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Saturday, February 2, 2008


Wow...I am truly humbled as to how many people dropped by yesterday to blog. Wow. I'm quite taken aback and ALMOST speechless. (I wonder what do you serve cyber friends when they come over for a visit)? My friends know I have this thing about feeding you when you come over.

It seems that there is something going on because I received 143 emails yesterday. I thought it was the funniest thing. I had to keep deleting and opening emails because my computer apparently can not handle that many emails at one time..hee, hee,ha. It seems that many of the post went directly to my email. Have no idea how that happens, but hey ladies and GENTS!!! Yes, a couple of gentlemen dropped by too, thank you so much, and I will read them, whatever route they come to me. Heads up, my husband was the first man to blog. Got to love that man.

I shall continue to view all of them and promise to get back to you soon. I have an all day class today, and my goal is to make sure those ladies leave happy and content.

Ady & Vane, who are my...well I will not mention what Ady is but Vane is my superstar...I'll share that story at a later time. -Ady, girl you know I love you!!!--Anyway, they taught me how important it is to post once you view the blog. Now I understand. I shall try to post on everyone as I go along.

Got to go. I am cooking lunch for my croppers. Keep them coming. I shall post the winners tonight at midnight or maybe tomorow continue to guess! (un abrazo grande)


Ady said...

Yes, we must keep it clean and simple. (You know what I am refering too...)

alma said...

Damaris, verdaderamente gracias por el dia tan bueno que pase el sabado en tu casa, estoy muy contenta con mis lay out y a mi familia les encanto tambien.
Aparte de todo la comida te quedo deliciosa como siempre.

Ana, Miami said...

Hey girl! Congratulations on the blog I knew it would be a great success for you just because your are the bomb! LOL
Sorry I missed saturday, stuff happens! I was saddened by not being able to see you and layout with all of you!
Cant't wait til March!
Keep it up girl!