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Monday, March 31, 2008

So many pretty goodies

are arriving daily and I am absolutely thrilled. So much deliciousness in the air. WHHOOO HOOO!

I am sharing some PICS of the American Craft Spring/Summer line. Like I mentioned previously, this class will be hosted on April 13 from 9am to 12pm. We will be completing 10 pages with a ton of delicious goodies. Can't wait. Just make sure to reserve your spot ASAP, as I ONLY HAVE 5 SPACES LEFT. (The cost will be $50.00)

There are a ton of embellies that will be included in this class. If you simply want to buy the kit and NOT ATTEND THE CLASS, the kit will be sold for $35.00. (Please note the $50.00 class kit and the $35.00 Kit do not have the same supplies).
BOY, was that an awful load of words!!!!!!!
As for the National Scrapbook day....OMG...I got 80% of the goodies you ladies will be receiving in your goodie bags today....oooohhh...aaahhhhhh. YUMMO!!! I am so looking forward to this day...can any of you tell?
I am busy planning a fun filled day and hope that you are all ready to be overloaded with quite a bit of creativity. I decided (Thanks Trish) to give the PIP a try out on this day. PIP stands for, Page In a Pinch. I am going to have a dozen or so ready to go....I think we Miami girls call these MAKE & TAKES. Gonna be fun.
Can't wait to share.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Life is good

Good morning everyone. I am really running on some phenomenal CAFE CON LECHe...BUSTELO baby!!! My house smells like a puertorican Starbucks...hee, hee...sooo good. As many of you know...I loooovvveeee my coffee.
OK: on to some serious things: I am happy to report that Alma, and her babies are doing well. A lot better! Dayami, is on the way to recovery...that horrible episode turned out to be sinuses...really bad case. I know Ady, can relate to this since she had a really bad case last year. My gosh, peeps..isn't it amazing how incredible frail our bodies are? We are just so blessed to be living in a country where medical attention is so readily available to us. Really.
Now onto some exciting news:
I will be hosting another 10 page class on April 13, 2008, from 9am to 12pm. Please make sure you register for this class as I only have 9 spots available as of this morning. The paper line will be the American Craft...Spring/Summer.
I will have a revised schedule of all classes by tomorrow. So make sure you are on the look out for the schedule.
I have a ton of new merchandise, so make sure to drop by and check out the new goodies. They are leaving the premises pretty quickly..which of course makes me happy, but upsets some of you..sorry girls. (some of you do not let me even put prices on the grab from the boxes...I will not mention any names...You know who you are !!!!!!) LOL. On a personal level
Send up a prayer for TRISH... she needs some heavenly help TODAY...she has a deadline she needs to meet TODAY, and I know that God can clear the way. For those of you who do not know her...Just mention her name to THE MAN upstairs, as he knows who she Check out her blog at: Those kits are pretty delicious. I have some of her stuff here...come over and check it out if you want. Worth every single penny.
Got to run...I HAVE A HOT DATE WITH A DELICIOUS LITTLE cousin Layla. She invited me over to her house...and her grandma (my aunt) is cooking for me...(just for the record this was all scheduled without consulting the adults in Layla's life..he, hee ha) Of course I accepted the invitation, as I was having this amazing craving for my Aunt Puchy's famous meatballs. I swear girls...I am going to take a picture of those critters and post them tomorrow...SO DELISH!
Bueno, talk to you later..i AM working on kits and projects...whoo hoooo...and guess what?????????

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Working, working, working

on kits and class projects. I am a super little busy bee. My kitchen table is full of goodies, my work space is full of boxes, my store area is full of pink room is clean...can't mess up that pretty space..he, hee.
All is well here. Thank the LORD JESUS...I hear the celestial angels singing! Spring Break is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy...I think I am happier than my own kids. I just want to keep it LOW KEY this week. We'll do local stuff and sleep in until 7 at least! We'll see. I have a ton of stuff going on, and just getting ready. I have Jacqueline's birthday this week, so we shall see how all my events come along. I shall post pics...I promise.
By the way, Dayami, is really sick so say a prayer for her people. Alma is on her way to glad she's feeling better and the kids too. Poor little things! It's everywhere. Everyone is sick man! It's just a miserable flu season here.
Anyway, I hope all is fine in every one's end and I have to say it:
I can not wait to share all the stuff with the gang. I feel like a kid waiting to give goodies away. can't wait. Catch ya' all tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have been working on National Scrapbook Day, and honestly, I am really glad that I do this for a living...but sometimes...I wish I was the customer.. LOL.
I have some pretty cool goodies, coming my attendees way. I am so excited I feel like a kid. I love to give away PRETTY things. What's the point if it's not pretty? I want to share, but I have been told to shut my trap and keep the surprise. (I hate surprises by the way).
Anyway, I have been working like horse to get some projects out by this coming weekend. I will be posting on all the goodies hopefully by tomorrow.
Now onto PERSONAL stuff: Jacqueline got accepted to Ammons, and she also received her yellow belt today. D'angelo got his orange belt...congrats kids!!!!!! Also, today, Ely, turned 40...we'll be celebrating her birthday this Friday night. Happy birthday sis!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well gang:
Read all my post today and felt that I needed to give these 2 gals a little something for their faithfulness in blogging every day.

Ana and Margie.....I have some goodies for you. Let me know when you want to pick up.


for National Scrap Book Day. Ann Hope, is the lucky winner for NSBD. Please call me so we can work out the details. I know many of you are having a hard time posting on the blog (and are leaving your comments on my e-mail), maybe I shall have to give you a class on how to post..hee, hee LOL! Seriously, Thanks to all of you who participated. WHOO HOO!!! Now I have got to think....what is the next give away. hmmmm. Got to come up with a good one.
I am super excited regarding NSBD. I have a full house and how exciting is that? The goodies are sooooo nice. I am really thrilled with the line up we have going on here. Can't wait. I am in the middle of putting together all sorts of goodies and might give a sneak peek...who knows...maybe tomorrow.
I have a waiting list for NSBD, so if you are interested, please let me never know.
Hasta luego,

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Good Morning everyone. I just want to take a moment and simply reflect on some thoughts that I have this Sunday morning.
My heart is full of joy knowing that I am loved by an amazing God. I feel so blessed that He has placed so many wonderful people in my path. Some are still here, some have gone away, and others were simply passing through. I have known for many years that not everyone you meet stays in your life. Yet, as the years go by, you reflect and see that each and everyone of those people served a purpose.
At this time in my life I can not say that I am glad for all those who walked through. Some of the lessons that some brought....I am still healing from. But without those lessons I would not be the person who I am today.
I am eternally grateful for the abundance of blessings I receive every day in my life...and just because of that.....I know I am blessed.
I thank God today for giving us His only Son.
I thank God for remembering my name.
I thank God for my family.
I thank God for my friends.
I thank God for helping me understand that we are not perfect, but in spite of our imperfections we see His glory everyday in each one of us.
I thank God because tomorrow will be a better day.

God bless and double the hugs

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Gosh, I was so sick for so long that I did not post about so many great things that were happening in my life since get ready for a long post ladies. (But I included pictures..wink!)

This is my sister Margie and me at Build a Bear with our kids. (She's the skinny
Jacqueline, Evelyn and now Alyssa love that place...and we always seem to go broke every time we go I am boycotting and no more visits until next year!!! The thing is that were the heck do you put all these bears once you get them home? Jacqueline is up to 12 bears...ENOUGH!

This is my sister Ely and my favorite nephew in the whole wide world, Caleb. They are building

the EXPEDIT cases from IKEA. Love those things. They are great and look so pretty and the best thing of all they

house all my junk in my scrapbook room. Ely did a good job, my brother in law Irving also helped build them...but Caleb is so much cuter that I had to post about him...Isn't he adorable? Of course he had to play in them after he was done. I swear, he is going to be handy, just like his wonderful daddy.

Here is a picture of Elijah...WITH HAIR!!!!! I think he looks adorable. He posed for me this morning so that I could blog about his hair. We were cracking up. (Ady, look how nice my landscaping looks in pictures!!!!) Looks pretty bad in real life people. What can I say...gardening is definitely not my thing. Hey I cook 3 meals a day...that's enough for the overachiever department!!! LOL.

As many of you know, I celebrated my birthday last month, and never blogged about it or posted pictures...(Ady took most of her pictures with her camera and I have not gotten an actual cd so here are some of the pics...

These are the goodie bags and goodies that I gave to each girl that came. They got paper, embellishments a mini album, the little box was full of homemade cookies that OF COURSE JACQUELINE MADE. The cellophane pink gift was a little pink like box full of stuff to do a manicure/pedicure. I put the thank you cards attached to the bag, and each flower had the girls first initial of their names. My aunts gave me this absolutely beautiful Brighton bracelet.

I got so many wonderful gifts...I was just simply overwhelmed.

I got a signed copy of the Dares book. I got MONEY...(which of course I spent ALL OF IT at Scrap Central where we celebrated my birthday). That store is amazing. IT is huge and just full of a ton of goodies. LOVE IT! The owner Michelle is a sweetheart. It's located in Coconut Creek, Florida. Great place to shop and get your scrapbooking stuff. Anyway, got tons of amazing things like, a jewelry box with my favorite pattern, The Ali Edwards Day in a week or life..kit, A Frame that says SISTERS with pictures of me and all my sisters inserted already...LOVE IT!!! Got kits, IKEA organization boxes, Target gift certificates and lotions and oh my...Thank you to all my wonderful friends...YOU GUYS ROCK and I could not be blessed any more than with the set of friends God has bestowed upon me...I HOPE WE ALL GROW OLD TOGETHER. LOVE YOU GIRLS!
OK: That's enough for today. Got to go and work now.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hey gang:

posting just to make sure you guys do have somewhere to place your comments for the contest. OK...I promise to post later on in the day...sometime after 2:00pm...I have been tagged so many times that I am here it is:

7 Random things about me.

1. I love to cook, READ, pray AND watch VAMPIRE MOVIES...DON'T ASK!!!
2. I would do anything for my family...they are the best...I AM DEFINITELY A DADDY'S GIRL & mom is the best women on this planet
3.. I adore my sisters: Ely, Bethsy and Margie..they are truly great women
4. I love these very special bestest friends: Noemi, Ady, Mitza, Smirna, Gladys, Alma..I tend to keep friends forever. Noemi and Smirna have been in mi life over 25 years..yikes! Mitza is in the 20 year plus. Gladys has been around for 14 years this August. Ady came in 9 years ago and Alma is the new addition who we ALL LOVE! (I thought about exchanging them FOR A NEW SET OF FRIENDS...but decided to factor in all the good times and the amazing experiences we have NOPE...I'll definitely keep this line up in my life!!!!!) LOL...I CRACK MYSELF UP!!!
5. My favorite places are Disney World, Nick Hotel, Maine, New York City, and my home
6. I was born in Puerto Rico, but have lived in: New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Florida
7. I am normally a happy person. I believe that tomorrow will be a better day.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Super people in my life

Hello everyone. Happy Tuesday to all of you. I've been thinking about several people who have just been amazing in my life and this week, I am going to feature a different person/persons in my life.
Now for two super important people in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My kids!!!! They are the love of my life. (After their father)...Rios made me say that..LOL.
This is my son, Elijah...he is one funny young man. He brings joy to my life and is truly very sweet. He is a great host..ask my customers! This was the first day of school (this year actually)...hey gang...look at his hair...LOL!! For those of you who do not know my son, his hair is super long right now..this is extremely funny to all of us, as his father is having a heart attack. Elijah has always gotten military cuts...very close to the coco. So he is boycotting his father's wishes and has not cut his hair in probably 5 months. This cracks me up, because I have been siding with Elijah on this one, and and we are both driving Rios crazy. Every time Rios' sees him you hear the comment: "JESUS, look at that hair"!!!LOL. Let me see if I can post pics on him tomorrow...I shall try. Now onto my daughter:

Isn't she adorable? This is my baby girl, Jacqueline. She is one character ladies. We are in the middle of getting her birthday party celebration together and as I was looking through some pictures I found this one. My goodness, my baby is sooo big! She is my favorite little girl in the whole wide world...and by the way she is one mean scrapbooker....Just like her momma! She bakes and really, ask any of my friends and family members....she bakes like a grown up...OK, maybe I should not say that as I am a grown up and I can not stand to bake...I tend to destroy daughter seems to have a gift in this area. Ask Ady...she was blessed enough last year to have Jacqueline bake her a cake...from scratch people...FROM SCRATCH! My little girl will be 11 this April and of course she wants a party...a scrapbooking party, and then a private one with the family. Dios mio! Pray for me. I'll post pics of both events.
Now I have someone I would love you all to meet....This is my new friend Trish Turay. Trish did something so absolutely beautiful and just wonderful...she sent me a package of absolutely delicious goodies. It was so thoughtful that I was overwhelmed. I have never won anything like that before, and let me tell you, I felt like the Queen of Miami. Please check out her blog: It's She has a business where she sells monthly kits. Its called WIP. I began getting my monthly kits from this fabulous lady, and gang...I swear's worth every single penny. Her blog is pretty awesome and let me tell you, she has some of the best ideas on this planet. Check her out...I do...everyday. Trish if you are reading this, thank you so much for that RAK. I felt like I got another birthday present...whoo hooo. My butterfly is up and I swear that darn thing is so pretty that I don't want to do anything to it. (I'm sure something will come to me...I just don't want to touch her right now). Anyway, people, I am really happy with the goodies I have gotten in my monthly kit. I highly recommend her! If you are thinking about purchasing monthly kits...this is truly one of the best out there.
Anyway, I got a ton of ladies seem to be having problems leaving messages on the's actually very simply. If you need me. It's easier that way.
I only have 6 spots available for National Scrapbook Day...WHOO HOOO! I am soooo looking forward to this day. I am super excited. Can't wait to give unveil your goodies.
Happy Tuesday and Lots of hugs to all of you! See you all tomorrow.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hola GENTE!!!

Sorry, but I seem to be having some technical difficulty today and can not get my pics to go where they SHOULD GO!!! Isn't this a great little album? I am posting more on this at the bottom...check it out.

(BObunny Word Chipboard album)

This is my beautiful family. Mom, Dad 4 sisters, 1 brother, 2 husbands, & 7 grandchildren. I thought I share something that makes me happy, and my family definitely does. This picture was taken at mom's house on Christmas morning 2007. We just finished cleaning up the world war 3 of wrapping paper and! That's the nice thing about having such a large get to clean up very quickly...then we ate lasagna for lunch...totally untraditional, but since we are SOOOOO puertorican, (and so into our traditions) and have extended families that we MUST visit between the 24th and the 25th this was a nice change. Any who, mom decided to make something different since we had been eating traditional food the night before and were going to eat traditional food again for dinner on the 25th. I'm just the way that lasagna was REALLY yummo for the record. Now that I HAVE GIVEN YOU TMI...

OK: I have been sick as a dog...Have you ever wondered where that saying came from? It really gives me a bad mental image when I really think about...back to my story..
So many of you have called and e-mailed me and I am getting around to returning all messages. Just cut me a little slack here gente.
First of all I want to start of by saying that I absolutely have the best family and friends in the whole wide world! They helped me in a very special way these past two weeks. Thank you all...and I just must mention names...Mom, Bethsy, Margie, Ady, & Noemi. You guys are just some of the most amazing people in this planet and simply deserve the best! Thank you for all your help! When I win the lotto, you will be on the list of recipients to receive a chunk of monies from my pray that I win BIG!!! (It would help if I actually started playing the lotto...he, hee ha)!!!!
Now I have a couple of announcements.
I will be celebrating National Scrapbook Day April 19, 2008, and just for the fun of giveaway this week is going to be: If you blog every day, beginning today, I will choose a name on Saturday and one lucky winner will get to go to National Scrapbook Day for FREE! WHOO HOO! Hey gang, it's $43.00 to go this that is a heck of a giveaway! GOOD LUCK!
Also I will be hosting the BOBUNNY family chipboard word album this fun is that? Delicious! Can't wait for that class. I am going to try to post some pictures later on today or tomorrow on the family album and on the Mira class we had yesterday. I am so glad I did that class. The paper was gorgeous and the embellies were really delicious. I got up at 4am yesterday to finish some layouts...funny, how things just flow when I am under pressure. LOL.
This Friday is going to be an awesome day...if you are in the area and would like to come on by and scrapbook let me know. We will begin scrapbooking at 12:00pm and end at 12:00am. Talk about some serious scrapbooking. (we'll probably get 2 pages done...LOL)
This coming weekend is going to be a busy one...we have the canvas class, the KID class and tons of goodies are coming in on a daily basis, so make sure you drop by and check out the cool new stuff that is available.
By the way, my scrap room is almost done...just missing my desk to put my clip it up on and put up the curtains, and finish! Will post pics hopefully if I finish by this coming Friday.
By the way, my sweetie pie friend Trish has sent me an absolutely fantastic RAK! I will post about her tomorrow! That lady is the bomb!!!!
Well have got to go. I promise to post everyday this week...I am even going to add pictures EVERYDAY!
Tons of hugs to all of you!