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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hello peeps. It's been a crazy morning full of...craziness and of course some kitting.

As many of you are aware, I like to give whole sets of items...may it be a bag of flowers, brads, journaling cards....embellishments as a whole. My thought process here is...I love to receive complete packages. Yet as many of us know, the industry normally sells sets of multiples but in 1 me being me... I give complete sets, but I break the packages and give you different colors. Isn't that fun?

Well without further is the Main June kit!

As you can see this kit is HUGE. When I gave the local class it sold out within a week. Pretty cool. The American Craft Spring/Summer collection is amazing, and honestly it is full of soooo many goodies that it is worth every single penny. The cost for this kit is $50.00.

Included in this package is:

1 stickler
1 pack of brads
1 pack of buttons
2 packs of chipboard
1 foam shape set
1 pack of brads
1 pack of photo turns
1 mini mark rub ons
3 ribbons 1 yard each
12 pattern paper Spring/Summer collection
6 Bazzill card stock
1 American Craft Thickers

NOTE: if you noticed on the top pictures you will see 2 different thickers...this kit comes with the NEW POOLSIDE THICKERS. They are the grapefruite colored ones.

The add on kit for this month is...unfortunately the downloaded picture did not work..I will try again in a little while! I will tell you that it is very sweet and is full of a lot of Jenni Bowlin Happiness. I combined two of her lines together and thought it was a great way to showcase some of the Bazzill new flowers...DELICIOUS!!! Their new Paper Flowers are beautiful!!! The brads are also made of paper and match with the flowers to a T!!! There is a complete pack of brads...with two different colors, flowers in different sizes, journaling tags and the whole set of mini calendar cards. LOVE IT!!!

Kits will be available to purchase Friday, May 16, 2008 (tomorrow) at 8am eastern standard time.
****Please email me @ with your requested purchase and I will send you a paypal.
FREE GIVEAWAYS.The first is A Bobunny Family Word Chipboard Album. This is going to be this months project kit valued at $38.00 What do you need to do? Simply POST! I will announce the winner by tomorrow 12:00am. The rest of the free goodies will be unveiled on the SDUI blog beginning tomorrow. So you need to check it out on a daily basis!!! Give me sometime as we are updating like crazy all the blogs...whew! GOOD LUCK!!!


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

OMG!!!!! Hey, talk about throwing me off!!! I didn't even know this was the main kit or that you had an add-on planned, but oh boy is it delicious. CONGRATS on another great kit... I cannot wait to play with mine. That entire collection is so beautiful... HUGS!!!

The6ofusinca said...

It's Yummy~! YUMMY I TELL YA!!!!
I can't wait to order the June kit!
It ROCKS and so do you!

Ana, Miami said...

Lordy Lordy Lordy What an awesome Kit. I love it!
Congratulations to another spectacular kit, but it does not suprise me coming frm you. you give only the best.

hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

that is beautiful - I can't wait to see the layouts on Saturday!

Balou said...

OMG!!! Is THAT the kit I reserved??? Holy (S)crap!! I can't wait to get my hands on it! Ohhh -I think I just peed a little... ;)

Ady said...

Wow... I got the best of both words. I'm such a lucky girl.

alma said...

Este kit esta precioso como siempre, tu sabes que me encanta las mariposas asi que me voy ha divertir un monton creando layout.
Espero que te sientas mejor besossssssss.

Dayami said...

Love it!!! I cant wait to play w it! Love the colors and all the different texture you have going on here. Cutting edge, my friend!

RosieTheMET said...

LOVE!!! I was really interested in your May kit...beautiful!!! But I just found out I was pregnant, and I went crazy buying stuff =P This kit (june) is also BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! keep the good stuff comin'!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this kit. You are da bomb! Keep it coming this good and we'll keep putting together scrapbooks!

Love you mucho!!


Anne Thompson said...

Coool cool cool! It looks amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I want it! I want it! I emailed you...send me a paypal
Sherri L.

Anonymous said...

I want one....please pick me...i realy need this.