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Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy morning to you all....

This weekend was a full one and honestly just a low key one. I worked on Saturday and taught my LAST "mother class" with the noteworthy line. It took us forever to finish it...but we made it to the finish line...(Girls I am getting your envelopes I will be mailing them to you by Wednesday).
Anyhoo, I went to church yesterday and the service was just amazing. The praise & worship was so beautiful & the message was right on the money! Then I literally bummed with the kids and my man ... ALL DAY! had a good day.
So here's what I have going on.

1. I am going to be hosting various guest designers in the month of August. So if you are interested, please send me a link to your work, and I will be checking you out!!!

2. I am beginning a fun session and on every Wednesday I will be interviewing some fun people on all kinds of different segments. The first one will be...what are your 3 favorite tools. So stay tuned for this. It's funny...these girls are not only talented, smart but some of them are going to crack you up!!!! HE, hee,hee.

3. I am hosting my SCRAP BOOKING YARD sale and 50% off everything in the pink store, this coming Saturday. If you need directions how to get here, email me @

4. Details for the annual retreat for next year are shaping up and will be posted probably by next week.

5. Scrap Pink is almost here...looks like we are having a full house again. LOVE THIS EVENT!!!

6. The Annual album class is coming up again in the next several weeks. I only have 10 this is a first come first serve class!!!! I really ONLY have 10 kits available.

More stuff coming down the pike but this is it for today, I have to call the telephone line keeps going down and this is the third time she calls me back in the middle of our stories...he,hee! LOL

Lots of hugs peeps and have a fantastic MONDAY!!!!



Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Yeah!!!!! I can't wait for the Scrap Pink weekend and the retreat in 2009 and all the other goodies you're planning..... YOU ROCK!!! Hugs!!!

bwgayoso said...

Damaris, thanks for all your help on Saturday. I love the album! Can't wait until I have the finished product!

Can't wait to hear more on next year's retreat! Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

I just love those sneak peeks! Glad you had a nice weekend. See you Friday! Michelle P.

Ady said...

Good stuff... I'm really excited about the retreat. I can't wait to see those videos...

Margie said...

50% off! What time does the store open?

Dayami said...

Hey you!!! I think your phone hates me!!! Or is it because our conversations are wayyyy too long??? oh well!!!
Please do not tell me you are going to show that crazy video of me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee tell me you are joking!!! ahahahahahha
i know i need HELP!