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Friday, February 8, 2008


What a beautiful day we have going on here. The Temperature is a balmy 73 degrees. It is sunny and I LOVE South Florida!!! Now that I made a couple of you really hate me....I hope you are all ready for a fabulous weekend. I love weekends, even though I normally work them, but just to know that my kids are off, no running around, no drop off, pick up, pick up and more drop offs...just makes me happy

I have a clean house today. Smellllllssssss sssooooo ggooood in here, and looks so pretty. Let's see how long that will last! For someone who only has 2 kids, my home seems to be filled up with an awful lot of those critters called CHILDREN!! I have been complaining about my baseboards and guest bathroom door always looking so yucky. They are always scuffed and just USED AND ABUSED. I paint baseboards and doorways twice a year and I realized recently that this problem is only on the kid’s side of the house. I have truly complained about this for a long time and in the last couple of months it dawned on me, it's the heavy traffic there...all those kids who are always at my house. Geeez, why are there always so many kids here? Then it REALLY hit me.....THAT IS A REALLY GOOD THING. It means that my home's scuffs are simply a tangible showing that this place is a home and not just a house. This must be a pretty cool place, if so many children want to come and drop by for a while. I came to the conclusion that my every time I blink my children are growing up. (Jacqueline has already informed me that she want to go to HARVARD!!!) Where does this kid come up with these things? The baseboards and doors are not virginal white, but my home is a sanctuary of love, joy, and lots and lots of laughter. I’ll take it!!!! Of course...I am now in the process of putting together that mini album on my home...actually baseboards, windows and!!! Amazing how a little shift in thinking changes our way of looking at things!

Just tell me something about your home….The good, the bad and the ugly. I will choose 3 winners! I shall post the winners on Monday Morning (February 11, 2008)

These come in plain white and you decorate to your hearts content.

You all have a blessed, happy and safe weekend!

Lots of hugs to all of you


Ana, Miami said...

Welcom back girl! good to have ya! Home is thebest place in town for me! One of things I don't like about my home is the bare whit wall (because I love color on the walls) but I am worki go it. Another is the neghbors can peek in to my yad (can't wait to get the bamboo fence up, yeah) The rest of my home is the best! love my living room (wood furnitures and lots of bowls with sprial balls) and kitchen (decorated in blue and brown. I feel great at my home because it is just mine and my son's and it is a great feeling to just lay back and enjoy it when we can escape the stress everday hectic life. But life is good and the Lord is the best!
See ya soon!

Ely said...

Being a homeowner is EXPENSIVE!!!
Right now, my washer doesn't work, the dryer leaves clothes wet, the walls need paint, the key broke in the front door lock, the lock broke on the slidding glass door, the master bedroom toilet cost me $514.00 worth of water due to a leak, fixed that and now the girls bathroom toilet is out of commission, the kitchen cabinets need to be replaced, the stove is doing something funky (turns hot whenever it feel likes it, the fridge needs cleaning, which is a good thing, cuz it isn't broken! The ants have decided to join us inside, rather than make their homes in the expanse of earth there is in my yard! I guess its better them then ROACHES!!!! The outside needs pressure cleaning & painting, the flowerbed has no flowers! And the palm tree is finally growing! ;-) Other than that...I love my home! The ceilings are popcorn ceiling with glitter...I know, it's outdated, but I'll never forget when I moved in. I went to bed watching them twinkle and Jose said he felt like he was watching the stars. I love my lamps! They are very victorian! They all match throughout the house except for the bedrooms. I LOVE my little Evelyn's bedroom. It's Disney Princess, and so beautiful when it's clean, which isn't often but she's doing better! My oldest daughter Jazmyne has a teenage room, and does very well in keeping it picked up. My bedroom needs a new paint job though & curtains, but it's my sancuary, where I can vegitate. I love my living room. I do need to declutter it a bit more, but I'm working on it! I do love my home, cuz it's mine! Doesn't always smell the best, especially after 4 smelly children come in from playing football and plant themselves on the floor to play the Wii while the girls shower...and may not always be picked up, cuz quite frankly, sometimes I'm too tired to do anything after work and just want to sit and look at scrapbooks!!! But all in all, it was one of the biggest blessing I've ever's MY home.

Anilu Magloire said...

Oh, I love those little houses!!
I too love a newly cleaned house. Enjoy!

Here goes... I love that I can see the lake from the kitchen at my apartment while doing the dishes :)

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Those little houses are too cute :-) I'm glad you enjoy having kids over your house so much...Don't worry. I'll just send mine right over when I have them, OK? LOL!

Something about my home? Well, I love my house and how it's decorated and that it's so clean most of the time. I love the paint colors and the homey feel. I hate the backyard because it needs work, but I enjoy seeing the pool water glow when I look out the windows. It's somehow calming to me.

Love ya!

Ady said...

Well, Lets see. I love my house and everyone that knows me, knows this. I would love to pick it up and put on a acre piece of land and probably add a garage to store all the extra crap that's everywhere now. I love to come home on a Friday after it's been cleaned and see it all picked up and organized. My favorite room right now is my Scrapbook room (mess and all) because it's the one place that only has to impress me. I love it...

Dayami said...

Hey girl!!!
I LOVE clean houses!!! That is the best!
Something about my house? I have loved my house since day 1. My favorite part of the house is my dining room & my backyard. I love, love my backyard, especially during the Summer.

I know I am super late for this but just wanted to play.

Trish said...

Hey Birthday Girl! Hope your day was wonderful! I saw pics on Ady's blog--you guys are too funny!

I love my house because my hubby and I picked out every single detail. It isn't a mansion--it's a totally comfy place that is lived in--and my master bathroom is by far my favorite spot. Somehow, we all end up in that room every morning...ha!