. She has taught me what a women is all about. She has so many wonderful qualities and is one of the funniest people I know. She has taught me strength, courage, love, family bonds, perseverance, and a constant faith in God. She is my hero. I hope I can turn out to be 1/2 the woman she is. I love you mom!

Dont forget to post on both my blog and Margies, as we will choose two winners tonight...for some delicious goodies.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


ok my darlings...I decided to extend the RAK (SEE PREVIOUS POST) until tomorrow night, as my DH gave me some really good advice..and I took it...hee, hee,ha
BUSY DAY working on a delicious little project that I will post on tomorrow from the JULY KIT. I really, really like this kit. (smile)...see previous post too for this...
So tune in (tomorrow will be a double wamme post) WHOO HOO!
(The following is a peek at a 10 page class I will be hosting at one of my local scrap book stores...will post more details later on.)


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


July is ALL ABOUT: K & CO and the Saffron line. I'm in love...and so is the design team. Lots of goodness here peeps. The paper is fabulous...and I decided to make a smaller kit this month...he,hee....and guess what...this kit ended up with 24 patterned paper and 6 Bazzill card stocks!!!

That's read right. This kit contains 30 sheets of paper...delicious!!! LOVE IT!!! We already have some designs for you and of course will be posting on the first of July. The cost of this kit is $39.00 dollars. I only made a small amount of these kits so please be aware that they are VERY LIMITED. You must email me with a request for the JULY KIT at!!! I will then send you a pay pal invoice.

As you can see...cable is, let's see how long it will last. To all my wonderful peeps...please be patient as I am trying to read all these emails and respond immediately....I read and responded to 67 emails so far today....If you need something immediately CALL ME!!!
OK ON to some good stuff.
I will begin displaying some videos beginning tomorrow. Some funny stuff there peeps!!! Can't wait to share.
Got some really great classes going on this summer. Stay in the loop...some really great scrap booking goodness happening here.
Also, just for your INFO!!!!!!
SCRAP BOOKING YARD SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July the 5Th...that's right. Right here. I have begun to clean my PERSONAL AREA (SCARY) and wowsa...can you believe the stuff we have? Geez...I can't believe I let myself fall into this. Also the business had a ton of stuff that really simply had to be moved. So a Scrap booking (YARD SALE) it is. I'm sharing the wealth and everything has got to go so make sure get up nice and early and come and visit me. (10am-12pm).
By the way, check out Margie's blog!!!! I thought it was really funny, so since I am in such a good mood, (amazing what cable will do for a girl!!!) if you leave a comment here, AND on Margie's blog (HAS TO BE BOTH) Margie and I will select not 1 but 2 lovely people for a special surprise. We shall select the winners by tomorrow (Thursday night).

Monday, June 23, 2008


Ladies, I have not posted...because...WE HAVE NO CABLE!!!! It's a little crazy here in South Florida, and honestly, it's been a drag. I have soooooo much stuff to post and it's a bit difficult blogging when I have to come to my sis' home. Try going to some one's home every day, just to post!!! Crazy!
Anyway, here are some pics from the June Main kit by the very talented Margie: ENJOY!!!!

One of the reasons I LOVE these Lay Outs are the simplicity and the amount of journaling on each page!!!! I really like how the pictures are the one's that speak and the beautiful paper simply enhances her images. The text (journaling) on each page expresses the feelings that are invoked in Margie, and I love that she allows the reader to glimpse into what SHE sees when you view these layouts....isn't that scrapbooking at it's best? When you pick up an album, and know what is going on and who is who? LOVE IT!!!!

Due to great demand, I have made smaller kits from THIS SAME JUNE KIT. I will post them tomorrow (with the contents) Comcast, me and the good LORD permitting...Margie too, as it her home I am invading here...(If she doesn't open the door...we are all out of gas).
By the way, I was going to post the pics for the July kit, but unfortunately I left my camera at home when I came over HERE to blog!!!! UUUGGGHHHH!!! (Screaming very loudly here) can you hear me?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WOW...just when you thought everything was under control....

NOT!!!! Well now, where do I begin? This weekend was spent getting organized, FLIPPING my lovely friends and design team, getting ready for a ton of wonderful stuff I am planning on sharing with you my lovely peeps.

So, what happened you may ask?

1) We have NO Internet access. They have no idea when they are going to fix this problem. THIS IS A PROBLEM FOR ME!!!! So if I have not answered emails, or order questions...this is why!!!

2) MY A/C UNIT is NOT WORKING!!! THIS IS A PROBLEM PEOPLE!!!! A/C in Miami, is equivalent to heating for people up north or in cold parts of our country. As my lovely friend Lou would say it is rather difficult dealing with the 1000% humidity factor in Miami. YIKES.

So no a/c, no Internet, no cable....Margie told me that maybe GOD IS TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING....


I am presently blogging from Margie's this is going to be a packed pics...but lots of info.

1) I will begin blogging on a daily basis...(Hopefully beginning tomorrow) to show some sort of scrap booking something, something...
(Michelle P...I know you are going to love this one)!!!

2) I am going to feature a scrap room ALMOST every Monday on the blog. It's called scrapbook Monday...isn't that original? I will features work spaces from all over the place...obviously I am beginning here, since I have a wealth of people to go FLIP!!!! He, hee, haa.

3) In the month of August, I will begin a special project. I am going to be featuring 5 designers a week for 4 weeks in August. HOW DOES THIS WORK you may ask? Well now, I am going to give 5 people per week the same exact supplies...they are going to design two different layouts for me and I will post them daily. I am dying to see what people come up with....many of you have been asked already to participate....and some of you will be getting calls from me (Or emails) very soon.

4) I will hold a RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) every two weeks. They are going to involve all kinds of tune in.

5) I am planning a retreat!!!! WHOO HOOO! This is making me very happy as I have been thinking about this for the last 5 years and simply have not done it...but I am in the works with some pretty amazing people and staff soooooo I shall announce the exciting news as soon as I can get the details all sorted out.

6) The kit club is going well, and I shall be posting the JULY kit this coming we9) k.

7) The Mom class has been rescheduled as all the attendees have been advised.

8) The 12 hour crop is almost sold out again peeps...WWHHHOO HOOO! The Goodies are pretty delicious if you ask me!

9) Scrap Pink is filling up rather quickly (September) I am going to cut off the attendance at 12...I am not sure if I want to do more than that...I will keep you posted.

WELL PEEPS...GOTTA GO...The A/c people are supposed to start getting home at 9am.

Thanks Margie for opening your door this morning so that I could blog!

Hugs and send a prayer for me...I would really appreciate it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy FATHER'S Day everyone. I just want to take a minute and thank some absolutely wondeful fathers in my life.

This is my dad. He is the best daddy any girl could ever ask for. He is an amazing man who loves the Lord and taught 5 kids that through Christ...everything is possible. My dad has taught me honor, fidelity, love, compassion, forgiveness, friendship, and a love for GOD that has only enabled me to deal with amazingly difficult and hurtful situations in my life. Since I was a little girl, dad always told me I could achieve pretty much anything in life, if I simply wanted it bad enough. I have always known I am loved. He holds his family first in his life and has taught all his children to honor our familial bond He is an amazing man who honors his family on a daily basis. I LOVE YOU DADDY! He is my favorite dad.

This is my dad and my uncle Everaldo. Tio Eve, (pronunced avay) is one cool dude in my book. He is super quiet when it comes to super serious situations in the family, but he would do anything for his 4 beautiful daughters and his wife. He is funny and one of the sweetest men you will ever meet. You know he loves you no matter what. He has taught me that it is never too late to mend fences and to honor relationships. He is one my favorite dad's.

My uncle Raul is an amazing dad. His heart of full of gold and honestly, he is such an amazing interesting person. I can talk about ANYTHING with this man. He is so freakin' cool. He loves his 3 children unconditionally, and has instilled the love of family in them. He is one of the most generous persons I know..that is including the spiritual, financial and emotional realm. He is one of my favorite dads. (I'm sorry...his pic did not download!!!!)
This is Irving my brother in law. WOW...How I love this guy. He is such a great dad. He loves his kids with all his heart. He is such an example to those little ones, and let me tell you...they watch him! (those kids have heart shapes in their eyes when they look at He is an honorable man and loves God with all his heart. It shows in his daily life and you can see it physically when he interacts with his children. He is one of my favorite dads.

This is dad and my husband Richard. Well, now, what can I say about Rios....
He has taught our children to love God above everything else. He has such a special relationship with Elijah, that it's pretty cool to see those two hang out. They play a ton of games and are ALWAYS HORSING AROUND!!! He loves his kids unconditionally and they know it. He is learning to be a better dad to a young girl and her growing mood swings. He is able to change and accept that children are on a road of constant change and growth. He is wise to comprehend that we are the foundation on which they grow. He is a constant in their lives and shows them that it is ok to make mistakes, because you can always go back and make them right. He is an amazing dad to our kids. Who knew he would be such a fantastic father? I DID. He is my second favorite dad...because he gave me my children.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Wow, so like the FIRST week of kids being off school...just flew what did we do? Hhhmmm.....
1. Went shopping at Target
2. Went shopping at Publix
3. Went to Mc Donald's...of course this was the kids idea
4. Went shopping at Macy's
5. Went to visit the grandparents (my parents)
6. Completed a couple of mini books
7. Went to CVS and printed exactly 869 pictures
8. Worked on the MOTHER book...gosh this is my favorite project for this far...
9. Worked on the July Kit...gotta love it
10.Worked on a 12x12 album kit that will be revealed soon
11.emailed all my customers of two really great events coming up
12.Taught a really great altered album class for some lovely young ladies
13.Talked to Trish
14.Talked to my husband...he, hee...ok...that i do all day...LOL.
That's about it...hey kids are getting up around the house is super quiet and honestly...what great time to get my projects rolling.
I have some really exciting news for you beginning Monday.
HINT: It will be a daily thing...can't wait to share....stay tuned.

hey...can't post without some pictures....this family takes their football pretty seriously...even when some of them have not changed from their SUNDAY best outfits....he, hee...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why haven't I blogged?....

Had to clean my scrap room...really...ask ADY, MARGIE OR NOEMI...they'll tell you...HAD TO!!

I was putting together a design team for my kit club that launched in May...frakin' good job if you ask me...anybody noticed the battle star galactica

taught 11 classes

celebrated my husbands' birthday

went to Universal Studios with the my children and their respective clubs from school

HAD TO GO TO MIAMI BEACH, for the Girl Scout end of year sleep over at this really great hotel...did I mention it was right on the beach?

put together 729 kits....not that I'm complaining...thank you fantastic customers!!!
Went to my daughter's bridging ceremony where the girls got their Bronze award...CONGRATS:Jacqueline, Samantha, Nadia, Tiffany, Catalina & Summer!

Went to see my son and his presentation on the infamous John Lennon...ASK ME ABOUT THIS IN DETAIL LATER ON!!!!

Went to Jacqueline's ceremonies...too many to did good kiddo!
Went to Lake Okeechobee...(I think that's how you spell it)

Went camping on Dad's land...this place is just freaking' cool. Can't wait til they build their house. It's 5 acres and honestly the nature thing they got going up there is just amazingly beautiful.

Celebrated Elijah's 13th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAGGGGHHHHH!!! I can not believe my son is a teenager!!! SOMEONE...GET ME SOME TISSUE!

These puertoricans know how to CAMP!!! Eggs, bacon, pancakes, even toast! Come on dudes...I can handle this!

And of course..have had long discussion as to why shoes and purses are one of women's happiest pursuits...with my beautiful daughter and's a talk that had to be had!

I skipped some going to Tim Holtz, going to 4 friends birthdays, my children's personal outings, dinners, cooking, cleaning....yes, peeps...this is why I have really not blogged like I should have in the last 30 days!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i blogged and downloaded a ton of had a moment...I HAD A MOMENT...and therefore...after loosing everything I had been posting for the past hour...this is all you are getting today.
HUGS...from one very ticked off puertorican!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

WOW...great weekend....

We were busy, busy, and what fun was had. First I will start off with...that TIM HOLTZ...ROCKS!!!

I had never taken any of his classes and let me tell you is worth every single penny. If you can, and he is teaching anywhere near you...GO! You will absolutely learn SOMETHING. He is not only a great teacher, but his customer service is top notch. I highly recommend him. Super nice and super talented. The girls and I had a blast. We did this really cool vintage..looking book...and best of was COMPLETED in the teaching session...LOVE IT!

I will post more pics later on in the day...but gosh...this was really fun!