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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How exciting is this? May kit is a success!!!

Thank you...Thank you...Thank YOU!!! You have all been so amazing in your support in my new venture. I promise to keep putting together only merchandise I would purchase for myself..(WINK). Wow...I am so surprised with the overwhelming response to this kit. I guess it really does help when you have some amazing products. I want to thank all of you who have purchased a kit. This was my first monthly kit and honestly it has been a huge success.

I have 3 customers who got a extra little bag in their boxes....#50, #100 and #150. You'll see who you are when you open up your boxes (SMILE). ENJOY!
The official blog for the monthly kit will be unveiled on Friday....I shall post the blog address here. Can't wait to see what the response will be like...
Great customers, great themes and absolutely some amazing pages being created here this past Saturday. I had a smaller group, but I love to see how people document what is important to that! goodness....Some RICKY MARTIN GOODNESS!!!! One of our favorite customers and a dear good friend...Shenny, worked on her masterpiece. She had everyone rolling off their chairs. She is a Ricky martin fAN...OK...MAYBE...A LITTLE MORE THAN A FAN. She had been preparing all her goodies all year to complete this album. Her whole theme black & white...(It's Ricky Martin's tour name). I have got to tell you, it is an amazing album. I was super impressed... with the pics, the art and simply the documentation of something fun that my dear friend enjoys in life...Isn't that the point?!!! If you look closely there is a pic of good old Ricky (EN PELOTA) naked...DOWN is actually a very quick slide you would see if you went to the concert..most people would miss it... Yet, leave it to Shenny, to go to his concert more than once and actually KNOW when to click that camera and get the perfect pic of her fantasy man...hee, hee,ha! He's hot!!! I don't care what any of you say...the MAN IS HOt!!!!!

This is a quick layout I did for my cousin to prove to her that we can use flowers on BOY PAGES!!!! I love this little boy...he is just one of those that just hits you in the heart and makes an entrance...he's our Daniel! (SIGH)
Well my friends...this is it for now. Have to get to work. Have a meeting with the design team...working on some really yummy goodies coming your way!!!


Trish said...

Okay, I've talked with you on the phone at least 3 times now and no mention of that Ricky Martin dare you hold this information from me! What kinda friend are you?
LOVE the layout--I use unconventional stuff on boy pages all the time, and they don't care.

Keep the ideas rolling girl!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Great layouts! And I'm so glad that I got one of these delicious May kits... lucky me! :-) HUGS!

Ady said...

I'm so happy for you my friend. Not to mention that the kit was so much fun to work with. The layout ideas just kept on flowing. Thanks for including me on your DT.

Margie said...

Grocera Descarada! I'm telling mom!

Dayami said...

Congratulations on your great success! May God bless this new part of your business and make you the happiest girl creating those yummy kits.

Oye pero ese hottie esta en pelota, is that for real? Im gonna have to start buying tickets now ;)

The6ofusinca said...

I'm lucky number 50! Thank you Damaris for creating such a fun kit and thank you for my wonderful goodie bag,- It's seriously all yummy~ My daughter and I were jumping up and down in the living room opening it up! I never win! lol!So thank you for making my month so fun and filled with yummy scrapgoodies.
I hope you find great joy in your new business and I hope those kits fly off the shelf everymonth! I can't wait to see next months kit!
Thank you again,