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Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 5 NCM

I am lately getting into the notebook and journal frenzy that has been out there for a while. I have seen some great journals, notebooks, file keepers...whatever you want to call them, out there. I want to share some of my favorites that have caught my eye.

This awesome journal entry was created by Ms. Laura. You can check out her blog here. She has some pretty cool stuff on her you will see on the bottom pics here.

The following were created by Ms. Ivy. LOVE THE COLORS!!!!
Doesn't this just make you happy?
I think you know who this is........the very talented Ms. Donna Downey. She creates some pretty fantastic journals.....her thing is have's only water, paint and paper people. Got love the freedom she teaches into creating something that is simply FUN.

Many of you know how journaling is the one thing that I preach over and over and over and over and over and over...ok...I think you all got the idea of how important journaling is to me. I firmly believe that Journaling should be on all your projects. Whether it is bullet journaling, paragraphs or simple sentences or even signatures and dates. This enables those who pick up your projects (may they be scrapbooks or altered crafts) to identify who the creator is and what they were trying to accomplish.
I have always said make sure some or all of the following is identified on your projects.
We will ensure that those who come in future after us will be able to identify and realize the importance of who or what is in our projects.
This is absolutely one of my favorites. Laura created something really great here. Look at her JOURNALING!!!! A girl after my own heart. :)
I love this. Laura created this to give to her daughters' teacher. LOVE IT!!! What a great gift.
Hope this inspires you to create your own journal, books, folders...whatever makes you happy.
Remember to journal!!

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Ady said...

I have attempted time and time again to keep a journal but it's impossible for me. Great pics