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Monday, February 2, 2009

What? ME? No!!!

Now lookie lovely friend Ady, just sent this to me. Isn't that sweet?

NOw, if I could only keep this blog a bit more current....I will try...I promise...he, hee,ha!!!

There are three things we have to do when we receive this award:

The first is mention the person who gave it to you. The second is to Pass this award to 5 Fabulous people!!! (Well that was kinda hard for me....AS I FOLLOW SOME REALLY FABULOUS I made up my own rule and added my top 10 blogs that I check out on a daily basis). (my lovely recipients can continue to give 5 away...he, hee,hee). The second thing is that you have to share 5 things you are I shall share.

Here are my nominees:

1. Trish Turay at WIP who is one of my favorite friends. She has the best monthly kits available on the market today....check out her kits!!! They are worth every penny! She deserves this award because she has the best blog ever...full of ideas...and she updates daily people...daily!!! Go check her out!!!

2. Sharon is one of those special people in my life. She is such a genuine beautiful woman and on top of that her blog is fun, with great pics and ideas....and this chick is just tapping into her potential...KEEP AN EYE ON HER!!!!

3. Dayami because she is a lover of all beautiful things. She has my favorite scrap room EVER and she scrapbooks like a queen...she's crazy...gotta love HER forgetfulness...oh...and her blog ROCKS!!!!

4. Margie Because although she doesn't update her blog often the content in her blog is absolutely fantastic!!! She is one talented photographer and is wise beyond her years. She scrapbooks like a PRO and I tell you...she makes me want to be a better person...SHE is one of my favorite people!!!!

5. Camille McClelland who is one of my favorite crafty women. She is not only beautiful on the outside but her strength and beauty shines through and through. She INSPIRES ME!!!!!

6. Maryangela who is very talented and makes me laugh. She is one funky scrapbooker and I love that her pages have meaning behind the art....gotta love that.

7. Paula at Crafty storage because she works so hard bring us amazing scrap spaces. She is also a very talented artist and teacher. Her blog is always worth a visit.

8. Karla because she reminds me to have fun every day and dream...oh she also reminds me that I am so lucky to be a girl who appreciates fairies, and frillies and sweet things...yup...Karla is on my top 10 chick list.

9. Ivy because she is so creative and she loves pink...ENOUGH SAID...SHE ROCKS!!!!

10. Sasha because she is one cool chick who tells it like it is....she's honest and I LOVE THAT. I stalk her blog as she is one very talented lady...oh, and she is also in the military...she's freaking awesome.

5 things I am addicted to....

  1. NCIS
  2. Coca Cola
  4. PRETTY, FRILLY, GIRLY things.....
  5. My husband...really...LOL..I am

OK...gots to go....thanks Ady for the nice award. I promise to try to update this blog of mine more often now. By the way...I have some really cool stuff to share tomorrow...tune in...LOL



Trish said...

I just LOVE YOU girl. Thanks for the mention--you crack me up!! Your blog is a fav of mine too sweets--xxoo!

Sharon said...

THANK YOU for your kind words :)
It's an honor to get this (so fun too) You are the bomb digity girl! said...

HOw nice of you, thanks!!!

Camille said...

ahhhh.. Thanks so much. :)

Haberdawoman said...

WOW! Thanks for the love.
I'm honored that you think that of my work. I love the inspiration and ideas I get from Sharon and Trish's blog, now I can not wait to check out the other ladies blogs. Have a wonderful week girl, I hope you are feeling much better and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet you some day ;)

Margie said...

Awe! How cute are you? I made your top 10! Alright! Are there any goodies attached to this honor? lol! By the way, I've been blogging everyday in Feb. Have a special project going on...check me out. Love, your favorite sister (ha-ha, calm down you other two, its a joke). Muah!