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Monday, September 14, 2009

Scrapbook retreat..WARNING...LONG POST...

SDUI Scrapbook Retreat 2009

WOW...WOW...WOW!!!! I am so happy. This retreat was awesome. I got so much feedback with these women being thrilled...the major complaint I had...was that it was too short. The girls were great. The MOJO was in the house. Amazing projects were completed.... Just fantastic. A lot of socializing and very little sleep was done, but let me tell you did we have fun. The time flew by and the truth is, I was on the run all weekend long, but the girls had a great time, and that was my goal. The facilities were absolutely beautiful, and the food so very yummy!!!!

Look at all my beautiful girls!!! My mom made these aprons for me (to gift to these lovely gals) and Maritza sewed each girls initials on the pockets.

The food was pretty yummy. Desserts were ssooooooooooooo good.

My faithful friend Ady, helping me til' 5am. (Friends for life girl!!!!!)

Alma had her table cracking up!!! You could hear these girls giggling and outright laughter bursting from their table all weekend long.

I took this picture at 6am...It does not do justice to the beauty of the room. It's fantastic!!!!
Noemi...thank you for all your help!!!!!!!!!!! (You are stuck with me forever!!!)

LONG STORY HERE: But let's just say, that at 2:00am...we SHOULD have been in bed.

Beth, Pura, and Marge: I promise not to post the pics..but the truth is I am the one who got caught..he,hee,hee!

Oh, how I love this girl. Barbara: you crack me up. She came into the scrapbooking room jumping up like a little girl...she was giddy. She just makes me happy. Barbara is one of the nicest people that you will ever meet. She had me cracking up all weekend....yes Barbara....I heard you...I will be adding on another day next year...I promise.

I will post for the rest of the week on the retreat, because it was truly an amazing experience. I have got to thank some people publicly, and I apologize for not doing so at the retreat. (so sorry my girls!!!)

I want to thank Chery C. and Ady A. Without you two, I would not have been able to lug all that crap...I mean stuff up there. You girls are wonderful and your hearts are HUGE!!!!

CHERYL: Thank you for all your help...driving me up were an integral part making this retreat a success. You made sure I got all those goodies up there! Could not have done it without you! You are the best long trip companion EVER!!!! This woman had me in stitches all the way up and down...even on the return trip as I was talking all manner of nonsense she still had me in stitches....Cheryl..thank you, thank you, thank you...from the bottom of my heart. (You are a keeper!!!) Let's do Cracker Barrel soon...LOL...You know I love that kinda food...LOL.

ADYWhat can I say...your friendship means the world to me. All the work that you did for me...can't thank you enough....You are truly an amazing person with a heart that is pure gold. You are invaluable to me. Love you my friend!! See you at 5am! My mojo seems to flow the best in that time frame.

NOEMI: Your help PRE-RETREAT was a huge load off me. I know you don't think so, but cutting all the paper and chipboard was huge for me. You rescuing me from my mental know what I am talking about....words can never express how I feel and the special place you hold in my you mucho!!! You are stuck with me forever!!!

MARITZA: Thank you so much for embroidering all those pockets for me. As you can see that little detail went over amazingly well. Thank you so much for your help and your willing heart. Te quiero y me quedo corta.
MARGIE: Sis, staying up with me to help with those darn M&T. You are such a good sister. I love you with all my heart!!!!

I will post more pictures tomorrow and continue to thank my peeps.

I am exhausted but extremely happy. I had a great time and am so pleased that the girls had such a great time.

Yes, I am officially stating that I will be hosting another retreat next year. I already called the hotel and we are working out the details. Unfortunately due to the demand of keeping the same room with the VIEW, I am going to limit the number to 25 women again. I promise give you details as soon as I get them in my hands.

I am off the bed...I am so tired............




bwgayoso said...

Girl...that retreat was AWESOME!!! I can't wait till next year when we do it again : ) I'm still looking through my layouts. I can't believe how much we got done and how quickly the time went by. Damaris you totally R O C K!!!!

Balou said...

LOL! I forgot about that sign!

I'm still cracking up at Margie's comment that we looked like a bag of skittles.

It was awesome!!!!!!!!!! You totally outdid yourself and I think everyone could see how much work you put into this event. I can't thank you enough, D.

As soon as you start taking sign-ups for next year, put me down on the list! =)

Te quiero!

Jocelyn said...

Look like you had a ton of fun...I wish I would have been there!!!! Loved all the pics!!!! :)

nupraise said...

I had a great time...Really looking forward to the next one!!!Let me know and I'm down.


Maritza said...

Thank you for a wonderful time. I truly appreciate all the work you put in, your attention to details and anticipating and meeting all our needs. It could have been motel hell and it still would have been great but I’m glad you picked the Sanibel Harbour. It was my pleasure to help and I am there next year.

The6ofusinca said...

Man, I'm jealous! I knew it would be awesome! The aprons ROCK! You are truly blessed with awesome friends and family! I think I have to book my flight for next year! I sooooooooooo wanna come!!!
Keep up the great work girlie!!!

Trish said...

DAMN!! Your pics are BEAUTIFUL, just like you!! SO happy for you and all your wonderful success, Damaris!! I SO wish I could have been there playing with you and all your gal pals!! I pray I can make it next year!! I've been blog surfing, looking at all the amazing photos of the weekend. I miss you guys a LOT and I can't wait to see more pics of your amazing projects, my friend!! Love you, girl!!

Ady said...

I love that photo... I can't wait to enlarge it for my scrap room. You are very welcomed for the help and you know that I will do what I can when I can always... I had such a wonderful time and I'm eager about next year... I would love an embroidered recycling bag. Hint!Hint!LOL... I'm so happy that you were happy with the end result and are willing to do it again. HUGZ

Haberdawoman said...

I had such a great time (even if I did the ugly cry on Friday because I missed my family) thanks to you I met a bunch of beautiful, inspiring, funny ladies and I am looking forwatd to doing it again next year.
(((((BIG hugs)))))
Can I use the picture of all of us on my blog?
BTW, if I did not say it before... Your retreat RAWKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The6ofusinca said...

I won SHaron's blog contest, can you believe it!?!? lol! I had to wait for approval I didnt know! lol

Okay, so I talked to my honey and he wants to come to Florida next year with me, I will be at your AWESOME retreat and he will be fishing, or doing what 1st timers do in Florida! lol
Okay, and here are some things about me.... I am half Puerto Rican but raised by my white momma who didnt speak or cook anything but white food! lol! So as I got older and started to cook for myself as a teenager I feel in love with Pastales, we call it Gondudi Rice in our house! lol, and fried plantains!
My daughters dad's family often makes full on Puerto Rican spreads at holidays and she LOVES it too! lol! I probably shouldnt tell her or she'll want to come too!!!! lol

Okay, let me know when, what the payment plan is, and I will start saving and paying now!

I can't wait to meet you pretty cool peeps!!!! lol!!!!!
** Hey and tell me more about your next KIT!!?!! I love your kits sista!!

Laura said...

I had such a blast!!!!! Can't wait til next year. Put me down again :)

Your hard work definitely paid off a ton. The goodie bags, the classes, the company, the food, the view... was amazing!!!!!


Anonymous said...


I had a great time. This was my minivacation and it was worth it! outdid yourself. I am not going to say 'how are you going to top this one?' cuz you always do, so I can't wait til next year. I will be there for sure!

Thanks for everything you did and gave. Your efforts were noticeble and very much appreciated. Keep up the fantastic job that you do...

Love ya lots,

Your sister...Bethsy

Margie said...

Girlfriend, I LOVED THAT RETREAT! You let me know the minute registration starts cause I'm signing NOW! Can I start giving you my down payment now? I really had lots of fun. The late nights were my favorites i think (especially the backroom night, laughed my butt off!). Thank you for EVERYTHING. You have been, are, and always will be the hostess with the mostest! I just can't say enough about it. I love you sis! You make me proud.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

The RETREAT was pure heaven!!!! You planned a fantastic retreat, my friend, and all the love and hard work are much appreciated! Everything was awesome so I don't know how you'll top this next year... but the good news is that you don't have to because it was perfect just the way it was. LOL!!! Thank you!!!! I am so signing up for 2010... direct deposit on the way... xoxo

laverneboese said...

okay, i apparently only commented on your blog in my little head because there is absolutely no comment here left by me, heehee. your retreat rocked!!!! thank you thank you thank you for putting it together and being such a wonderful hostess. yeah, i didn't do any scrapping. u and i both know that it's all about the company i get to spend time with. hanging out and laughing with everyone inspires me to go home and create. damaris, you are truly a phenomenal woman and those who are lucky enough to know you are truly blessed. xo mama :)