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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Going down MEMORY LANE...Bitter....sweet

Have you ever gone back through your albums or altered projects and said: "wow...I love this"!!!! Yet, when you look at that project it brings back other memories? Bitter...sweet...memories.

I was organizing my albums and mini album bin and came across the following. As I looked at the page and album below, it made me realize that although I was seeing and remembering a great memory, a totally different memory had become attached to these projects.

This LO is of my two kids. I loved this picture because at the time, my daughter was not the sweetest little dumpling on the planet towards her this picture truly captured my heart. We spent the day out on a picnic and on the water with my side of the family and friends. We had such a fantastic day at Biscayne Park in Homestead, Florida. Unfortunately, we did not have telephone reception in the area, (although we had no idea that was the case) and when we left the park that day around 6pm, we started getting an alarming amounts of beeps on our telephone's. My mother in-law and my husbands family had been trying to reach us to let us know that my father-in-law had passed away. We were shocked, can imagine.
This is one of my favorite mom albums that I created two years ago. It was completed using my favorite line from Webster's Pages. This is still the most meaningful mom album that I have done. Although you will see a bunch of pictures of mom's that I truly admire, and I absolutely love every page, there is another memory attached to this album.....the evening I completed this album, I was informed that an associate of mine had stolen over $2000 dollars worth of merchandise from me. Sad but true.
I can not even begin to tell you how crazy this sounds. You can have a fantastic memory of something or someone, yet attached to that memory, there can be something sad or horrible remembered also.

I have come to realize that life is like that. There is so much good that occurs in our lives, yet there are horrible and sad things that happen also. I truly believe that is a good thing. We appreciate the good because we know how sad or horrible the bad moments in life are. I have chosen to remember the good and the bad, because it makes me stronger and hopefully wiser. Everything even the minimum that occurs in our lives, is a lesson. The good and the bad can teach us something. These lessons can teach us to be better...because when we know better...we do better.

Here is to remembering and focusing on the good and the happy...and the bad and sad.

Have a great day ladies!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Look at these goodies!!!

I love this new line. It is finally here. I can not wait to start creating. There are just some of the goodies completing this line. (BY the way...I have NO idea why the spacing is whacked on this post today...hhmmmm...sorry so much blank space in between...but I just can not figure it out)!

Let me leave you with some eye candy here.

Look at this delicious card. The colors are so pretty. This card was created by this lovely lady. Check out her blog here.
Look at this great LO which, you can create with this paper. This LO was created by the very talented Lisa. Check out her gallery here.

You all have a great day.



Wednesday, April 20, 2011 heart is swooning....

I am in LOVE...Yup with this eye candy.


The Uber talented Trish Turay created this 7 Gypsy drawers. I have seen quite a bit of them, but this one was taken to a whole new level!!!! I am in love. You might be able to grab one here...she sells out pretty quickly so make sure you check out her blog for her Fantastic kits, which come out on a monthly basis.

She distressed this baby and oh my, oh my ... tell me this is not the coolest thing you have ever seen? I tell you ladies, when I grow up I want to be like Trish.

You all have a happy day!!