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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All in a day's work

Happy Tuesday everyone. I am extremely happy today. I get to vote, put together another goodie bag and thank Jesus that my children are healthy. RECAP of yesterday afternoon: I got a call from my children's school to inform me that my daughter had been in an accident while in Karate class...(EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE)..when I got to the school, my darling little girl had a lump the size of a walnut...maybe 2 pecans..LOL. An accident had occurred while the kids were doing their exercises...apparently another childs head met my daughters forehead. Anyway, she had a severe headache, nasty looking bump, so off to the emergency room we head. My DH met me there with our son, as we had to get his hand X-Rayed per our pediatrician, because he was playing football and his middle finger and his ring finger were swollen. Well after several hours...they are ok. Jacqueline will end up with quite a distinguished looking black eye, and Elijah, will have to lay off the football for a while and let the hand rest. ALL IN A DAY'S WORK!


Now for the good stuff....If you can tell me what my favorite show on television (on air for this season) I will give away a pack of Heidi Swapp chipboard glossy variety hearts pack. Just guess if you do not know. Good luck!

I know, I know...I still have not attached the photos...I will do all of this by Friday...HOPEFULLLY!

I am off to vote! Doing my civic duty here. I hope you are all doing your part. Lots of hugs!


Dayami said...

Sorry to hear about the kids!!! They'll be perfect in no time.
I'll play!!!!
hmmmm Im going to guess American Idol! ...dont know what else is on, I usually look at shows when hubby buys the seasons.;(

Ady said...

I know what it is but I'm not telling. It wouldn't be fair because we talk twenty times a day. Good luck everyone...

Anonymous said...

I'd say Smallville cuz we watched it last night together but I know that isnt it. Hmmm I'll take a guess.. desperate Housewives? Luv ya... ely

Ana, Miami said...

What mother's go through huh! Glad to hear they are okay!I go for American Idol as well!

alma said...

Lamento mucho lo que le paso a tus niƱos, pero me alegro que no fueron mayores las consecuencias.
Bueno yo solo voy a tratar y ahunque no te conosco tanto como para saber lo que te gusta yo creo tambien que es American Idol, y creo esto porque escucho muchos comentarios sobre este programa asi que me imagino que a ti tambien te gustara.