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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wow..I haven't been here in a while....

but man oh man, have I been busy. Getting ready for this Scrapbooking Retreat has me on overdrive. I have some major beautiful stuff in the house and some wonderful new merchandise coming in the next few days...aaahhh, the smell of new stuff!!! WHOO HOOO!!!! I love all these goodies. I am going to attempt to display some of the new stuff, but gosh people, it is just one more thing on the list of things to do. I leave you with this eye candy.............

This is a gift holder (money probably). I love the butterfly. Gives you a very vintage, almost chabby chic feel. This was done by Oddbjorg Ringsby. She used all those yummy Prima Products. I still have a few of these kits left so if you are interested drop me a line.
I am so waiting for Vane and Ady to get my hands dirty. I can not wait to work on this Donna Downey canvas album. I am in LOVE with everything. I just have not decided what I want to do it on. I want it to be a very special album on something fantastically special to me....when I do decide my subject, I want to work along these lines. I can't give the artist credit because someone sent me this in an email...I know it's Prima product but have no clue who the artist is.

SHE rocks...bless her heart.This yumminess was created by Ingvild Bolme. I stalk this chick. My goodness, when I grow up I want to have half her talent.
It is 2:22am in warm and muggy Miami....I am off to bed.



Maritza said...

Such beautiful work. I'm taking the Donna Downey class and I am also trying figure the theme. Mine might be about my sisters or maybe just ME.

Ana, Miami said...

Welcome back!
Its great to see you posting and the awesome stuff you!
Can't wait till retreat and those goodies!