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Thursday, May 29, 2008


little did I know that this little blog was going to generate such a huge interest. Well, I have been a busy little beaver, and let me let you know, I have some amazing classes coming up. So many delicious goodies.
Please accept my apology as I did not attach a thank you note in your kits. They were packaged and without my knowledge the kits left as the request were coming in....I feel really bad, but I want you all to know that I so truly appreciate your business! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am posting something my darling friends and customers are screaming...where are you? You all crack me made my email collapse and was frozen until I read and deleted at least a large bulk of all those emails.
Camping was fantastic, and I promise to post pics later on.


Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm a little behind..but hey....

I am on the road to recovery and I can't ask for more than that. I want to send out a shout to superstar Vanessa. She was recognized on the Making Memories web site and...well, just check her out here! CONGRATS MY FRIEND!!! So very proud of you!
My little JB goodness kits are almost gone...THAT MAKES ME VERY HAPPY!!! We haven't even posted the ideas so thanks a bunch peeps for making my kits a success!

I have a 12 hour crop tomorrow, so can't wait to see what the girls are going to create..whoo hoo! Love to see the juices flowing. I have a ton of stuff I want to share, but honestly, when you don't feel well...things just don't seem that important to you.(WINK) It seems that things become more clearer and you see what REALLY needs to be done. So I promise to make sure I post some delicious eye candy for you gals within the next few days.

Check out Trish's blog...My goodness, my friend over there is my goddess....when I grow up, I want to be JUST LIKE HER! he, hee, ha!!! (except the NOT GOING TO THE DENTIST PART..OK TRISH! lol). I got her June't wait to play with it...just can't!!!! I love her kits...besides mine...hers' are my favorite...HA, HA, HEE!!! LOL.
This is a long weekend for us here in the states and I hope you all have a safe and memorable one. Make sure you put on LOTS of sunscreen peeps, especially on your little ones.
Take care and lots of hugs!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Making Memories Organizers are back in..

so if yo want is the time to pick up.

These babies are $20.00 and are apparently one of the hottest items on the market right now. So make sure you call me if you want one as this is going to be my last order.

Thank you for your prayers. It was pretty bad. You horrible bloggers...LOL...I wish it was to look pretty, but unfortunately it was dentistry work that ended up with an oral surgeon. The surgeon was phenomenal...I highly recommend him, but honestly my conditions was a lot more serious than what I thought. Scary stuff peeps. Well, just for the record, there is a ton of new stuff coming in this week. So come on by, as I will be hosting my 12 hour crop this Saturday...then we are off with the family. By the way, I have 2 projects coming this way for that special teacher in your kids life. I will be sending out calendars again this coming week. HUGS!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's a rough Tuesday....

I am going to a specialist at 4pm today. This is not a good sign...
Not feeling good AT ALL!!!
say a prayer for me gang. Lots of pain, and it's going to get worse..BUMMER! H

Monday, May 19, 2008

And the winners are...

Meredith V. and Sonia O. Please email me your info and I will mail these goodies out to you TODAY! Congrats to you ladies. I will be posting some of the layouts that I did for the Saturday class. We had a great time and of course them ladies are just too much fun.

Isn't this delicious? I love this pic and just wanted to share. It has a great memory for me and I shall share it with you on a video that i will be doing this week.


Friday, May 16, 2008

June kits are here in all their GLORY....

I am sssoooo excited over these kits. I absolutely love the colors and embellies. LOVE EMBELLIES!! But then again, I love paper too. LOVE THIS BUSINESS.

American/Craft Spring Summer collection...all in one place..yummo!


Some Jenni Bowlin Goodness. The embellies are really great on this kit. It includes the new Bazzill paper flowers and their new paper brads. They really do coordinate to a T! The new 7Gypsies textured rub on is also in this kit! Of course, you know I love to give whole packs of goodies...(as long as they are different)... so no exception here, you get a complete mini calendar and journaling card set. COST $38.00


This is the Bobunny Chipboard Family word album. Yummo. This project kit is FULL of embellies...tons...and I LOVE IT! I will be posting about this kit on Tuesday, May the 27th. This is one of my favorite projects and wanted to share the wealth with you.
I will be giving away one of the JUNE PROJECT KITS away tonight...around midnight, so make sure you post!!!!HUGS


BACK AT 12:00 NOON today. Got some goodies up my sleeve but have not been able to get my scanner to work the way I NEED IT TO WORK!!! Uurrrgggghhh...does anyone understand my dilemma? (SMILE)
Got to go...mommy duty this am...field day for my boy.

PS: By the way...this is the free giveaway for the back with details. (WINK)


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hello peeps. It's been a crazy morning full of...craziness and of course some kitting.

As many of you are aware, I like to give whole sets of items...may it be a bag of flowers, brads, journaling cards....embellishments as a whole. My thought process here is...I love to receive complete packages. Yet as many of us know, the industry normally sells sets of multiples but in 1 me being me... I give complete sets, but I break the packages and give you different colors. Isn't that fun?

Well without further is the Main June kit!

As you can see this kit is HUGE. When I gave the local class it sold out within a week. Pretty cool. The American Craft Spring/Summer collection is amazing, and honestly it is full of soooo many goodies that it is worth every single penny. The cost for this kit is $50.00.

Included in this package is:

1 stickler
1 pack of brads
1 pack of buttons
2 packs of chipboard
1 foam shape set
1 pack of brads
1 pack of photo turns
1 mini mark rub ons
3 ribbons 1 yard each
12 pattern paper Spring/Summer collection
6 Bazzill card stock
1 American Craft Thickers

NOTE: if you noticed on the top pictures you will see 2 different thickers...this kit comes with the NEW POOLSIDE THICKERS. They are the grapefruite colored ones.

The add on kit for this month is...unfortunately the downloaded picture did not work..I will try again in a little while! I will tell you that it is very sweet and is full of a lot of Jenni Bowlin Happiness. I combined two of her lines together and thought it was a great way to showcase some of the Bazzill new flowers...DELICIOUS!!! Their new Paper Flowers are beautiful!!! The brads are also made of paper and match with the flowers to a T!!! There is a complete pack of brads...with two different colors, flowers in different sizes, journaling tags and the whole set of mini calendar cards. LOVE IT!!!

Kits will be available to purchase Friday, May 16, 2008 (tomorrow) at 8am eastern standard time.
****Please email me @ with your requested purchase and I will send you a paypal.
FREE GIVEAWAYS.The first is A Bobunny Family Word Chipboard Album. This is going to be this months project kit valued at $38.00 What do you need to do? Simply POST! I will announce the winner by tomorrow 12:00am. The rest of the free goodies will be unveiled on the SDUI blog beginning tomorrow. So you need to check it out on a daily basis!!! Give me sometime as we are updating like crazy all the blogs...whew! GOOD LUCK!!!


OK my lovelies:
This is the deal...I have ssssoooo many goodies i want to share the 3:oopm Eastern Standard TIME!!!..I am going to post the longest post EVER ...hee, hee, haa. I am unveiling the June Main kit, add on kit and the project kit. I will also be posting on events to come...and of course some delicious FREE due to the nature of this crazy business...I will be back with all the new info at 3:oopm!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Lots of happy news. OK my sweets, the deal is that I have been so busy with inventory and getting ready for all these classes coming up and kids, and kitting, and kids, and celebrating my family and kids, and pricing all the delicious new merchandise coming in, and did I mention I've been really busy with the KIDS...any who... haven't had time to post.

Tomorrow I will be posting with PICS and a FREE come on by and leave a comment...I promise it will be a doozie!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


It's my honeys' birthday today. He is a whopping 43. He's still hot!!! HE, hee ha! (WINK). Happy birthday my love. I am making a special dinner with the family and keeping it nice and simple this year. We have so much going on right now, that honestly, this is the best way to go. As Rios' doesn't like big hooplas...nice is simple is right up the alley. I shall post pics tomorrow...I hope! (LOL)
I realized that I had not posted in quite a few days and totally forgot to post on my first nsbd!!!
Here is a picture of us girls on National Scrapbook Day. Me, Ady & Vanessa had such a good time. (I love those girls!!!) Believe it or not...this was my FIRST National Scrapbook Day. Can you believe that? I have been celebrating NSBD for 12 years, but I have been the one who has always HOSTED it. I had a great time and honestly, it is just so nice to get away and scrap and talk and eat and talk and scrap..he, hee hee..with your friends. We went to one of our local Scrapbook stores, called Scrapbooksnstuff and honestly it was really nice. The owners Lisa and Kobe are super sweet. Make sure to swing by as they are getting quite a bit of new merchandise this week. So go support your local store! (Thanks was a memorable day for me.)
I know so many of you have been asking for the calendar...I have been so crazy...but TODAY it will go out...TODAY!!
Well, got to go and start on the hubby's party. You all have a great day and be safe!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tired but happy

I had a wonderful time with my lovely friends on Saturday. We scrap booked for 12 hours celebrating National Scrapbook Day at Scrapbooks and of our local scrapbook stores. Great company and lots of laughs. My mojo was not cooperating with me, but hey, I completed a couple of projects that I needed to get going. Not bad, but not great either. What can I say. I did finish an acrylic album and 6 lay outs today...YOU GO FIGURE!!!
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Have some peeks for you of some wonderful stuff coming in. Will begin posting tomorrow.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

OH my goodness...ricky...ricky..ricky...

I have gotten more e-mail on that picture of Ricky Martin than I have ever received in my life. To answer some of those questions:

-NO HE DOES NOT COME OUT NAKED ON THE STAGE...ARE YOU ALL INSANE? The man is a performer not a STRIPPER!!! Geez...I know you were all running to buy tickets for that Black & White TOUR!!! LOL!
-The actual image is a clip you see during the's a quick image...there is a spiritual/humanitarian meaning behind the clip peeps!! Even though you are all probably sinning here just thinking about this all need to go to church and repent!!! LOL.

Just a quick post regarding the May kit. I do not have too many of them left...They were super popular which made me very happy (smile). You can check the official site for the club at:

You all have a great day and be happy and safe.