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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 3 NCM

One of the crafty gifts I see and admire tremendously is card making. My lovely friend Esther is one of those crafty card makers. She teaches some great classes too. If you live locally you should give her a buzz.

Now one of the most talented card makers/artist I have ever seen, is Ms. Becca Feeken. She simply makes amazing cards that I consider works of arts. Check out this loveliness.
Something about this house....LOL...I love old houses....that makes me nostalgic.

Oh, and on top of making some absolutely beautiful cards, she makes all kinds of beautiful projects too......gotta love that.
look at that beautiful handle on this project!!! Makes me want to create something delicious!!!
I love makes everything look prettier...he,hee,hee.

Look how delish these boxes are!!!! Can you imagine getting something like this? LOVE IT!!!
I have posted this baby in the past, but it truly deserves a second mention. THIS is still one of my favorite cards and box that Ms. Becca did.
Check out Ms, Becca's blog here. It is worth the visit.
Oh yeah ladies...this is simply some great eye candy :)

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Sandy said...

amazing projects...they are all stunning!