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Monday, March 17, 2008

Hola GENTE!!!

Sorry, but I seem to be having some technical difficulty today and can not get my pics to go where they SHOULD GO!!! Isn't this a great little album? I am posting more on this at the bottom...check it out.

(BObunny Word Chipboard album)

This is my beautiful family. Mom, Dad 4 sisters, 1 brother, 2 husbands, & 7 grandchildren. I thought I share something that makes me happy, and my family definitely does. This picture was taken at mom's house on Christmas morning 2007. We just finished cleaning up the world war 3 of wrapping paper and! That's the nice thing about having such a large get to clean up very quickly...then we ate lasagna for lunch...totally untraditional, but since we are SOOOOO puertorican, (and so into our traditions) and have extended families that we MUST visit between the 24th and the 25th this was a nice change. Any who, mom decided to make something different since we had been eating traditional food the night before and were going to eat traditional food again for dinner on the 25th. I'm just the way that lasagna was REALLY yummo for the record. Now that I HAVE GIVEN YOU TMI...

OK: I have been sick as a dog...Have you ever wondered where that saying came from? It really gives me a bad mental image when I really think about...back to my story..
So many of you have called and e-mailed me and I am getting around to returning all messages. Just cut me a little slack here gente.
First of all I want to start of by saying that I absolutely have the best family and friends in the whole wide world! They helped me in a very special way these past two weeks. Thank you all...and I just must mention names...Mom, Bethsy, Margie, Ady, & Noemi. You guys are just some of the most amazing people in this planet and simply deserve the best! Thank you for all your help! When I win the lotto, you will be on the list of recipients to receive a chunk of monies from my pray that I win BIG!!! (It would help if I actually started playing the lotto...he, hee ha)!!!!
Now I have a couple of announcements.
I will be celebrating National Scrapbook Day April 19, 2008, and just for the fun of giveaway this week is going to be: If you blog every day, beginning today, I will choose a name on Saturday and one lucky winner will get to go to National Scrapbook Day for FREE! WHOO HOO! Hey gang, it's $43.00 to go this that is a heck of a giveaway! GOOD LUCK!
Also I will be hosting the BOBUNNY family chipboard word album this fun is that? Delicious! Can't wait for that class. I am going to try to post some pictures later on today or tomorrow on the family album and on the Mira class we had yesterday. I am so glad I did that class. The paper was gorgeous and the embellies were really delicious. I got up at 4am yesterday to finish some layouts...funny, how things just flow when I am under pressure. LOL.
This Friday is going to be an awesome day...if you are in the area and would like to come on by and scrapbook let me know. We will begin scrapbooking at 12:00pm and end at 12:00am. Talk about some serious scrapbooking. (we'll probably get 2 pages done...LOL)
This coming weekend is going to be a busy one...we have the canvas class, the KID class and tons of goodies are coming in on a daily basis, so make sure you drop by and check out the cool new stuff that is available.
By the way, my scrap room is almost done...just missing my desk to put my clip it up on and put up the curtains, and finish! Will post pics hopefully if I finish by this coming Friday.
By the way, my sweetie pie friend Trish has sent me an absolutely fantastic RAK! I will post about her tomorrow! That lady is the bomb!!!!
Well have got to go. I promise to post everyday this week...I am even going to add pictures EVERYDAY!
Tons of hugs to all of you!


Ana, Miami said...

Hey Girl! Loved the Mira Class , it was out of control. The layouts are awesome and can't wait to do the rest. I already signed up for the national scrapbooking day, hope I win!! lol
Love the way your room is coming out, love the KIA stuff! By the way I forgot to pick up my White organizer yesterday, let me know if you still have it I will get it on Friday!

You have an awesome family glad you are so tight with each other. I think that is a great thing!

Well gotta go, just thought I would let you know MIRA was great!

And of course it ws great seeing oyu after such a long time.

See ya soon and tomorrow on the blog!

Dayami said...

I LOVE the family picture. By the things you've told me about your beautiful family I can tell you guys are a very happy & close family. That is the biggest blessing.
I will try not to forget to post every day until Saturday, I would love to go, so lets see.
Did Noemi finish her room?? Tell her to send me pics.
ok girl, ttyl ;)

Ady said...

Wow, lots going on. Your Mira class layouts are gorgeous. I love them all especially the blue pages. You know, I love my blues and greens. I can't wait for NSBD but it sucks that I have to work. At least I'll get some killer paper for my time. HAHAHAHA... I'm caught up on my bloggin now...

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused about the whole blogging situation but I shall talk to you a little more in person about it I guess! Love your blog! Muah!

Margie B