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Monday, May 25, 2009

So sad......

So very, very sad.................................
I am so sorry I have not been posting, but unfortunately last week my family had a great loss. My Father in law's brother passed away. We were saddened by this obviously because of the loss, but also because Bobby was such an amazing man. He loved his family and was such a happy being.

With that being said.....My Father in law has passed away today. I am devastated and in shock. I have no words right now.

I will be back.......but for now.....Please keep the Rodriguez-Rios family in your prayers.



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here are some layouts that I did for my last 10 page class. Had to keep it simple but I was very happy with the results.


This is one of my ALL TIME favorite layouts...of course it's because my Abuelita is in it.

I have been bombarded with questions as to where to get these.
YOu can get them here:


It's it's CARD TIME!!!!

Oh wow...just wanted to share that I have been stalking this lovely lady's blog for quite a while. Her work is absolutely FANTASTIC.
See for yourself.

This is the totally talented
OOOOooohhh, I love this mother's day card...
I really like the color combinations...of course the art work is pretty freaking fantastic too...

Vanessa and Alma & not swoon...he, hee,hee... This is beautiful.
I truly believe that we all have a God given talent...and man oh man can this woman Rock cards!!!! She has some beautiful pages and crafts on her blog. Go check her out and show her some blog love :)
I love paper and have always had an affinity to create stuff. Yet, my passion is to create 12x12 scrapbook pages. I am a Scrapbooker. That is my thing. I am so inspired by this crafter that I am going to give you my take on these designs on 12x12 scrapbook pages. Stay tuned....
Have a fantastic Day and don't forget to create something beautiful that makes YOU HAPPY today.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scrapbooking overload here...

I am kitting two different kits, getting the 10 page class finished, finishing details on the bEACH RETREAT, working on two different chipboard albums, putting together 3 beginners classes and gosh, I just remembered...I have Career day at my daughters school tomorrow morning. Yeah, uhhhhmmmm.....right....

I so need this..................

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all of you out there who take care of your kids and love them so much that it hurts sometimes a fantastic Mother's Day. The video ABOVE this post is very special. After I viewed it I felt so totally blessed to know I was given the gift of motherhood. It has changed my life. I became a better person, have a better understanding of who I am, and understand what unconditional love is.

Promise to post pics of my day tomorrow.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


well, my second session is being celebrated today. I am so glad I celebrate this event because it seems like the participants come with a great deal of happiness and an expectation of GETTING IT DONE...and that makes me happy. I will take some pictures today and post about NSBD on Monday.
Well I talked about a great blog I found. You have got to go check it out. Her name is Heidi Harris and man, she is seriously funny. I cracked up reading this particular post, which I encourage you to go check out HERE. Her blog is a great go check it out HERE.

And of course thought I share some eye candy my darling friend Susan sent me. The very talented Christine Penafior made this. Super cute!!!!

Have a fantastic SATURDAY!!!!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy birthday to my honey's and other stuff...

Ok..this picture is pretty bad, but peeps, I am in a hurry and wanted to do a drive by post. Happy Birthday RIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My honey's is almost 50...ok,not true, he has six more years to go but he is getting there 2 years ahead of me...RIGHT IRVING? He, hee,hee!!! (Can you see the background? It's full of all the projects I am picking up NOW because I have my 2nd National Scrapbook Day session tomorrow....I am on a roll peeps. The mojo is definitely in the house.
Wanted to let you know...I switched this class up...of course I did. You know how it is, we tend to interpret stuff differently...I had to add some more stuff cause that's just me. I am very happy with this family book and considering the size it is absolutely worth every penny. I am giving this class again on Saturday, May 16, 2009 from 9am - 12pm.

I ran across this layout in my travels quite a while's really been a while. Not sure who created it...Christine Navarro? Not sure, but I absolutely love this layout. Thought I share something funky & purty. If you know who the artist is please share, I would love to give her her dues.

I am sssoooooooo getting these.......have no idea where I am putting them, But I am ssssssssssooooo getting them.

Got to tell you, I have found a great blog. I really love this blogging world. God has placed some amazing women in my path and the truth is we have become friends. Well, I am going to post on someone tomorrow...has nothing to do with scrapbooking but she is a mom and has the same frustrations as all of us....Oh my goodness, I was rolling on the floor when I read her tomorrow I shall share the one who i am stalking...he,hee,hee....
I am celebrating with the one I love. By the way, the new Star Trek movie ROCKED!!!!! We began his birthday celebration by taking him to the movies this morning and then to lunch. Let me tell you that movie was awesome. Will definitely be buying the cd when it is released. Gotta' go.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Prayer Day 2009............

is Celebrated today. I thought I mention this as many of you know I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.
I got up this morning and I prayed for the people who are on my list of prayer. Some do not know who I am and some have no idea that I am even praying for them. But that is alright. God knows who they are and their needs, hurts and wants. This list has gotten longer and longer as the years have gone by. Yet one thing I know for certain, there have been so many blessed by I shall continue to pray and remember those who can not resolve their own problems....but I guess that is what prayer is all about...when WE CAN'T....GOD CAN. That is why I pray...because HE CAN.

Wednesday, MAY 6, 2009

I am presently working on 5 different projects right now. I have these projects everywhere, kitchen counter the dinning room table and my scraproom all in different stages of disarray..........gotta love scrapbooking man. Just gotta love it. It is just one of those hobbies that you CAN'T BE NEAT with. Know what I mean?
Anyway, it's Wednesday, so it's.............

Awesome eye candy from Ms. Lea.

And here is what we worked on this past Sunday. Esther taught us a punch class that was really great. Who knew there were so many neat thing to create with punches?
This one was mine. I had some issues cutting straight lines....sigh...
Have a great day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pretty things THAT MAKE ME HAPPY...

Got to tell you, I am so loving my pretty stuff in my happy space. My hubby put up one of my birthday gifts...(Sharon, by the way, you got me this...he,hee,hee) this past weekend....Oh how I love my little chandelier. Isn't it pretty? It make me happy.
I have seen a couple of versions of this frame...and this was my take. I placed a picture of everyone in my immediate family...of course the background is pink....

This is really a great frame. It's really big and you can do tons of stuff to it. You can even paint it and make it a different color. If you have one and have altered it...send me a pic.
By the way, you can get both these items at IKEA. I love that place it's fun just to go and look at the possibilities...sigh...I love being a girl.
All this pretty stuff....just makes me happy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Prima Bling is in the house.......

Got to tell you that I have been working in spurts here. I worked for two straight weeks and had flowers on every single I have moved onto bling......ahhh...bling...makes me happy peeps. VERY HAPPY!!!

This is a layout I started a 100 years October 2008...feels like 100 years ago...I digress again....anyhoo, I had walked away from it...took it out and blinged it cool is that?

Here is a close up of the bling...pretty cool. Like I said....I love this stuff.

Now, I have to clarify something here............They siked the Journaling police on me....and lo and behold I wont' mention any names here...but when the JOURNALING POPO GOT HERE...knocked on my front door and TOLD ME WHO HAD thrown me out there, SNITCHED ON ME, threw me under the the picture? SSSsssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo.....
just to clarify MS. SHARON M.....OK...I lied...I am mentioning your name...LOL.....I journal on the back of the pages.........I was going to take a picture of ALL the layouts that have the journaling in the back, but there were too many. I am announcing it here, publicly, I ALWAYS JOURNAL! If you do not journal, your pages have NO documentation on them, therefore leaving those pages with questions your loved one's WILL want to know in the future.

SO JOURNAL PEOPLE!!!! Write your stories. They are want distinguish your photos and pages from everyone else. These are YOUR stories and they have meaning.
So for the record The Journaling Police was very kind, said they got these kind of calls all the time and said they were going back to MS. SHARON M.'s home to check out HER PAGES!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

National ScrapbookDay

was a huge hit. These women who attended National Scrapbook Day rocked their papers, flowers, embellies...oh my, oh my, oh my.

Here is a pic of some of the girls...(Sorry, I do not have a pic of the whole group). They celebrated sweet Esther's birthday...that cake was sooooooooo YUMMY!! to talk about this stitched Prima paper..........MY GOSH.........I sold out COMPLETELY. But do not despair...I have a new shipment on its way here.
Look at what Vanessa put together....(This is Ady's layout...check out her blog by Wednesday to see her amazing layouts...she found her mojo here on was hanging out with mine) I have got to apologize for the lousy phtos, but I took these pictures for reference purpose, that is why you can see them in a cello bag...sorry...but you get the idea.


The details on these stitched papers are fantastic. Ady, added bling and flowers to enhance this page...I am telling you....Prima is KICKING you know what!!!
They have this whole new line out there and I was lucky enough to have it on hand for the girls on Saturday. You have got to see some of the stuff they are coming out with. It is just amazing.

I love the color combinations that are on these layouts. It's amazing how people interpret their style and come up with such different layouts with the same exact supplies. I love scrapbooking!!! I am trilled to see that so many of the girls created so many pages and simple had a great time.

I was amazed at the work produced by these amazing women. We had a busy, productive and very creative day. I love seeing scrapbookers create and finish their projects. We had a busy and full house and it seems that MR. MOJO was IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you had a fantastic National Scrapbook Day. How did you celebrate your day?