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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 4 & Day 5

Getting ready for tomorrow's Christmas Crop. Got my centerpiece in the dinning room ALMOST DONE. Isn't he a cutie? Getting a turkey and the sides ready to rock and roll for the girls tomorrow. Will try to post pics on that.

Spent the day today (Friday) at the hospital with dad. He broke my heart. HE is doing SO MUCH BETTER, but this operation was a very serious one. Please keep him in your prayers.

Came home finished cooking a (Pernil) and headed over to celebrate Ms. Alyssa's Birthday. She got the shock of her life as look what came through the front door....a NEW Purple & PINK , SHINNY BIKE!!!! Lucky little girl.
Wanted to post this....this happened on day 3 but I took these pics late at night....My lovely children decided that they were going to decorate the outside of the house on Day 3. I am soooooo not doing this. Got too much on my plate. So here are some pictures (pretty lousy ...but they are the only ones I got) to document our December daily.
These two are the light of my life. They are so uniforms still on!!!!
Gotta give them credit. They worked very hard to set up these candy canes....(they were perfectly the centimeter...those honor Math classes are sure paying off) LOL.

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