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Friday, January 2, 2009

Full year in swing here.....

I WANTED TO POST THE PICTURES OF THE CLASSES I WILL BE HOSTING THIS MONTH........BUT I CAN NOT DOWLOAD PICTURES. I HAVE BEEN TRYING SINCE 7:10 this morning and it is now 9:18....I give up. I will try to do so this evening...sorry

Now for today's post...........My lovely friends find a word every year to define their lives and even attempt to bring a change in their life, and all due to this one little word that they pick for the year. Last year my word was LIFE. I struggled with my life, I overcame, I laughed, I cried...yup...I celebrated life last year to the fullest as I will continue to do so this year. So what is my word for 2009? I thought about it really hard...ok..maybe all of 5 seconds...but I decided that I wanted to bring some changes too. Yet, the word I have chosen is not CHANGE...I change my mind every day, I change bedsheets, underwears, towels....ok...I know you got the picture.

My word is DO. It's a funny little word. I want to DO A LOT of things, yet life is a phenamenol thing and it gets in the way of those pesky little things I want to DO!


I will DO this:

-BLOG EVERY DAY...............LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Scrap a page a day. Believe it or not, this is very feasible for me.

-Get my calendar out with PICTURES on time...that one is for you Sharon.

-Update ALL of my customer email addresses...I HATE DOING THIS!!!! I am going to do this -by the 10th of January....THE PRESSURE, THE PRESSURE!!!

-Try to find joy in ordering new merchandise........YUCK!!!! Ady, the job is still available!

-I WILL NOT LEND MY PROJECTS OUT TO PEOPLE....they seem to have a way of not finding their original home.........bummer........(I'm still lending them out...ja,,hee,hee!!I already started failing this one.)

-Go to the bank...I really hate doing this...but not as much as this....

-Go to the Post OFFICE in a timely manner for those pesky packages!!!!

You see my list is not that big......but it is one those list that just gets on my nerves. These are the little details that bog me down and suck the joy out of my job.

I will leave you with this:

There are a ton of things we NEED TO DO, or we SHOULD DO, but the truth is hey, life is tough and we do not find pleasure in everything we HAVE TO DO. So give yourselself a break and DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO first and then attempt to DO WHAT YOU SHOULD DO. I guess we'll see how it goes with my DO list.

The calendar is going out tomorrow. If you do not recieve it please email me to make sure you are on the master list.



Maritza said...

Hey so far so good, you blogged yesterday and today. I'm impressed. LOL.

Sharon said...

Wish you ALL THE BEST with your DO list. I have to get a little list going for myself as well. It will definitely be fun to see your posts on a daily basis :)
Can't wait to get the calendar of all the activities of this month!

Trish said...

I want you to know that I MISS YOU and we will catch up on Monday, promise. Happy New Year to you!! I have so much to catch up on--I can't wait to chat with you!! Big crop tomorrow--I will miss your face and Ady's and Vanessa's too. Your ears will be burning, LOL! Hugs to you!

Ady said...

I'm impressed mi amiga... You go girl because you know what I "believe" you can do it... I will be happy to help you in whatever I can. Hugz...