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Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 7 NCM & Happy Birthday Margie

Today is my little sisters' birthday.

(I tried looking for a picture of Margie all by herself...but she would have killed me if I had posted any of the ones I I posted one of her and me..... :)
In in honor of my sis' b-day and NATIONAL CRAFT MONTH, I will continue with some sweet craft eye candy. Check out these babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paper Cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!
Look how sweet these are. You can find the creator of these lovelies here.
These I found here. Not sure who made them...sorry gang...
OMG!!!!!! ARE THESE NOT GORGEOUS!!! HELLO BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! These were created by Tresa Black.
And look what's inside!!!!!!!!!! SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! THIS one is absolutely my favorite!!!!
These were created by Leigh O'Brien. Theyremind me of BJ's or COSTCO's big mamasota't these great? :)
Well gang, hope you enjoyed the eye candy today. Have a fantastic day.



Ady said...

I LOVE CUPCAKES!!!! Happy Birthday Margie...

Margie said...

OMG! I'm like SOO late! Thanks Mary (for the post...not the photo I look like a PENKA here). I must photo shoot MYSELF! lol. I love you my beautiful sister. (At least you look hot in the photo;)