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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cards, Class projects and a web class

I love cards. They make me happy. I am sharing some eye candy with you in the form of cards. Here are some of my favorites.
This one belongs to Aymee. Check out here blog here. She has some DELISH goodies over there.
This is Rachael's card. Check her blog out here. Isn't this adorable? T his is Damaris' card...nooooooo not me...another Damaris. Check out her blog here.Got a several projects on the burner going on at simultaneously. I love it when I create. How fun is that?
Got a 10 page class and a Fall project in the works. Will post REALLY soon with pics regarding these classes.
Want to let you know that you need to save a date....on July 15, 2011, I will be hosting a web class. So I will send you the link on that so you can join us. We will so be having giveaways..WHOOHOO!!! :)
Stay tuned.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I am so sad...

I have lost a friend this week and my heart is so heavy. I feel such sadness and the truth is that I breakdown in the craziest places. I had a crying fit in the super market at the Deli...started crying like a baby at school last night...I am so sad.
I grew up in church. That is something we say and sometimes don't even realize the impact it has in our lives. I was a Pastor's Kid and when we moved to Florida was involved in my church to the extent that our friends and social life really did revolve around our church friends. They were our extended family.
We had an amazing youth group who ranged from college bound students to very young funny juveniles.
I met this kid named Hector..he was such a nice puertorican kid. When I say nice...I really mean NICE. This kid was always happy, had a smile on his face and really was a peace maker. He was such a NICE PERSON. I know I keep saying that but that is what comes to mind. He was extremely funny..always coming out with these puertorican sayings...
Hector moved away....
we all grew up....
lead different married, some got divorced and we lived....
Hector would pop into my life and call me every couple of years. We had not seen in other in wow...I can't even remember...He would call me out of the blue...we would talk forever and then he would disappear and come back and we would catch up.
He was so positive, always dreaming and trying to better himself. He was always setting goals...and meeting we know that is a rare thing today.
Hector dreamed big and I am so proud to say that he accomplished so many of his dreams. He was successful...
He loved to was one if not the passion of his life.

Hector and I had been planning a dinner here in my home because he was coming to visit next week. He wanted to introduce me to his wife, he wanted to see the gang. He was so excited. I was getting the gang together and we were going to catch up, eat and laugh...that is what we do best....

I got a call yesterday and they inform me that Hector has passed away. I am not sure how I took it...but I think I raised my voice...I was in shock. I can't believe it. Here I am planning a get together and now I am mourning.

I have spoken several times to his beautiful brother Alex in the last 24 hours. The truth is I pray that this family can find peace and some comfort during this horrible time.

Unfortunately, my sweet friend Hector was involved in an airplane accident where a bad storm was involved and their plane went down in the state of Oregon. Hector, his wife and the pilot passed away.

I ask you my bloggie friends, to please pray for the Moreno family. They have suffered quite a bit in the last several years. So please keep mentioning their names in the Lord's presence.

I am having a bit of difficulty here as I am coming to terms with losing a dear friend. Although I take comfort that we will meet again because I know he is in OUR FATHER'S ARMS...the loss to us is quite painful.

Once again, I come to terms how fragile life is. I continue to feel that we truly do not understand how precious and short life truly is.

Hold your loved one's a little tighter today and make sure you call your friends...and let them know that they mean the world to you.