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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Wednesday

Good morning everyone!
It's 11 already, and I feel like I have accomplished soooooo much today. I have been busy getting all sorts of goodies in order for my people, ordering from that I can get some goodies in stock for you lovely ladies. I will begin with sneak peaks of what has been ordered so far this coming week. Super exciting!!!! I love new stuff. Makes me happy. For some scrapbooking news: I will be hosting a Scrapbooking garage sale on February the 23rd from 8:00am to 11:00am. I am totally amazed at the amount of STUFF I have and have got to get out of my workroom and back room. How can ONE person collect SO MUCH STUFF? Someone please answer this question!!! I think it's a sickness...and many of my friends and customers HAVE IT!!! I will also be having all the merchandise in the back on SALE that day. I have got to make room for all this yummy new product coming in. SO COME ON BY and check out the good deals my lovelies!
For some good news.....I have the Making Memories Carousel being delivered this week! If you want one, you have got to call and let me know, as they are almost gone. It seems that these babies are a hot demand product and the manufacturer has a major back go figure!!!
Albums, Albums, Albums...I am super low and on the 4th of February will be placing a large order. Please call me if you want anything in specific so that I can get it for you.

Now for some FREE goodies:

WEDNESDAY: I am giving away K&CO 2 1/1inch letters. They are Glittered Red and come in a sweet looking box. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TELL ME YOUR LOVE STORY. HOW DID YOU FALL IN LOVE?

Can you tell that I am on a theme here? I promised to give away a gift every day this week. I decided that since the month of February is the month of LOVE, I am in a shary, lovey dovey mood myself, all the gifts for this week will revolve around the red, pink, or valentiney (is that even a word?LOL!!) scheme.

I have a bunch of surprises up my sleeve. Can not wait. Tonight, I shall post all the pictures I have been promising lately. I love pictures. They give me a visual to connect to the truth. Know what I mean? I tend to imagine things ALL the time. Sometimes it gets out of hand...I even have imaginary friends....ask Alyssa....LOL REALLY HARD HERE, LADIES!! Seriously, what I mean is sometimes you speak to someone on the phone, and you imagine what they look like, but when you meet them in person, it's normally NOT what you imagined at all. GET IT?
OK: On to other things. Today is order day for several of the companies I LOVE! Glitz is yummy, yummy, yummy! You ladies are going to love their new goodies. Heidi Swapp has done it again. She has 12x12 paper on her line!!!! YIIIPPPEEEE. Brenda Walton from K& Company has the Mira line that I LOVE!!!! That is going to be a huge class in the month of March...HOPEFULLY We will have all the kits completed by the 1st or the 8th. I shall keep you posted. American Craft has some pretty neat things up their sleeve. I will have quite a large amount of goodies from Maya Road....their stuff is just delicious! Ok...There is a lot coming out so hopefully I will be able to download pictures on the ton of the goodies I am getting my hands on soon.

I have to work on the calendar for the blog...this is a major project for me. If any of you have specific questions on class dates, just let me know. The 8 Hour crop is this coming Saturday, 2/2/08 from 9am-5pm. Cost is $28.00. I have 3 spots left. I will have the calendar up and running by the 1st....GOD willing, me and the computer too...hee, hee.

Well got to go. Have got to vacuum and clean...YUCK!


Ady said...

Oh wow, let the fun begin... My story is very wonderful and you know it very well. Jorge and I went out for dinner with our BFF's without thinking twice about each other. (we didn't want to get hooked up) By the end of the night he was holding my hands and we have been together ever since. Our marriage truly works. It also helps that he spoils me a lot...

alma said...

Bueno mi historia tiene 19 preciosos años.Un 18 de Junio de 1989 conosi un Hombre llamado por casulidad tambien Jorge, Quien llego a mi vida presentandose como Jorgito mil de aveja si me pruevas no me dejas y si me dejas despues te quejas y verdaderamente el hombre tenia razon porque lo prove y aqui me tiene 18 años feliz mente casada y 3 preciosos niños. Gracias a Dios.