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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Feeling a little spooky

Where to begin...where to begin.... Today will be a busy day. We have lots of errands to run and a ton of things to accomplish....all of them fun. I am a bit behind my schedule, but then again...who cares.
Life if good my friends. Life is good.
My son has a totally awesome costume....not really a costume but more on that later...last minute changes here...but what the's good to be 14 again....he,hee, ha, hhaaa!!! (NOT!!! I REALLY LIKE MY AGE...REALLY!!!)
My daughter is going to look I am looking forward to sharing some great pics with you all soon. I actually have my Halloween lay outs ready to go...just need my pics.

I have been working on a mini album that Ady and Vanessa are working on too. How fun is it to scrap with friends? I tell you...I LOVE IT!!!! It gets you motivated and the feeling of finishing off a project together is such a good one.
(Thanks Ady for making me get this kit...too darn cute). I will absolutely share with you guys the finished product.

My dad is doing so much better. Again, thank you all for your kind words and wishes. You will never know how much they meant to me. He is waiting for a second's all good. IT's all good.


Be safe my friends. BE SAFE.



Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I can't wait to finish this mini, too! It's just so darn cute :-) I had so much fun on Halloween... Hugs!

Sharon said...

I'm so happy your father is doing much better. I hope his second surgery goes well. God is in control.
Love that ribbon on that mini. Can't wait t see your finished result, and he pictures of your kids!

Ady said...

I need to finish this kit too... I'm ready to move forward with Christmas but I have to finish this first.

Maritza said...
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Maritza said...

So cute. Please share when your done.