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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday you say?

My goodness, time is truly flying by. Here are some pics of what is going on in our home.
Decided to add the polka dot black tulle on the pink just needed that little pizzaz to tie in the black, white and pink together. He,hee,hee...GOtta tell YOU...I love my pink forest. I think I am only going to put up only 3 trees. I'm too tired. LOL. :)
Look at the new additions to the white tree this year. Got these at Michaels!!!! THesE Santas are GORGEOUS!!!! They had them in different colors too.

My nutcracker table has a new addition. Got a snowman nutcracker (all the way in the left hand side on the back).
Look who's at the entrance go greet you HELLO!
And this is what is awaiting back of the sofa...SO THAT I CAN GET IT DONE TODAY!!
Off to pick up my daughter. We got an important appointment today. Send a little prayer for Jacqueline PLEASE!!!


Jocelyn said...

Prayers for you sweet friend and I adore all the decorations!!! They look so beautiful!!!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your decor — wanna come over and help me do my house? LOL! So beautiful!

Marlene said...

Hope your dad gets better very soon. Girl I just love all your decor, that's a god given talent and you have been blessed!!!

Ady said...

The decorations are adorable. I kept it very simple this year. It's okeedokee with me...

Maritza said...

Hugs and prayers. Love the deco. soooooooooo cool

Sharon said...

Love all the, now that I see all the wrapping you gotta do, I remembered all mine (where is my head these days?) better go and get started before I forget!
Hope everything went well with your daughter!