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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sharing some layouts here....

Hi gang:

Thought I share some of my work from the past.

I did this layout in November for a 10 page class that I had.
I did this two page spread for my local scrapbook store. Can you see how I used the same concept from the top layout and used on on this bottom right one? Looks different, doesn't it? It's really the flower placements.

I love this Websters Line. Make me SUPER HAPPY!!!!!!!!!
Can't remember if I shared this one, but here it's all parf of another 10 page class that I had at the retreat. I also did a mini album on this one...well not that mini is turned out to be an 8x8x. I'll try to post pics on that this week.
And this pic is just because..they are so damn cute....LOL
Have a great day.


Jocelyn said...

Oh I just adore these..super cute!!!

Wishing you a Fabulous day!!!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Great layouts! Super cute stuff... I see the mojo is back in the house! Wow, I love all your Key West pics :) So glad you all had a great time there last week!!! I'll be down there in late April. Yippee!!!! But just for the weekend!!! I cannot wait to see you scrap this vacation (hint, hint). HUGS!!!

Ady said...

I really need to lift that layout. It's beautiful. Please make beautiful Key West layouts so I can lift. It helps me catch up with the thousands of photos I still need to work with. LOL...

Marlene said...

Yes, you have been blessed with super cute kids, love their smiles. You have such pretty layouts, i love your worrk. My fav is the first on with the flowers on the bottom