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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm here girls...

I'm here girls, I am here! I know I have been a bad blogger. I have a ton of wonderful news to share, but I have got to get ready for a class for tomorrow so I shall be short and full of info.

MY FREE GOODIE FOR THIS WEEKS IS......SHOW ME YOUR SCRAP AREA and I will send a winner a bag of some pretty cool stuff. It does not matter if you have a table a closet or a whole room, just send me some pics and I shall choose a winner by Sunday. You can email me at or you can post your links here.

Now the Desk top organizers from Making Memories are here. If you want one, you must call me ASAP, as these are flying off the shelves. If you pre-ordered one please call me to arrange pick up or delivery. The cost of these little critters are $19.99. Now for the deal of the week......Got to love a deal!!!!

This has become one of my favorite items. Thanks to Dayami and her crazies...she got me onto this. (Thanks for sharing my friend). This is a 15x18 reusable sheet...almost like a thin mat that protects your table or whatever surface you are working on from glue, paints, adhesives, embossing, inks, etc. It cleans super well & easy and honestly, just felt like sharing something nice for a nice price. I will be selling this item for the next week for the price of $9.99. You must email me and let me know by March 7, 2008 if you want one. They normally go for $18.99.
Now, just so that you all now, I am busy, really busy, getting the schedule ready for the next two months. I have found our location for National Scrapbook day, and ladies, it's going to be quite a show this year. Just a heads up it will be a 12 hour event this year. So keep an eye out for more info in coming days. I do expect it to be a sold out event, so please make sure that you register as soon as the info goes out.
I am so sorry that I have not posted pictures, but geez, I am just so bad with this stuff. As soon as my techs get here, I promise to get them to teach me all this jazzy stuff. I PROMISE!!!
Well I am off to finish my kits.


Ady said...

Check out my blog with my wonderful room. It's already a mess but that means that I'm being productive.

BTW, do you have me on the pre-order for the organizer because I want one...

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Hi there, my DUI, I want my Making Memories organizer thingy so don't forget about me and where's my desktop carousel? You better start providing the UPS man with some personal favors or something...hey, I'm your superstar, remember? LOL!

I want to go to NSD and scrap for 12 hours... send me the details, please!

Regarding my scrap room, well it's in a transformation phase at the moment so I cannot show you new pics yet, but this is it in its previous life:

Oh, and before I forget, you've been tagged so check out my blog! Hugs!

Trish said...

Hey Damaris! I sent you a little something yesterday, so be on the lookout! Can't wait to see your scrap space--where are the pics? And I love my MM carousel and organizers (I use 3 of them currently to store my fav paper lines!) Be well, and stay productive!

Ana, Miami said...

Hey Girl

Great talkling to you yestserday! I sent you an e-mail with my pics of my work space. Gotta love it it is my kitche dining table and now me and son eat at the ottoman, lol!

I want 1 of the organizers my friend please reserve for me.

I am super excited about all you got going on in March, goin g to be great!

Let us know who wins!

Dayami said...

Hey you!!! Arent you loving that mat??!!!! Vanessa "made" me buy it. I so didn't want to but she kept insisting and insisting and I just had to get it so she would be quiet already hahahhahaha ;)
Im gonna send you pics now, I want to win the goodies!!! hahaahh
Hugs ;)

Anilu Magloire said...

I cannot, CANNOT wait to get mine!

Anilu Magloire said...

Oh, here's my scrap space: