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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The world of blogging....AND THE NEW KID

I know so many of you have emailed me regarding this blog. I understand some of your frustrations about me not blogging regularly. But the truth is..............WAIT FOR IT.........ARE YOU READY?

I've been busy.

It's a funny story see my buds Ady and Vanessa got me started on this blog thing...and as time has come and buddies do not blog as often as they used to. They have left me for the next new best see there is this new kid in's called......


It seems like everyone is on there. I have more friends request that I can possibly need or want in a lifetime. But I just have not been bitten by the bug. Yes, I opened an account, yes I do check it out every month or so, but I am just not good at this sort of thing. I am not electronically inclined and the truth is that it's very difficult for me to learn the ins and outs of new programs. Rios tells me it's because I am lazy...I think it's because I DON'T CARE therefor, I don't want to learn something new.....yeah, I think that's it. You see I tend to have a ton of things to do on my list. For example this is what Today's list looks like:

1. laundry

2. kitchen cabinets

3. hand wash delicate clothes

4. clean scrap room

5. sweep house

6. mop house

7. finish dad album

8. order more basic supplies for pink room

9. send out email for classes and crops in august

10. call for dentist appt.

11. call for JAR surgery

12. call and make reservations at hotel in New Orleans

13. Call buds in Texas

14. Clean your scrappy crap off the Kitchen table

15. Cook lunch and dinner

16. call mom

17. call MIL

18. Call SU lady

19. Call auntie Judy

20. organize the pink room

21. finish surprise gifts for Scrapbook Retreat

22. organize kits

23. take picture of kit and post it.

24. Finish 10 page class layouts.

25. Clean scraproom.

OK....I only put 25 things on my list a day. Because, hey it's life and I am sure something of more importance will crop up during the day.

Do I ever finish my list? Uuuuhhhmmmmmm NO! Does anyone? Really? But I do try.

Well, I digress....

The whole point of this post today is that although I WOULD LOVE TO FACEBOOK with the peeps who want to become my friends or even facebook with those who are really actually my friends....I do not want to take another moment of my life to learn something new at this time.....maybe in a month I won't do laundry for 3 weeks and will get addicted to Facebook like so many of my buddies...but for today...I blog and share my woes. It's hard enough for me to get on here and blog....I just simply can not add another connecting with people engine on my list. I just can't. Ok...I don't want to. Honesty...makes you feel so much better at the end of the day....LOL.

So this is my profound statement for the day. I really like to blog. It's personal and although many of you leave no's simply fun to share thoughts, pictures, memories and dreams with friends, family and hey...strangers too.

Although I do not post every day, I find pleasure when I do. So thank you all for your kind statements. Your visits and taking time from your busy schedules to visit me on my little blog.

And with this I leave, as it seems that house work is calling me today.




Ady said...

It sounds to me like your whinning.. So quite whinning and start blogging, facebooking and I'll introduce you to Twitter... Just kidding mi amiga... I know how life can get... Luv you...

Maritza said...

Thank you for making me laugh today. I especially like the remark "I DON'T CARE" I completely understand what you mean. I'm on FACEBOOK but I personally think it's boring. I love the creativity of blogging. Even MYSPACE was better. I find myself with plenty of time and I still rather blog and read blogs like yours, whenever you get to it.

Margie said...

You're so funny. I'm with you on the facebook time. I barely have time for anything and if I do...I'd rather blog. To each its own right? Love you!