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Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have woken up today, with such an immense feeling of gratitude. I am so very blessed. The truth is that I live for my family. I have the most amazing family in the world. They ground me, keep me in check, in balance and bring joy, laughter and peace to my life. (They also drive me totally insane, can make me angrier than any other peeps out there, and can complicate my life like no one else!!!)

Isn't that the same for everyone? But I digress. Today it's all about MY FAMILY:

Mom and dad: What can I say? These two did the most amazing job in raising five kids.
DAD: was the quiet one, who imparted wisdom and spiritual guidance in each and every one of us. HE would punish you and then within the hour would call you, sit you in his lap and tell you he loved you and why he punished the living noogies out of you. Yup, that's my daddy. His family is the most important thing in the world. No doubts about it. We are the most cherished part of his life. He is still the most forgiving person I know in this world. (I think I got a lot of that from him)...the amazing gift of forgiveness.
MOM: She transformed our home. She was the homemaker, the carpenter, the roofer, the cook the bus driver, the champion cheer leading captain of WHATEVER her kids got involved in. She is just the funniest woman in the world to me. She says the craziest things to us kids and to dad...well, I think it would be inappropriate for me to share the family secrets...he,hee,hee!!! She is hilarious and makes us crack up. Yet, in spite of all the fun she instilled in us, she taught us that family was the most important think in this life. Mom taught me to love. To love without conditions, without reservations, and with my whole heart. She loves my dad. NO matter WHAT!!! It hasn't been easy. She left her family and became one with dad, and build her own home. She build a foundation that has been impenetrable for 42 years. She loves like no one I know. (I got that from her)...the amazing gift of loving forever.
Richard: MY husband. Wow...what can I say. I can actually write a book on you my love. This is the man that makes me whole, makes me wonder at life and can make me the happiest woman in the world with one small kind act. I met Richard when I was 19. We met through church...It was instant for me. We talked on the phone for weeks before we finally met each other in person. He was amazing. I fell in love immediately. I was an innocent girl. HE was my first kiss, my first love. I knew he was the one for me. Today we celebrate 14 years of marriage. It has not been easy in any shape or form. BUt I can truthfully say that I love him more today than when I first met him. I have learned to forgive, to let go, to make do with what I have, to share to understand another point of view, to see more clearly, to be a partner, to stand alone at times and to come together at others. I have a lot more to learn with this man, but it is wonderful to know that HE HAS MY BACK!!!! as I HAVE HIS!!!! He is the sweetest man in the world (WHEN HE WANTS). He is not the most talkative, the most emotional giver or even the easiest, but my goodness, HE IS HERE FOR THE LONG HAUL. I know that I can count on him to be here no matter what. He's a fantastic father and his skills as a husband have been fine tuned and getting better everyday...isn't that what it's all about? Growing old together? Yup...I've learned a lot from RIos. He's the love of my life.
I have 5 sisters and they are amazing. I have 2 children who give me a sense of worthiness. I have 5 nieces and nephews, 3 amazing uncles, 6 fantastic aunts, 12 fabulous cousins that I love with all my heart. Our family continues to grow. Today, I am off to church and then to go celebrate Abuela's 91st birthday. This is the family that she built.
Hug your families a little longer today. If you are close to them...YOU ARE BLESSED!


Haberdawoman said...

What a beautiful post Damaris.
It is so wonderful to be loved by so many especially our children adn husbands and to have the gift of a wonderful supportive family. I thank the Lord every day for mine because without these 3 driving CRAZY just about every day I do not know what I would do. Happy Anniversary Girl and many many more. By the way my husband's nick name by my mom is "mudito" he too is a man of faw words but I have no doubt of the love he has for us.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

God bless your beautiful family!!!! You are one lucky Puerto Rican, girlie! Your parents are amazing people, as is the rest of the clan (except that sister you have that doesn't stay on her side of the table! LOL!). Happy Anniversary! xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Wow!! That was such a sweet posting. I love how you put the love of your family in words. Thank you for sharing that!!

Thanking you for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments. :)

bwgayoso said...

Awesome post! You are so right, there is nothing more important than family. I like you am very blessed : )

Ady said...

I loved this post about your family. I know how they mean the world to you. I just wanted to let you know that you forgot to include the adopted sister on the family count but that's ok. We'll fix it on another occasion. LOL. Happy Anniversary

Sharon said...

I just love how you put your feeling onto words. Beautiful! Happy Anniversary!!!
Big Hug!

Anonymous said...

Yes, another beautiful post.

I often bother my wife and her sisters in saying that I am not part of their family because I am not a blood relative. But she truly does have one of the most amazing families (if not the most amazing family) that I have ever met. Well, at least the immediate family. Just kidding.

Actually, I don't think that I've met a family member of yours that I didn't like. Hold it, I just remembered something and I take that back.

Any ways... Damaris my love, you truly do have an amazing husband I mean family and I am proud to be considered part of his (there I go again) your family. They have accepted me as one of their own (they got the better part of the deal) and I am a better man today because of you and them - well most of them.

So to all my wife's readers believe her when she says that she has an amazing family...yes me included. I have been accepted by her parents as another son, her sisters and brother as a brother from another mother, her aunts and uncles as a nephew, her cousins as a cousin, and Abuela Pipe as another grandson.

So honey I too am truly blessed to have you as a wife, the two beautiful children that you gave me (they are both the spitting image of me - thank you for that), and for having introduced me to such a wonderful, caring, and loving family.

Your Husband

Damaris said...

Oh, crack me up. Yes, honey...I did get a good deal with you...but the truth is...we both came out walking with a hell of a bargain!!!!! Yeah, I know dad likes you more than me sometimes. I think it's a man thing. LOL he,he,he...ONLY KIDDING DAD!!!!! Oh by the way...aren't you the lucky one that my sisters consider you one of the girls? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

alma said...

Damaris Felicidades, verdaderamente muy bonita toda tu familia y tu esposo nice diga me cae super bien.
Felicidades por tu aniversario.
Mucha suerte en todo y que Dios te siga bendiciendo.
Besos. Alma

Margie said...

You two are nuts...and I love it! Beautiful LONG post with that itty bitty mention that you have some sisters. Had to read that part twice just to make myself feel better. I know, your saving me for my very own post...I get it. Just don't forget to mention how I stayed up to 2 in the morning hemming your pants! Love you!