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Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Monday!!!!

Hi gang: Well busy, busy, busy here. Want to tell you about a new bloggie friend I have. Ms. Ramsey has a delicious RAK she is giving go vist and check her out here. Make sure you leave a post so that you can be eligible for the RAK.

Now...for some eye candy.

You know that this is so up my alley. Come on girls...PINK!!! I can do without the figures on the bottom though...nothing personal ok.

Gotta tell you, you can never go wrong with holly.
This is really pretty. Love all the stars. (LOOK Vane...snowflakes)
I have so much work to do...but I'm happy. God is good and let me tell you...I can not believe that I have literally combined two rooms of scrapbook STUFF and I do mean STUFF into one room. I am no where near done, but my desk is clean, MY stuff is organized and hey, I know where 90% of my materials are located. That is a good thing.
Catch you all tomorrow.


Jocelyn said...

Oh these are so pretty.....Thanks for posting...I love seeing pics!!!

Wishing you a fabulou day!!!! :-)

Ady said...

those are great wreaths...