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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy me! :)

I am another year older today, and I feel fabulous. I really want to change a couple of things in my life by adding and purging too, but overall, I can honestly say I am a pretty happy Puertorican. LOL

The festivities began on Saturday...actually last honies and I got to fit in a fantastic get-away. (Thanks Margie & Bethsy!!!) Believe it or not...I TOOK NO PICTURES...can you believe that? I know, I know...I can not believe it either. I had a fabulous time and I gotta tell you that it is so good to get away with your spouse...although we did not spend a ton of time together, as it was a working trip for him, he made ma laugh so hard. Yup..I am really in love with this guy. He still makes my heart pitter patter. :) OK...back to Saturday...the girls came over and celebrated my birthday....Lord, am I blessed. I have the best women in the world in my life, and I am lucky to call them...FRIENDS. Thank you ladies for taking the time and making me feel so special!!! I love you all!!! (I will post pics on this later on in the week as I am already creating some LO's.
I have been traveling quite a bit since the beginning of the year...hence the lack of posting on the blog...but I have a ton of pictures to share. Lots of great things going on. I will commence the Spanish Webminar on Thursday and continue the English on Friday. I will post the links for those who would like to join us. The March ATC Kit will be posted soon. Cute, cute, cute.
Before I am off, I have got to leave you with some eye candy. This was created by the lovely and talented, Michelle. I GOTTA TELL YOU...this LO made me VERY, VERY HAPPY. I think I even made a wish....LOL

Well, I got to get ready as I have a celebration to attend to in my honor. Have I mentioned....I LOVE BIRTHDAY'S?
Have a fantastic day ladies,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

ATC KITS are in the house.

I want to take a moment and thank all you lovely ladies who participated in last nights live show. You had me cracking up!!! Congratulations to all the winners!!! It was definitely a family project...Elijah on the Camera, Jacqueline as our moderator...she definitely has the keys to the FREE GIFTS PILE ladies!!! LOL. Honestly I could not have pulled it off without RIOS. So thank you a million Mr. You are SO in 1st place and ZUTTER definitely comes in second..he,hee,ha.

As promised here are the pictures and cost for the ATC Kits. The Kits are $11.00 dollars and includes all the supplies to complete the 5 ATC cards. These are limited and are available on a first come first serve basis.
I will post the pictures of the rest of the kits tomorrow.

Have a great weekend ladies.

Friday, February 4, 2011


OK gang...we are going live tonight @ 8pm EASTERN TIME. Here is the LINK:

I am so excited. The first class is going to be in ENGLISH..this is going to be my trial for the SPANISH classes I am launching tomorrow. I will add a link today...sometime after 5pm so you all can log on...maybe earlier if I can get the guys to give me the information. I am going to be talking about...A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF!!!! I have been asked a bunch of questions over the past few months and decided to go ahead and answer some of them and give a quick tutorial. HOW FUN IS THAT? OF COURSE we are going to have FREE Giveaways. You must be logged on to be eligible for those. That's the only way to know YOU are there!!! :)

Now here are some more CHA PICS. I took a class with the wonderful Donna Downey and made a mini album that she released at CHA with Prima.

This is her book. book does not look exactly like this...because I did not put pics on it..LOL...but it's close enough. I will be gifting this tonight to some lucky viewer so come on over and share my journey with me tonight.
This is a new paper line released at CHA. It comes from the UK, very reasonably priced as the paper pad goes for $18 dollars and the embellies were really quite DELISH!!!
You can see the paper patterns in the front of the pad. This pad in particular was beautiful. It had a BIRD print paper that was so pretty. My hands were itching to create SOMETHING!!
This is the Graphic 45 booth...aaahhhh...THE BOOTHS, THE BOOTHS...THE BOOTHS...have I mentioned the BOOTHS and their displays? Some of these booths were amazing, really works of art.
Wishing you all a fantastic day full of creativity and fun!!!
See you tonight!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

How about some Jenni Bowlin?

OK..working on tags and ATC cards and 12 LO's for this coming week. (My laundry seems to have taken a back seat in this house..thank GOD for HUSBANDS who pick up the slack...LOL)
Leaving you here with one of my favorite LO's by Ms. Gerry V. Gent. Tell me this is not divine? Pink...COME ON MAN...PINK!!!!! lol
Valentine's party or my birthday party....hmmmm...we'll see.

I know the picture is blurry..but I am working on this to make sure I get it right for an event we are having in March. I LOVE PINK!!!! It makes me happy!!!
CHA 2011 continues...Here is some Jenni Bowlin for you. I got to tell you, her booth was very simple, yet the people there are so amazingly kind and helpful. The customer service you receive at the Jenni Bowlin Company is truly top notch...and I think that is worth mentioning. They speak to you as if you are the most important client they have ever had. This Company makes me VERY HAPPY!!!!...she does have amazing embellies too!!!! LOL
Lots of vintagee goodness.....
Gotta love these....a little bit of everything...sigh...insert a smile here.
Look at this...loved her samples. Her stamps are really neat...perfect for us who love to replicate over and over her scrappy goodness. You know those spools are on their way here!!!DELISH!!!
DISCLAIMeR: Got to teLL YOU...these pics were totally STOLEN FROM MY buddy Julie's blog....I can not find the chip that was holding my first half of the show I had to improvise. (JULIE...LOVE YOU GIRLIE..thanks for the great pics!!! LOL
Hoping you all have a fantastic day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hee, hee. That cracks me up. THE LOVE MONTH. I think every month should be a love month, but hey...we take our Holidays as they give them to us. :)

Beginning today, I will launch a VALENTINE or LOVE related Project for the rest of the month. This beauty was created by the lovely Ingrild Bolme.
NOW SOME MORE CHA 2011 pictures per your request. Here is some lovely eye candy from the 7 Gypsies booth for your pleasure. GOTTA TELL YOU...this was one of my favorite booths!!!!! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!!!

This is the new library drawer they came out with. YOU KNOW WE ARE SO DOING SOMETHING WITH THIS BABY!!!!
Paper, Paper, Paper...oh, embellies, embellies, embellies....SIGH.....
That's all for today. I am working on several new projects...AGAIN!!!! LOL. Tomorrow I will be launching my ATC club for 2011. The kits will be available to ship this Friday, so I look forward to sharing these goodies with you ladies. Hoping you all have a creative day.

Hugs, Damaris

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm HOME!!!! BACK FROM CHA 2011 about sensory overload!!! I am a bit overwhelmed with the amazing eye candy and scrappy/crafty goodness I saw. CHA is really a big gives you a ton of amazing visuals...honestly, some of these lines...the pics we see on our computer screens..simply do not do them justice. I am going to try to begin sharing some pics. Tomorrow I have a little video for you..too funny.

Let me tell you, before the opening they had a lovely group of musicians with bag pipes...too cool. Candy Spelling helped cut the ribbon for the official opening of CHA 2011...sorry..forgot to take a picture as I was too awed by the HUGE scissors FISKARS created just for the ribbon cutting ceremony!!!
I am so glad I got to meet up with my wonderful friend Julie. She is truly one special lady. (LOVE MY BLOGGIE FRIENDS!!!!)

Making Memories had the coolest ribbons...ok...I know they call them something else, but I can not remember what they are...but oh my gosh...DELISH!!!!
Tell me this is not absolutely DELISH!!!
This is one of the walls of K&Co. still my heart!!!!
The Puerto Ricans are in the HOUSE!!!!! LOL!!! I had so much fun with these ladies. Lots of laughter going on here.
The displays at CHA are simply amazing. Some of them are so over the top that you wish you could just stay in there with them...
Look at the details on this beautiful banner.
I will post more tomorrow. LOTS and LOTS OF GOODNESS!!!!
Have a great day!!!