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Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday, Friday!

Wow, now that I am feeling soooo much better, I am on a roll here, and want to do everything at once. I am working diligently at getting some super great goodies going on here for this coming month. We have a ton of classes set up so that makes me VERY happy. Getting the goodies for the 8 hour crop ready. I am also putting together, my goodie bags for my birthday party...whooo hooo. How fun are birthday's? LOVE THEM!

Last night we went to dinner to my good friends home. Gladys has a beautiful home! It's so inviting and warm! The food was sooooo YUMMY! Everyone should have a friend like Gladys! I'm lucky that I inherited her from my husband...LOL! Right before we got married, my husband began working at quite a large company with a large group of people...they were all it turned out several of them are still there, 14 years later, have gone up on the career ladder and have build beautiful families. Gladys was one of those lovely ladies that became more my friend over the years than my husbands. I am blessed she's a part of my life. By the way, she has the most delicious little girl ever!

Anyway, came home and was too tired to post the pics of all the wonderful stuff going on around here. Pretty soon. The cool thing is that I HAVE UNTIL FEBRUARY 1ST!! lol.

Today, I have a Girl Scout event with my daughter, have to finish the goodie boxes for my cousins bridal shower tomorrow and I still have to get going on this weekends class. (I work best under pressure). What can I say?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and lots of fun with your families and friends.


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Gladys said...

Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives and for the wonderful tribute! We love you!