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Thursday, December 2, 2010

#2.....Did December just creep up on me? LOL

Man, I am trying to do way tooooo much stuff....but is that not the fun part of it all? Trying to get everything done so your loved ones can enjoy the HOLIDAYS?

I have a ton of stuff that I NEED TO TAKE PICS OF AND SHARE...but I am running on full speed right now. I have a super busy weekend, and plan on doing a ton of stuff.

I have not taken pictures of the December Daily, but will be posting some time this weekned...HOPEFULLY...I promise to catch up.

Now for the eye candy...Cari Fennell created this beauty. Isn't that pretty?
Here is the second tree for the season.

Happy Thursday!!!


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Marlene said...

Yes, Ms.Damris Dec is here. Looks like you had a great Thansgiving. Can't wait to see all your beautiful pink trees and decoration. I'm still thinking about putting mine up.