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Friday, March 26, 2010

NO POSTING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh gang..I have been without TV, INTERNET and computer!!!!!!!c
So stinks. I miss those lovely comforts of modern technology. I am simply not a happy camper with COMCAST right now.

We got the TV on but the Internet has been crazy...I can't open emails, can't go on comes up for seconds and puff...there it goes.

I am posting from my darling husband's computer so NO PICS gals.

Now to share some good stuff....

I did sell out of the March sold out locally. The April one is DELISH!!! Coming real soon...I plan to post pics this week. I am also going to share some yummies with you this week that are going to be available for purchase in the month of APPRIL.

National Scrapbook Day is SOLD OUT!!! Sorry, this event sold out within 24 hours of the event being announced. (I will open the NSBD CLASS kits and make them available to all of you once the date gets a little closer).
I have scrapbooked 16 pages this week...even with a life trauma....LOL...will so share more on that this coming week.

I am hoping to be up and running some time today....SO COMCAST SAYS. (do you hear the sarcasm...if not please insert here right NOW!!!)

Can't wait to see what you have all been up to.


my friend Cathy is going to have a huge and I do mean HUGE Scrapbooking Yard Sale. She was the owner of a local Scrapbook store here and unfortunately closed down. She will be getting rid of EVERYTHING...from store fixtures to a ton of scrapbooking supplies. If you are local...head out to her place at:

14901 SW 178 Terrace
Miami, Florida 33187
8am - 3pm

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 8 NCM / Paper houses

In my travels in bloggie world I love saving things that are unique and just plain fun. Today I will share some fun paper houses that I have found during my bloggie travels.

This adorable little house is from Pink Paislee.

This is still one of my favorites. It is made by the very talented Ms. Phillips. I LOVE THIS!!!
This lovely village comes from the amazing Martha Steward. I believe this was a kit that they sold...??? I thought it was super cool. I love the paper.
This fun village was made by Claudine Hellmuth.
And for the fun of it, you can find a darn cute tutorial on this one here.
You can find more info on this lovely village here.
Check this out. My favorite holiday and my favorite color....YUMMO! :)

Day 7 NCM & Happy Birthday Margie

Today is my little sisters' birthday.

(I tried looking for a picture of Margie all by herself...but she would have killed me if I had posted any of the ones I I posted one of her and me..... :)
In in honor of my sis' b-day and NATIONAL CRAFT MONTH, I will continue with some sweet craft eye candy. Check out these babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paper Cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!
Look how sweet these are. You can find the creator of these lovelies here.
These I found here. Not sure who made them...sorry gang...
OMG!!!!!! ARE THESE NOT GORGEOUS!!! HELLO BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! These were created by Tresa Black.
And look what's inside!!!!!!!!!! SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! THIS one is absolutely my favorite!!!!
These were created by Leigh O'Brien. Theyremind me of BJ's or COSTCO's big mamasota't these great? :)
Well gang, hope you enjoyed the eye candy today. Have a fantastic day.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 6 NCM & Happy Birthday Bethsy

Happy Birthday Bethsy!!!!!!!!!
Today is my sister Bethsy's birthday. (here is a pic of her, and our mom and dad)...I can not believe I did not take a picture of her all by herself!!! LOL (my mom is trying not to smile...she cracks me up!!!)
Today I thought it would be cool to share something Crafty honoring my sister's birthday!!!! Yes ladies, in the month of March we celebrate ALL my sisters' birthday. Can you believe that? I'm the exception. So here I share some sweet eye candy with you. ENJOY!!!!

Isn't this adorable? I do not know who created it...someone sent me this a while back.
You can find the creator of these beautiful cakes here.
I found this one here.
This I found here.
Were these not absolutely fabulous!!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 5 NCM

I am lately getting into the notebook and journal frenzy that has been out there for a while. I have seen some great journals, notebooks, file keepers...whatever you want to call them, out there. I want to share some of my favorites that have caught my eye.

This awesome journal entry was created by Ms. Laura. You can check out her blog here. She has some pretty cool stuff on her you will see on the bottom pics here.

The following were created by Ms. Ivy. LOVE THE COLORS!!!!
Doesn't this just make you happy?
I think you know who this is........the very talented Ms. Donna Downey. She creates some pretty fantastic journals.....her thing is have's only water, paint and paper people. Got love the freedom she teaches into creating something that is simply FUN.

Many of you know how journaling is the one thing that I preach over and over and over and over and over and over...ok...I think you all got the idea of how important journaling is to me. I firmly believe that Journaling should be on all your projects. Whether it is bullet journaling, paragraphs or simple sentences or even signatures and dates. This enables those who pick up your projects (may they be scrapbooks or altered crafts) to identify who the creator is and what they were trying to accomplish.
I have always said make sure some or all of the following is identified on your projects.
We will ensure that those who come in future after us will be able to identify and realize the importance of who or what is in our projects.
This is absolutely one of my favorites. Laura created something really great here. Look at her JOURNALING!!!! A girl after my own heart. :)
I love this. Laura created this to give to her daughters' teacher. LOVE IT!!! What a great gift.
Hope this inspires you to create your own journal, books, folders...whatever makes you happy.
Remember to journal!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 4 NCM

I love tags. Whether crafty created ones or simply made to give as a gift. Here are some of my favorites.

These lovely babies were created by one of my favorite artist Silvia Kristine.
I LOVE THIS!!!!! It's just so pretty.

Of course we all know who this is...the King of Tags...Mr. Tim Holtz. We so look forward to these 12 tags of Christmas from the Man himself. (By the way, if you ever get the chance to take a class with and sign up. He is truly an amazing teacher).
Have a happy day.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 3 NCM

One of the crafty gifts I see and admire tremendously is card making. My lovely friend Esther is one of those crafty card makers. She teaches some great classes too. If you live locally you should give her a buzz.

Now one of the most talented card makers/artist I have ever seen, is Ms. Becca Feeken. She simply makes amazing cards that I consider works of arts. Check out this loveliness.
Something about this house....LOL...I love old houses....that makes me nostalgic.

Oh, and on top of making some absolutely beautiful cards, she makes all kinds of beautiful projects too......gotta love that.
look at that beautiful handle on this project!!! Makes me want to create something delicious!!!
I love makes everything look prettier...he,hee,hee.

Look how delish these boxes are!!!! Can you imagine getting something like this? LOVE IT!!!
I have posted this baby in the past, but it truly deserves a second mention. THIS is still one of my favorite cards and box that Ms. Becca did.
Check out Ms, Becca's blog here. It is worth the visit.
Oh yeah ladies...this is simply some great eye candy :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In honor or National Craft month....Here goes my second post.

I love seeing the different outlets people use to create and express their own creativity. I am amazed at the talent that comes naturally to so many, and how their God given talent brings joy to humanity.

Last year, our minister, Rev. David Bonilla, had a blank canvas on the pulpit that everyone saw as they walked into the church. As the service progressed he created a beautiful drawing with chalk.
We had no clue what it was in the beginning.

But by the end of the service, it was crystal clear what he had created and what he wanted to share with the congregation.
It was pretty fantastic..and the sermon that day was pretty awesome too. It was an amazing experience to be touched by someones art, especially in a church setting. Our ministers gift was not only pleasing to the eye, but also touched our spirits. I firmly believe that the spirit of creativity is an integral part of our beings and can touch our souls when we connect.
This picture truly does not do it justice. But lucky me, I had my camera with me to capture such a special event. Our minister gifted his work of art at the end of the service and believe me when I tell you everyone present wanted that drawing.
I can't draw if my life depended on it. So this was totally amazing to me.
Hope you enjoyed this.