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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well GOOD MORNING my friends, family and fellow bloggers! Today is the official unveiling of this blog. I feel like I have just hosted a major event in my life (lol). Just got to thank my buddy Ady, for helping me navigate the world of blogging. You're the best girl! I shall keep you around.....forever.....what do you think about that Vane?

As you can see there are over a weeks worth of post, but I gave you all the address today...I wanted to give myself plenty of time as many of you know...I am ELECTRONICALLY CHALLENGED.

For those of you who have never been on a blog before...(ALL YOU PROFESSIONAL BLOGGERS BE KIND HERE) in order to post your comments simply click on the word comments. You will find this at the end of each post. You can either sign in with a user name and password....this means you have to open an account with google/blogger. Or you can sign under anonymous...simply remember to leave me your name and email address...I need this info in order to know who you are...SUPER IMPORTANT...ESPECIALLY IF YOUR POST WINS GOODIES! Make sure you leave a comment for every day. You are eligible for all the give it a try. GOOD LUCK!

Well because I promised FREE GOODIES and I am in such a GOOOOOOOOD mood, I am going to give away 3 different gifts goes:

(Gift 1) Varied Flowers in Pink and Red.....just tell me why you scrapbook.

(Gift 2) Pink and Red Heidi Swapp acrylic paint with 2 brushes....What are your 3 favorite scrapping products?

(Gift 3) A Glitz Hot Momma Kit with some BLING!!!! Who in the scrapbooking world do I admire? (There are two ladies...I shall take either one)

Now for some wonderful stuff coming up...I am having a class on this delicious line. Brenda Walton is the designer and the stuff is gorgeous. This is the Mira collection. This class is going to be hosted on March the 15, 2008 and will include some of the goodies you see in this pic. I will be sending out more info as the class gets closer.

This class only has 12 spots so make sure you reserve your seat.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, as I have a class from 9am -5pm. Can't wait to see some of my favorite girls. I expect them to scrap their hearts out.

Well ladies, thank you for visiting and hope you will stop by soon.
All winners will be picked by 12:00am, Saturday, February 2, 2008.

Lots of Hugs

Happy Thursday

Good morning everyone.
I am off to a running around kinda morning. (Aren't we all?) I don't usually head out so early in the morning, but I am going to drop off an application for my daughter at the school board building on Biscayne Blvd. What a ride that is! Anyway, I was supposed to post all the pretty pics that went along with all the post last night, but I was soooo tired, I fell asleep on Jacqueline's bed. Maybe today I shall do that. We'll see.

Thursday: Today I am giving away a Heidi Swapp LOVE clear corner stamp. Love these little critters. All you have to do is tell me who is special in your life and why you love them sooooo much. Only choose 1 person. I know that is pretty hard for many of you, but that's the whole point....only 1.

Today is a short one. I've got to go and fight with the Palmetto and Dolphin Expressway habitants.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Wednesday

Good morning everyone!
It's 11 already, and I feel like I have accomplished soooooo much today. I have been busy getting all sorts of goodies in order for my people, ordering from that I can get some goodies in stock for you lovely ladies. I will begin with sneak peaks of what has been ordered so far this coming week. Super exciting!!!! I love new stuff. Makes me happy. For some scrapbooking news: I will be hosting a Scrapbooking garage sale on February the 23rd from 8:00am to 11:00am. I am totally amazed at the amount of STUFF I have and have got to get out of my workroom and back room. How can ONE person collect SO MUCH STUFF? Someone please answer this question!!! I think it's a sickness...and many of my friends and customers HAVE IT!!! I will also be having all the merchandise in the back on SALE that day. I have got to make room for all this yummy new product coming in. SO COME ON BY and check out the good deals my lovelies!
For some good news.....I have the Making Memories Carousel being delivered this week! If you want one, you have got to call and let me know, as they are almost gone. It seems that these babies are a hot demand product and the manufacturer has a major back go figure!!!
Albums, Albums, Albums...I am super low and on the 4th of February will be placing a large order. Please call me if you want anything in specific so that I can get it for you.

Now for some FREE goodies:

WEDNESDAY: I am giving away K&CO 2 1/1inch letters. They are Glittered Red and come in a sweet looking box. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TELL ME YOUR LOVE STORY. HOW DID YOU FALL IN LOVE?

Can you tell that I am on a theme here? I promised to give away a gift every day this week. I decided that since the month of February is the month of LOVE, I am in a shary, lovey dovey mood myself, all the gifts for this week will revolve around the red, pink, or valentiney (is that even a word?LOL!!) scheme.

I have a bunch of surprises up my sleeve. Can not wait. Tonight, I shall post all the pictures I have been promising lately. I love pictures. They give me a visual to connect to the truth. Know what I mean? I tend to imagine things ALL the time. Sometimes it gets out of hand...I even have imaginary friends....ask Alyssa....LOL REALLY HARD HERE, LADIES!! Seriously, what I mean is sometimes you speak to someone on the phone, and you imagine what they look like, but when you meet them in person, it's normally NOT what you imagined at all. GET IT?
OK: On to other things. Today is order day for several of the companies I LOVE! Glitz is yummy, yummy, yummy! You ladies are going to love their new goodies. Heidi Swapp has done it again. She has 12x12 paper on her line!!!! YIIIPPPEEEE. Brenda Walton from K& Company has the Mira line that I LOVE!!!! That is going to be a huge class in the month of March...HOPEFULLY We will have all the kits completed by the 1st or the 8th. I shall keep you posted. American Craft has some pretty neat things up their sleeve. I will have quite a large amount of goodies from Maya Road....their stuff is just delicious! Ok...There is a lot coming out so hopefully I will be able to download pictures on the ton of the goodies I am getting my hands on soon.

I have to work on the calendar for the blog...this is a major project for me. If any of you have specific questions on class dates, just let me know. The 8 Hour crop is this coming Saturday, 2/2/08 from 9am-5pm. Cost is $28.00. I have 3 spots left. I will have the calendar up and running by the 1st....GOD willing, me and the computer too...hee, hee.

Well got to go. Have got to vacuum and clean...YUCK!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All in a day's work

Happy Tuesday everyone. I am extremely happy today. I get to vote, put together another goodie bag and thank Jesus that my children are healthy. RECAP of yesterday afternoon: I got a call from my children's school to inform me that my daughter had been in an accident while in Karate class...(EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE)..when I got to the school, my darling little girl had a lump the size of a walnut...maybe 2 pecans..LOL. An accident had occurred while the kids were doing their exercises...apparently another childs head met my daughters forehead. Anyway, she had a severe headache, nasty looking bump, so off to the emergency room we head. My DH met me there with our son, as we had to get his hand X-Rayed per our pediatrician, because he was playing football and his middle finger and his ring finger were swollen. Well after several hours...they are ok. Jacqueline will end up with quite a distinguished looking black eye, and Elijah, will have to lay off the football for a while and let the hand rest. ALL IN A DAY'S WORK!


Now for the good stuff....If you can tell me what my favorite show on television (on air for this season) I will give away a pack of Heidi Swapp chipboard glossy variety hearts pack. Just guess if you do not know. Good luck!

I know, I know...I still have not attached the photos...I will do all of this by Friday...HOPEFULLLY!

I am off to vote! Doing my civic duty here. I hope you are all doing your part. Lots of hugs!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday, Monday


Is it Chilly or what? How many of you are freezing your noogies off this morning? I am just not used to this cold weather. Give me my SOUTH FLORIDA BACK!!!!!

I am sooooo excited about unveiling my blog. LOL...I feel like I am opening a home or a huge event. Actually, this is pretty huge for me. Whoever knows me, KNOWS that I am just Not ELECTRONICALLY savvy. So this blog is huge for me. I have done it all on my own so far. (I KNOW Ady is proud of me!!!) Even though I have been posting and no one knows about yet, it's been an awful lot of fun. I have been adding all these little delicious tidbits about me and figuring out all the wonderful contest that are going to take place...just makes me giddy. Can't wait until February 1st!

This week I am going to send out an incentive every day. This is the 1st one:

MONDAY: Anyone who hosts a class for the month of February will automatically be entered into a raffle to receive a brand new KIT & ALBUM FROM CHA!!!! SOME COOL STUFF COMING OUT PEOPLE! Make sure you take advantage of this as I have very few dates available for the month! Make your request by the end of the day on February 1st.

Well this is all for now. You all have a happy Monday. Got to get some kits in order for some very lucky winners.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday, Friday!

Wow, now that I am feeling soooo much better, I am on a roll here, and want to do everything at once. I am working diligently at getting some super great goodies going on here for this coming month. We have a ton of classes set up so that makes me VERY happy. Getting the goodies for the 8 hour crop ready. I am also putting together, my goodie bags for my birthday party...whooo hooo. How fun are birthday's? LOVE THEM!

Last night we went to dinner to my good friends home. Gladys has a beautiful home! It's so inviting and warm! The food was sooooo YUMMY! Everyone should have a friend like Gladys! I'm lucky that I inherited her from my husband...LOL! Right before we got married, my husband began working at quite a large company with a large group of people...they were all it turned out several of them are still there, 14 years later, have gone up on the career ladder and have build beautiful families. Gladys was one of those lovely ladies that became more my friend over the years than my husbands. I am blessed she's a part of my life. By the way, she has the most delicious little girl ever!

Anyway, came home and was too tired to post the pics of all the wonderful stuff going on around here. Pretty soon. The cool thing is that I HAVE UNTIL FEBRUARY 1ST!! lol.

Today, I have a Girl Scout event with my daughter, have to finish the goodie boxes for my cousins bridal shower tomorrow and I still have to get going on this weekends class. (I work best under pressure). What can I say?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and lots of fun with your families and friends.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today is a good Day!

Wow. I can not believe that I have been so sick for SOOOO long! UUUGGGHHHH! The good news is that I am feeling SOOOO much better. (Thanking the Lord Jesus for that)! I have a new respect for my lungs after this horrible bout of bronchitis. 3 weeks of being in bed and 2 more to go to get off the treatments. A big thanks, hug and smooch to my darling friend Ady, who brought me the machine so that I would not have to go out and get it. I also want to thank all you lovely ladies who called me to check up on me and find out how I was doing. I send you all a big hug.

The first think I had on my list of things to do was to get the Blog going here. I am so excited to get this running since I am going to use it as a medium to give away goodies, share info. and just have some fun with it.

I am going to post some pictures tonight....when I burn the midnight oil..hee, hee, ha. I am supposed to wait until February 1, 2008 to send out the address to this blog...but I might just send it out earlier to see who REALLY wants some free goodies! Let's see how it goes today.

I am working on the 2nd annual album. It will go on Sale in the month of March. I might give you a small sneak peak soon. I am also excited with all the great classes coming up. I am in love with some of the new amazing products coming out soon. I can not wait to share. Glitz, American Craft, Heidi Swapp, and 7gypsies...just to name a few...oooh many pretty things! I will start posting really, really, really soon. I promise.

Gots to go. Have a happy day and lot of hugs to you all.