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Thursday, May 15, 2008


OK my lovelies:
This is the deal...I have ssssoooo many goodies i want to share the 3:oopm Eastern Standard TIME!!!..I am going to post the longest post EVER ...hee, hee, haa. I am unveiling the June Main kit, add on kit and the project kit. I will also be posting on events to come...and of course some delicious FREE due to the nature of this crazy business...I will be back with all the new info at 3:oopm!


Anonymous said...

I will be checking back at 3:00 - the suspense is killing me...LOL!

Ana, Miami said...

Hey There!

Can't til 3pm! I am so excited to see June's kit and we know your goodies are the bomb!

Seems like you have your hands fullo but I am glad everything is being such a great success.

see ya at 3pm.

ana G

Ady said...

OOH... I can't wait either... Eventhough I already have the yumminess in my hands... HA!HA!HA! I love being on your design team.

The6ofusinca said...


I'm gonna pee my pants!
How exciting!
God Bless!!!