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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wow, isn't life grand!!!!!!

The party was a success!!!!
Alyssa was beautiful, the food was great, the kids had a blast and we are exhausted.
Yup, life is grand.

Every little girl should have a dress like this and have a party to celebrate her life. Our family is truly blessed with an amazing group of people. We are BLESSED!!!! I also want to thank everyone who left a comment for Alyssa, she was so funny picking the person for the RAK. We assigned numbers to all the names and Ms. Alyssa picked the was really cute, you would actually think she was making the biggest decision of her life...too cute peeps. SO THE WINNER FOR THE RAK IS:

Michelle P.

Just let me know when/how you want your RAK. Thank you all for playing. Your comments were very sweet. I appreciate it.

I have a busy week as I am getting ready for the annual Christmas Crop, Holiday programs, dinners, outings, shopping sprees, and of course the decorating. I love this season. It's all good. I wish you all a happy Tuesday and hope you are all enjoying the Season.


disclaimer: I so stole this picture from Margie's blog...why download mine when hers are so good? HE, HEE, HE, HA!


Laura said...

Hello Darling! I got my box! OMG!!!!! I love everything you sent!!!! I love shopping! Hugs

Haberdawoman said...

Merry Christmas Girl!
I wish you and your family a New Year filled with love, health, joy & unity.
God Bless!
Hugs, Maryangella