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Monday, January 25, 2010

Heaven...I'm in heaven.......

Please get a visual in you singing, swaying back and forth in my kitchen as I dance my toosh off to that song. I LOVE FLOWERS!!!! I can never get enough. My buddy Ady makes fun of me and when I get carried away she says the magic words....step away from the flowers.....but alas...a new CHA has come along and my FAVORITE FLOWER COMPANY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD has come up with some fantastic, amazing, beauooooooooootiful flowers. These are only a portion of the one's I have ordered....look at all this goodness coming our way!!!!
Please, be still my heart. These come in blue and PINK....some more colors too, but those were my fav.

Look....another new line.....I love these can never have enough of these!
Bling anyone?
Keeping one of these for sure!!!!
Ooohhh...I love these colors!!!!
OK...these are one of my favorites...sigh....I am so in love.
Look at the little pearls in the middle!!!! Que freakin' chuli!!!!
As soon as I get this order in I will post and you guys can purchase to your hearts content....can't wait!!!

1 comment:

Maritza said...

I'm not big on flowers but those are really beatiful. Those LOs are awesome.