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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scrapbook ROOMS........

Hay, hay, hay....SERA POSIBLE?
Guess what? I am revamping my house again. We are beginning with the back rooms which are the pink room and the blue room. For those of you who have not been to my home, the pink room is the business side and the blue room is my personal scraproom.
Well, I am tired of my living space as it is just not working for me right now. With that being said, my husband is going back to the blue room and my pink room is now going to be MY PERSONAL SCRAPROOM. What does this mean? MESS!!! I mean HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEE MESS!
Pray for me. I promise to post pictures really soon. God Willing by next week.

I want to share some of my favorite scraprooms. I believe that people's spaces are simply a reflection of their spirits and souls. A part of them. I want to share some of my favorite rooms. These three rooms are so vastly different, yet so beautiful like their owners.

This is Vanessa's scrappy space. It is absolutely beautiful. Elegant and classy just like her. Check out her blog here to see the full room.

This is Dayami's room. It's such a happy space. It is full of color and whimsiness, just like her. Check out her blog here, she even has a video walk through.
This is Ady's room. I love this room. It makes me happy just to walk into it. It's airy and light and really makes me want to scrap. It inspires me just like her. Check out her blog and see more of her pics here. (By the way, she is revamping it again...I am sure she will be posting new pictures soon.

There are two more spots that are absolutely gorgeous and I abolutely love. They are Trish Turay's scraproom, which is absolutely fantastic. She has the best furniture in the world. And her embellishment holders are out of this sorry, but I don't have pictures of it. I also love Heidi Swapp's old work space. Her room in her old Arizona house was fantastic.

I guess it doesn't matter...the color, the content or how a scraproom is organized. As long as it works for you and makes you happy...then that's all that matters. For those of us, who are blessed to have a space totally dedicated to this craft....our happy space inspires us to continue to create beauty for our friends and family.

Will post pics soon.



Monday, September 21, 2009

Look at all this good stuff...

Here are some LO that were done at the Retreat.

Barbara was on a roll. I swear she had smoke coming out of her head!!!! She completed over 25 layouts. They were so beautiful...I tell you..she was on a roll.

I did this one with the Websters Pages Kit....I loved that kit...I will post some of the pics of the mini album (that is not so mini). I love this company. Their paper and embellies are off the chart.
ENJOY....and happy MONDAY.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Scrapbook retreat..WARNING...LONG POST...

SDUI Scrapbook Retreat 2009

WOW...WOW...WOW!!!! I am so happy. This retreat was awesome. I got so much feedback with these women being thrilled...the major complaint I had...was that it was too short. The girls were great. The MOJO was in the house. Amazing projects were completed.... Just fantastic. A lot of socializing and very little sleep was done, but let me tell you did we have fun. The time flew by and the truth is, I was on the run all weekend long, but the girls had a great time, and that was my goal. The facilities were absolutely beautiful, and the food so very yummy!!!!

Look at all my beautiful girls!!! My mom made these aprons for me (to gift to these lovely gals) and Maritza sewed each girls initials on the pockets.

The food was pretty yummy. Desserts were ssooooooooooooo good.

My faithful friend Ady, helping me til' 5am. (Friends for life girl!!!!!)

Alma had her table cracking up!!! You could hear these girls giggling and outright laughter bursting from their table all weekend long.

I took this picture at 6am...It does not do justice to the beauty of the room. It's fantastic!!!!
Noemi...thank you for all your help!!!!!!!!!!! (You are stuck with me forever!!!)

LONG STORY HERE: But let's just say, that at 2:00am...we SHOULD have been in bed.

Beth, Pura, and Marge: I promise not to post the pics..but the truth is I am the one who got caught..he,hee,hee!

Oh, how I love this girl. Barbara: you crack me up. She came into the scrapbooking room jumping up like a little girl...she was giddy. She just makes me happy. Barbara is one of the nicest people that you will ever meet. She had me cracking up all weekend....yes Barbara....I heard you...I will be adding on another day next year...I promise.

I will post for the rest of the week on the retreat, because it was truly an amazing experience. I have got to thank some people publicly, and I apologize for not doing so at the retreat. (so sorry my girls!!!)

I want to thank Chery C. and Ady A. Without you two, I would not have been able to lug all that crap...I mean stuff up there. You girls are wonderful and your hearts are HUGE!!!!

CHERYL: Thank you for all your help...driving me up were an integral part making this retreat a success. You made sure I got all those goodies up there! Could not have done it without you! You are the best long trip companion EVER!!!! This woman had me in stitches all the way up and down...even on the return trip as I was talking all manner of nonsense she still had me in stitches....Cheryl..thank you, thank you, thank you...from the bottom of my heart. (You are a keeper!!!) Let's do Cracker Barrel soon...LOL...You know I love that kinda food...LOL.

ADYWhat can I say...your friendship means the world to me. All the work that you did for me...can't thank you enough....You are truly an amazing person with a heart that is pure gold. You are invaluable to me. Love you my friend!! See you at 5am! My mojo seems to flow the best in that time frame.

NOEMI: Your help PRE-RETREAT was a huge load off me. I know you don't think so, but cutting all the paper and chipboard was huge for me. You rescuing me from my mental know what I am talking about....words can never express how I feel and the special place you hold in my you mucho!!! You are stuck with me forever!!!

MARITZA: Thank you so much for embroidering all those pockets for me. As you can see that little detail went over amazingly well. Thank you so much for your help and your willing heart. Te quiero y me quedo corta.
MARGIE: Sis, staying up with me to help with those darn M&T. You are such a good sister. I love you with all my heart!!!!

I will post more pictures tomorrow and continue to thank my peeps.

I am exhausted but extremely happy. I had a great time and am so pleased that the girls had such a great time.

Yes, I am officially stating that I will be hosting another retreat next year. I already called the hotel and we are working out the details. Unfortunately due to the demand of keeping the same room with the VIEW, I am going to limit the number to 25 women again. I promise give you details as soon as I get them in my hands.

I am off the bed...I am so tired............