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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Is it cold or what peeps? For those of you NOT LIVING IN SUNNY FLORIDA...can you please return our heat BACK!!! LOL.

Here is another tree for your Christmas eye candy....
Gotta leave you with some scrappy eye candy. This is one of the pages I did in my 10 page December Class. So glad I do this. I tend to catch up on Christmas fairly quickly with these classes. I help my customers scrap and I get my stuff done too. Can't beat that!!!

I HAVE GOT TO SHARE!!!! My daughter lovesss.....did I say LOVE with capital letters: BUDDY from Cake BOSS. She wrote this amazing letter to him and waiting anxiously for a reply. She would ask me every day...MOM...did I get anything? She actually drove me a little crazy. I really did not expect her to get anything back. Anyway we got something back today.
"HIS" company or workers or SOMEONE...sent her a plain autographed card and a 5x7 postcard telling her to buy his book. She was a bit devastated. I felt so bad for her. She tells me I am so disappointed mom. I tried to explain to her that stars tend to get super busy...more so than us regular people and we are SUPER busy. That he probably never even read the letter. Most famous people have someone who reads their letters and answers them back for the person. I really tried to make it a positive moment for her.
(Now my true opinion is: I wish they had NEVER SENT HER ANYTHING....especially the flyer promoting his book. I have no problem with the flyer...just sending it to a KID who has just poured her heart out in a freaking letter!) Please note this is MOMMY speaking!!!! LOL
It is a lesson learned. I explained that in the future if she was ever in a position where children were writing to remember this experience and do something differently.
BY THE WAY...I was planning on buying her the stupid book for Christmas, just waiting for it to get here at Barnes and Nobles...sad but true.
Have a great day girls.

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Sharon said...

If she would have written to Tim Holtz, that wouldn't have happened. The guy is a jewel and is a very good business person. So sad that's all she got. Some people just don't have a heart,----or good workers, because you never know, he might not even have read the letter.
Hoping you get that book!