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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scrapbooking...busy, busy, busy..

Wow, lots of stuff going on here. First, let me tell you that National Scrapbook Day is almost here...5/2/09. Don't worry gals...for those of you coming to the second session 5/9/09, there will be plenty of goodies on the walls in the PINK ROOM.
Lots of goodies being delivered much little time....
Gotta tell you, that I am the happiest when I create.....sigh...being doing quite a bit of that lately. I am one content Puertorican....a little frazzled but content. LOL

Wow....really GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beach Retreat is ALMOST Sold out!!!! We have 2 more spots. Can not wait for this event. I am so looking forward to this Scrapbook Retreat. I have so many goodies planned for this event....I am giddy with excitement.

I don't know who is more or ALMA....he, hee,heee!

Thought I'd also share some pretties from Maya Road.......I am not sure who the designers are, but if you go to their website These are on their site.

Love, LOVE, LOVE, LoVe this tag...did I mention that I this tag?

Every story has a beginning............................

and every story has an end..........gotta love it.
Have some really great projects in the works and I promise to share some really fantastic news. I will make public as soon as the green light has been given to me. Wow...lots of amazing stuff happening in my life. I am so blessed.

You all have a fantastic day.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I love flowers...

Can you tell? Nah, I am sure you couldn't. Ady told me to step away from the flowers (Now Ady, don't be a hater)....I will be more than happy to share and give you some of my heavenly, happy flowers when I see you this week so you can Horde I mean USE THEM...LOL.
Well, I was visiting a couple of my inspiration gal pals and look what I came across in my travels.
Have to tell you, I love these flowers. I used to do these babies years ago when I was making invitations.
....sigh...very fond memories...patience, ribbon, me and my glue gun....sigh....
Sorry...I digress...OK

Look what at what the Lovely Jess created. She made these cutie, patutie flowers, added a button, and whuala......

She ends up with this.
Lot's of pink people...PINK!!! Yeah, she had me as soon as I saw the big pink ribbon flower.

Anyway, thought I share this great little project. Yup, Jess Rocks. How adorable are these?

Ady, is this still considered flowers? I mean it' s more like and embellishment if you ask me....LOL...he,hee,hee.

National Scrapbook Day is ALMOST here. WHOOOO HOOOOO!!! I am working HARD getting all kinds of goodies ready for you lovely ladies. I have some great projects I am and will be working on this week, so got to share those with you soon.

Have a happy Monday.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scrapbook Beach Retreat here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!

As many of you know I have been working on putting together a Scrapbooking Beach Retreat. In the past I was very blessed to help put together this type of event together for some of my favorite people in the Scrapbooking industry. Yet, I wanted to do more, go the extra mile, go KNOW...GIVE MORE!!!! So I decided to put together my own Retreat. Put my signature stamp on it. And if you know ME you KNOW, I LOVE TO GIVE STUFF AWAY!!!! So get ready because this is going to be one ROCKING BEACH RETREAT!!!!! Destination: Sunny FLORIDA!

Here are some pics to entice you.

Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa

The Sanibel Harbaour Resort & Spa, has various restaurants. From the very elegant and formal, to....

the let's run get a cup of coffee at the downstairs the
very relaxed, let's get some fries and chicken fingers informal dinning.
I have opened registration and will keep it open until all spots are filled. We are almost full so make sure to email me and contact me if you are interested in joining us.
Scrapbook Designs Annual Beach Retreat information can be found here:

Of course I have begun preparations for this event....just come on over and you will see the boxes piling up....gosh...I have GOT TO STOP SHOPPING FOR YOU WOMEN!!!! LOL. So here is a sneak peek at your BOXES....HE,hEE,heee,haa,!
And more goodies.....
NO... Jesus is not behind the boxes...LOL...Meryl you are too funny...ha, haa,he!....But I do believe He is blessing this event...LOL

I know many of you are asking for the schedule for the additional classes I will be holding. I promise it is coming...soon I will post this. We are still waiting on some details before I can actually announce all the classes....(work with me peeps, I am working with new Merchandise that will be released in CHA Summer)...keep you posted...promise.
Have a fantastic Thursday!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Wednesday..that means it's CARD DAY!!!

Just check out her work
Becca Feeken

This woman has some serious talent. I am in awe!!!!
Have a happy Wednesday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I love good news.

I love new beginnings. I love new ideas and the truth is the thing I love most about my business is teaching. I looooooooovvvveeeeeeeeeeee to teach.

I have so many wonderful things happening that I want to burst with excitement....whoo hooo wheeeee. Lots of new things on the works and I promise to share really, really soon.... as soon as all details are ironed out. Oh dear, I can't wait.

For now, here is one of the layouts I did this past weekend. I changed a bit around from the original and ended up with this LO. I love these letters. They are my all time favorite and man oh man...I hog them...don't even want to use them, but I am really into this heritage album. I got these letters several years ago at Joanne's their brand....and I LOVE THEM.

Look at the details on these letters....Sorry that the pics are so lousy...but hey, this is a drive by

Will post more pics tomorrow. By the way....HERMANAS means SISTERS.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wow...really busy weekend.

So this is the daughter was totally shocked that we gave her a surprise party on Friday. It was a small gathering with some of her best gal pals. She came into the house and the girls hiding behind the couch screamed SURPRISE!!! She looks totally taken aback and then ask her friends: "What are you all doing crouching behind the couch? They answer back it's a surprise party....Jacqueline then ask "FOR WHO?"

Hey, I had to get creative....there really is no such thing as Twilight party decorations out there yet, so here are some of my renditions)

The girls made these cute little mini clipboards and added a Twilight picture.
It seems that everyone had a great time. I can see that my daughter is truly blessed. She has such lovely friends, and the great thing is that they have known each other since they began school. That is a big deal in my book, since good friends are such a rare thing, I see that my daughter has a group of girls that she admires, enjoys and loves.
Yesterday we had another party for my sister Margie....I did not take pictures...maybe she will post some on her blog and I can steal them...he,hee,hee.
Well, I am off the Toys R Us and then to church. Tomorrow I will post on some goodies that I have completed these past couple of days.
Have a fantastic Sunday.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Twilight anyone?

Surprise party tonight for Ms. Jacqueline........will post more later on...........sssshhhhhhhh.



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Handmade cards

If you KNOW me, you know I am a avid card collector. I love cards. I think they are so personal and make a world of difference when giving someone a gift or a simple thank you. I love cards. Doesn't have to be anything major, but just the thought, that someone went out of their way to select a card or even better yet...MADE a card for that is off the chain. Oh yeah, did I mention that I love cards?

I want to share some of the goodness that some very special ladies created.

I love this card. My lovely friend Sharon made this one for my birthday....ohhhh..I love that girl. It's all done with lots of pink...PINK, people...PINK! She even hand painted the cupcake...sigh....

Now this one is a sweet one that made it to the top of my stack....Sharon, again is on a roll this year...She sent me a copy of a CD with my birthday pictures and OF COURSE...sends me this sweet gift along with the CD! (This Sharon chick is a KEEPER!!!)

My lovely friend Vanessa celebrated her birthday by having a Scrapbooking party...hmmm....wonder where she got that bad habit from...LOL.....
She set these beauties on every seating place for every attendee.....aaahhhh...I did not care about the goodies in the adorable goodie bag that she gave us...(SORRY...have no picture of that because I ate all the goodies and re-gifted that freaking adorable tiny was a hit to...the young lady that received that adorable bag that Vanessa made for us, thought I was very talented to decorate her little bag...He,hee, need to clarify I was stealing Vanessa's artwork....he,hee,hee...ssssshhhhhhhh...don't tell. I wont. lol

Love the detail on all of these goodies. That Vanessa is such a talented chick.

I got this one this year for my birthday. Very Classy card from my very classy friend Ady. I LOVE this card. This makes me happy.
I did these envelopes....yes, it is an envelope...what can I say...I am so into the presentation....the stuff outside needs to look just as good as the I was saying, I did these for Ady's Birthday. She thanked everyone with some delicious cards that she made so I made the outside envelope all nice and pretty just like her. I think I added something else to this envelope, but I just can't remember...what can I say, once I create something I am done and I can't even remember most of the time that I actually created the object (I think that is called selective memory...or early Alzheimer's...or maybe that I have so much going on that I am lucky I remember my name...sigh...)

I have a ton of cards and pretty handmade gifts, that I think that maybe every Wednesday I will post some of these lovelies that I have been given or I have created over the years...I'll try peeps.
I am going to call it Creative Wednesday......hmmmmm...a start of something new.
Hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Creative Brain overload.........

With ideas, more ideas and MORE IDEAS. Did I mention I have a ton of ideas on my mind right now?
This is what my desk looks like right now.....

I am working on downloading all kinds of eye candy on the blog.
I am working on some really happy bright paper and doing some layouts on my cousins kids. I am also working on some heritage pictures...this is a bit challenging for me as I mentioned yesterday, but I am so loving this process. Documenting the lives of my ancestors is a pretty awesome feeling.
What else? What else? I am working on a Mom Album...I love these's an oldie but a goodie. I am so happy the way this project is turning out. I think some of my favorite projects are the mom albums. These albums are sentimental and mean the world to me....I guess because I have such a wonderful and amazing mom, I simply think about her and what she means to me when I am creating these pages.
So what's on your desk right now? How bad is your mess? Mine is pretty bad....but boy oh boy, does it feel good to create.....I FEEL GOOD!
Happy scrapbooking Amigas.

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's a happy MOnday......

I have some delishishness coming in....boxes have started arriving and boy oh boy...National Scrapbook Day is on it's way...whoo hooo!!!! The first NSBD session has sold out...sorry :(
But there is space for the 2nd NSBD session on May the 9th. Call me or email me if you are interested.

Here is another layout from the 10 page class. I got half the Kit from Trish at WIP and added the rest myself to complete the class. I had a great time trying to get everything in order.........Had a lot fun trying to use ONLY what was in the kit....I love that challenge.

Thanks Trish.......LOVE YOUR KITS MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!
I am presently working on another mini album and on a heritage album...boy oh boy...this is the 2nd one I have done and it's challenging me!!!!!!!!! aaarrggghhhhhhhhh....will show some of that project as soon as I have something to show....he, hee,hee.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I have recently seen a great deal of many changes occurring in my life. From the minute to the colossal. Change is like time...we simply can not stop it and it is not always in our best interest when it comes. People change. The dynamics of relationships change. The course of businesses change. Life changes.

I am a true testament that not all changes started out as a positive in my life. Yet in the end they became positive.
Although I was hurt, this change me me stronger.
Although I lost some to death, this change made me appreciate life even more.
Although they stole from me, this change made me wiser.
Although they lied to me, this change made me choose to do the right thing.

Change is difficult. Not always welcomed.

I have always said that everyone has a story to tell. How we tell our story is how we are defined as people.

Jesus told his story hundreds of years ago.
He changed His life, and in turn He changed my life forever.

Happy Easter (and for those who believe) RESURRECTION SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Whoops...what can I say. I've been really, really busy with kids, work, life, know....the regular stuff in a gals life. Blog is just not a priority...sorry chickees...(But I appreciate all the threatening emails....I feel loved...sigh...:)
I had this huge post for you today with pictures and witty comments, but as I was nearing the end...I have no clue what happened and the darn thing just went blank.............and as many of you bloggers know....once it's's gone.


Here is a pic of one of the 10 layout class I hosted this past month.

I will share more of these tonight as I try to post all the hundreds of pics, updates and witty comments I had in the original post before it disappeared into LA LA LAND!!!

sorry gang...see you later.