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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well GOOD MORNING my friends, family and fellow bloggers! Today is the official unveiling of this blog. I feel like I have just hosted a major event in my life (lol). Just got to thank my buddy Ady, for helping me navigate the world of blogging. You're the best girl! I shall keep you around.....forever.....what do you think about that Vane?

As you can see there are over a weeks worth of post, but I gave you all the address today...I wanted to give myself plenty of time as many of you know...I am ELECTRONICALLY CHALLENGED.

For those of you who have never been on a blog before...(ALL YOU PROFESSIONAL BLOGGERS BE KIND HERE) in order to post your comments simply click on the word comments. You will find this at the end of each post. You can either sign in with a user name and password....this means you have to open an account with google/blogger. Or you can sign under anonymous...simply remember to leave me your name and email address...I need this info in order to know who you are...SUPER IMPORTANT...ESPECIALLY IF YOUR POST WINS GOODIES! Make sure you leave a comment for every day. You are eligible for all the give it a try. GOOD LUCK!

Well because I promised FREE GOODIES and I am in such a GOOOOOOOOD mood, I am going to give away 3 different gifts goes:

(Gift 1) Varied Flowers in Pink and Red.....just tell me why you scrapbook.

(Gift 2) Pink and Red Heidi Swapp acrylic paint with 2 brushes....What are your 3 favorite scrapping products?

(Gift 3) A Glitz Hot Momma Kit with some BLING!!!! Who in the scrapbooking world do I admire? (There are two ladies...I shall take either one)

Now for some wonderful stuff coming up...I am having a class on this delicious line. Brenda Walton is the designer and the stuff is gorgeous. This is the Mira collection. This class is going to be hosted on March the 15, 2008 and will include some of the goodies you see in this pic. I will be sending out more info as the class gets closer.

This class only has 12 spots so make sure you reserve your seat.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, as I have a class from 9am -5pm. Can't wait to see some of my favorite girls. I expect them to scrap their hearts out.

Well ladies, thank you for visiting and hope you will stop by soon.
All winners will be picked by 12:00am, Saturday, February 2, 2008.

Lots of Hugs


Ady said...

Here we go.
1) I scrapbook because I can, because my husband is my biggest fan and because I will leave my son documentation of the wonderful life we had together.
2)I love kits that have a mixture of different products. American Crafts Thickers, 97% complete words from 7 gypsies and Collage Press Seeds paper line.
3) I can only think of Heidi Swapp because you sell all her products.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

CONGRATS on entering the blog world! I'm so excited! Here are my answers (don't forget... I'll stay around FOREVER and always cause I'm your SUPERSTAR!) LOL!
1- I scrap because I love photos and words and art and it's the perfect way to bring together all that I am passionate about. I also enjoy capturing my life and preserving the memories of loved ones.
2- Just three? I love Collage Press and American Crafts and Jenni Bowlin patterned papers, Thickers and felt, cork and other funky textures.
3- I know you have this weird thing going on with Heidi and maybe also the K&Co chick.

xoxo, Vane

Anonymous said...

Let's see
1) I don't scrapbook but I love seeing the finish products of those who do.
2) Anything that you sell that makes money.
3) Heidi Swapp

And as for the "Well Ladies" comment, I'm kind of offended since I do not meet the qualifications. And Ely if you read this, NO! I do not want to be one of the girls!

Anonymous said...

Here is my response.
1) I scrapbook because my friend Damaris, taught me to keep a history for the next generations to come. Seeing the finished product makes me happy. Sharing the finished product with my family makes me happier.
2) I love kits which include everything to put together a small book. I also love flowers and bling. Need to start cracking on the bling.
3) The two women are Heidi Swapp and Damaris Rios!!!

Love you, see you tomorrow.

This is Nay. I will get a blogger sign-in next.

Trish said...

I found you from Ady's blog! Welcome to the fun stuff--you will love blogging!

1) I scrapbook because I want to be known for who I am, and because I forget stuff I want to remember.
2) I love Making Memories and Scenic Route.
3) I'm going out on a limb here and say Heidi because everyone else did too!

Good luck with everything!

Ely said...

I scrapbook because Damaris hounds me! Naaa, Bcuz I enjoy creating pgs with pixs Ive taken. I hate journaling but I do it cuz thats the major point of scpbkng!

Im still a Creative Memories girl. Hvnt gottn around to the other stuff. Ive seen beautiful stuff but have 2 much cm stuff that I have 2 use up 1st.

I will guess...Heidi Swapp cuz u talk abt her alot.

Love Ya!

scrapcat said...

I scrapbook because it's my creative release. I love photography and love displaying my photos

AC thickers, patterned cardstock, rub-ons

Heidi Swapp and Brenda Walton?

newscrapper said...

You go girl! You did i! I am so happy for you! I love to scrappbook to create memories for our children and best of all for my family. I did a book for my mom on grandkids that made her cry, love it. I am new to this but glad I am learning from the best (u), lol! Creating a peaceful and lots of fun.

Sunnymommie said...


here I go

1)Why I do love scrapbook, because I love photos and craft and it perfect for my hobby and keep me busy...

2)my faves are AC, SR, and rub-ons!!

3)Hedid Swapp...

have a great day and will see you tomorrow.

Katey :)

jeannie said...

hi great blog....
1) why i scrap I love to create something beautiful out of a pile of paper and glue to leave behind for my family to remeber all that we did while they were growing up i think its becasue i don't have many things from my childhood

2) anyting with bling glitter sparleslove stickles,icons,and hedi swap bling

3)Ali Edwards or Donna downey

Lori said...

Congrats on your new blog!!! Looks great!!! I have you bookmarked now.

1. I scrap because I want to preserve my family history. I want my daughter to be able to pass down all of our memories to her children.

2. I love Making Memories, Scenic Route, flowers, 7 gypsies and rub ons.

3. I'm gonna guess Heidi Swapp because lot's of your RAK is Heidi!!

Lisa said...

1) Because I love being crafty and the end product is something everyone can enjoy.

2) Right now it's doodlebug sugar-coated anything.

3) All of the SISters on SIStv.

Cheryl said...

Congratulations, D!

Ok, this is the real deal:
1) I scrap, because I LOVE to shop and buy pretty paper and blingy embellishments. What a collection I have. And it is way cheaper than a psychiatrist or LV purses! But I really swear one day I will actually scrap my 22 year old's baby fotos.
2)My three fav products. Hmmm...I love Tim Holtz products. Very cool. Rub-ons. And my Cricut.
3)I have to say Lisa Bearnson and Becky Higgins for having the insight to see how this "little" craft was going to take off and being there from the beginning (not too bad for their bank accounts, either!)

Kate said...

1) I scrapbook for my sanity. And to leave behind something with deep meaning and sentiment. I scrapbook to show my family how much they mean to me!

2) I LOVE American Craft Thickers. I think I have every font. And anything with glitter, flowers and bling. Which is weird because I have a son with another son on the way!

3) Heidi Swapp...just going by all the products on your blog. Because I don't know you, it would be easier to say who I admire in the scrapbooking world. Christine Middlecamp because she is the most courageous scrapper I know. What a talent and so inspirational as a scrapper, mother and woman.

Great blog! I'll put it in my faves for sure.

alma said...

Primero que nada felicidades y mucho exito.
1)Me encanta scrapbook porque de esa manera guardo mis fotos de una manera divertida y conservo la memoria de lo que pasa en cada etapa de mi vida y la de mis hijos.Aparte que me divierto comprando nuevos productos.

Anonymous said...

love the blog. i shall add you to my favorites.
1) i scrapbook because i want to leave behind something meaningful to my children.
2) love it all and want it all.
3) i am going to go with heidi swapp

Susie said...

Hello everyone I scrapbook because i enjoy photos alot and after all I am a Photographer.It's Very exciting for me to "CAPTURE ALL OF LIFES SPECIAL MOMENTS" on paper from beginning to end. The products are fabulous and especially all of those colorful stickers. Thank goodness scrapbooking exist, because when i was little I had to literally cut stuff out of Magazines, but NOT NO MORE thanks to all the wonderful products.