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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm here girls...

I'm here girls, I am here! I know I have been a bad blogger. I have a ton of wonderful news to share, but I have got to get ready for a class for tomorrow so I shall be short and full of info.

MY FREE GOODIE FOR THIS WEEKS IS......SHOW ME YOUR SCRAP AREA and I will send a winner a bag of some pretty cool stuff. It does not matter if you have a table a closet or a whole room, just send me some pics and I shall choose a winner by Sunday. You can email me at or you can post your links here.

Now the Desk top organizers from Making Memories are here. If you want one, you must call me ASAP, as these are flying off the shelves. If you pre-ordered one please call me to arrange pick up or delivery. The cost of these little critters are $19.99. Now for the deal of the week......Got to love a deal!!!!

This has become one of my favorite items. Thanks to Dayami and her crazies...she got me onto this. (Thanks for sharing my friend). This is a 15x18 reusable sheet...almost like a thin mat that protects your table or whatever surface you are working on from glue, paints, adhesives, embossing, inks, etc. It cleans super well & easy and honestly, just felt like sharing something nice for a nice price. I will be selling this item for the next week for the price of $9.99. You must email me and let me know by March 7, 2008 if you want one. They normally go for $18.99.
Now, just so that you all now, I am busy, really busy, getting the schedule ready for the next two months. I have found our location for National Scrapbook day, and ladies, it's going to be quite a show this year. Just a heads up it will be a 12 hour event this year. So keep an eye out for more info in coming days. I do expect it to be a sold out event, so please make sure that you register as soon as the info goes out.
I am so sorry that I have not posted pictures, but geez, I am just so bad with this stuff. As soon as my techs get here, I promise to get them to teach me all this jazzy stuff. I PROMISE!!!
Well I am off to finish my kits.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm here

I really am. It's just that in the middle of living life, I decided to make the back room my personal work space/hubby's storage space. After 2 weeks, I am still not done, but hey, the mess is 90% under control, and oh my gosh....where did I get all this stuff? SCRAP Yard sale for SURE!!!! I have a ton of stuff to share, but I have a personal class in a few got to go, but Ady, did point out last night, that I had TO BLOG!! So I promise to make sure to post later on in the day with updates and pics. I love the PICS. By the way, thanks to everyone who playes along with their house comments. Those are so much fun!!! Contacted all the winners. I shall have some more goodies to give away by tune in!

Friday, February 8, 2008


What a beautiful day we have going on here. The Temperature is a balmy 73 degrees. It is sunny and I LOVE South Florida!!! Now that I made a couple of you really hate me....I hope you are all ready for a fabulous weekend. I love weekends, even though I normally work them, but just to know that my kids are off, no running around, no drop off, pick up, pick up and more drop offs...just makes me happy

I have a clean house today. Smellllllssssss sssooooo ggooood in here, and looks so pretty. Let's see how long that will last! For someone who only has 2 kids, my home seems to be filled up with an awful lot of those critters called CHILDREN!! I have been complaining about my baseboards and guest bathroom door always looking so yucky. They are always scuffed and just USED AND ABUSED. I paint baseboards and doorways twice a year and I realized recently that this problem is only on the kid’s side of the house. I have truly complained about this for a long time and in the last couple of months it dawned on me, it's the heavy traffic there...all those kids who are always at my house. Geeez, why are there always so many kids here? Then it REALLY hit me.....THAT IS A REALLY GOOD THING. It means that my home's scuffs are simply a tangible showing that this place is a home and not just a house. This must be a pretty cool place, if so many children want to come and drop by for a while. I came to the conclusion that my every time I blink my children are growing up. (Jacqueline has already informed me that she want to go to HARVARD!!!) Where does this kid come up with these things? The baseboards and doors are not virginal white, but my home is a sanctuary of love, joy, and lots and lots of laughter. I’ll take it!!!! Of course...I am now in the process of putting together that mini album on my home...actually baseboards, windows and!!! Amazing how a little shift in thinking changes our way of looking at things!

Just tell me something about your home….The good, the bad and the ugly. I will choose 3 winners! I shall post the winners on Monday Morning (February 11, 2008)

These come in plain white and you decorate to your hearts content.

You all have a blessed, happy and safe weekend!

Lots of hugs to all of you

Monday, February 4, 2008

Answers, Comments and THE PATRIOTS STILL ROCK!

To answer some questions that have been flowing here:

1. My favorite show this season is Kyle XY. Normally, for those who know me really, REALLY WELL...know I am a Batlestar Galactica freak. That show will air again in March.

2. Love Heidi Swapp....come on, that was a giveaway....did you see all the products I was giving away? Love her line of products.

3. I was so touched by the stories you shared regarding your loved one's. Funny, sweet, endearing, sad and simply beautiful. We are so lucky to have those special people in our lives. GOD IS GOOD! I was not able to just choose my son Elijah, choose the name.

4. cracked me up with the "I scrap because, Scrapbooking is cheaper than the psychiatrist or the LV purse.....FUNNNYYYY!!! Please email me at,
with your full name and address so that I can send you your goodies.

Yes, I am disappointed that the Patriots lost. Ely...they still will go down in history with that 18 straight game win...Not too shabby. Ana, I understand what it's like to have to root for a hometown team.

Just wanted to send a shout out to Anilu. CONGRATS! You deserve it girl.

No I did not meet my goal at the Widows crop. Got there 4 hours late and my mojo was everywhere, except with me. I think my mojo went out with Ady's mojo and did not tell us....mine did decide to come back though late in the afternoon. I will post pics later.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are all having a happy weekend and enjoying your time with your families/loved ones. Here are the winners:
We chose a winner for every day I posted ! It was a very monumental moment picking out names son picked the names. We had way too much fun!! Please e-mail me your addresses at so I can mail you your goodies. I'm off, as I am going to the Widows Crop today at our local scrapbook store. I am going to finish 2 outstanding projects, complete atleast 10 pages and maybe do a couple of my atc cards. Wish me luck! I will post pics and share the fun later.

Stay tuned...more giveaways this week! HUGS

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Wow...I am truly humbled as to how many people dropped by yesterday to blog. Wow. I'm quite taken aback and ALMOST speechless. (I wonder what do you serve cyber friends when they come over for a visit)? My friends know I have this thing about feeding you when you come over.

It seems that there is something going on because I received 143 emails yesterday. I thought it was the funniest thing. I had to keep deleting and opening emails because my computer apparently can not handle that many emails at one time..hee, hee,ha. It seems that many of the post went directly to my email. Have no idea how that happens, but hey ladies and GENTS!!! Yes, a couple of gentlemen dropped by too, thank you so much, and I will read them, whatever route they come to me. Heads up, my husband was the first man to blog. Got to love that man.

I shall continue to view all of them and promise to get back to you soon. I have an all day class today, and my goal is to make sure those ladies leave happy and content.

Ady & Vane, who are my...well I will not mention what Ady is but Vane is my superstar...I'll share that story at a later time. -Ady, girl you know I love you!!!--Anyway, they taught me how important it is to post once you view the blog. Now I understand. I shall try to post on everyone as I go along.

Got to go. I am cooking lunch for my croppers. Keep them coming. I shall post the winners tonight at midnight or maybe tomorow continue to guess! (un abrazo grande)