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Monday, April 21, 2008


As promised here are some pictures of Saturday's National Scrapbook Day. We had a ton of fun, and honestly, I moved furniture around the house to make everyone fit comfortably. My pink room was outfitted with my living room love least it held more baskets full of goodies for the girls. 158 pages were completed this Saturday between all the ladies who attended. I think that's pretty awesome.

Alma and Dayami, raising their goodie bags...they seemed to have liked their goodies. Noemi and Ady pose for posterity here. Have to mention...I am giving Ady a raise!!! She deserves it!!! he, he, hee, ha! Ady, I am going to DOUBLE YOUR PAY!!! Love you girl!

Ana shows her work.

Sweet Alma, worked on her little girls Album...that little one is delicious.

Vanessa and her acrylic album...too cute. Margie worked on Christmas...really cool layouts.

Susie and her famous TICK TOCK. Bethsy, going through her goodies.
Well, one down, one to go. I will do all this all over next Saturday. You are welcome to stop by visit, shop or join the fun next Saturday, as I will have 12 new girls celebrating their NSBD. I really have to thank every single person who attended. I am honored that they chose me to spend the NSBD with. I really need to thank several people who went beyoned!!! Ady, thank you for working for....hmmmnnn...FREE! What kind of friend is that? ONLY THE BEST KIND. Margie, thank you for ALL your help. You did so much during the week that I was just amazed at your creativity. You really should be published. Ely and guys are the best...I just could not do this without your help. It takes quite a bit to pull of any event with success...but I have wonderful people in my life and that makes my work so much easier. THANKS GANG! I PROMISE TO HOOK YOU UP IF I WIN THE LOTTO!
I have decided to make available my class kit I make on a monthly basis. I will unveil the kit tomorrow for the month of May. It has a ton of Heidi Swapp goodness. Can't wait. LOVE THAT CLASS. Anyway, due to so many request for these kits, I decided to take the plunge and make them available to (whoever purchases them I will only have a limited quantity and when they are gone...they are gone.
I'm I am extremely tired. I have some old sleep I need to catch up on.
Tune in tomorrow for the pics and details. A formal website is in the works for this that is super exciting!!! Whooo hooo!
I am very proud to announce my three very talented designers on my team. They are: Ady Abreu, Margarita Bonilla and Dayami Lauzurique. I will be posting ideas and layouts on a monthly basis to help you complete kits...or simply to give you some inspirations. Can't wait!!!!


Margie said...

I had a great time. Took me a while to get my creative spirit flowing came out! I only did 4 layouts HOWEVER I scrapped 42 pictures on those pages and that means...42 less pictures stuck in my hard drive! Thanks for all you hard work, I know somewhat the energy it takes to put something like this together and I gotta give it to you! Oh...that rice and chicken was out of control! Delicious! Muah!

Anonymous said...

NSBD looked like so much fun. I am sorry I missed it - but baseball calls. Anyway - I am excited about those kits. Can't wait to see it!
Take care, Michelle

Ana, Miami said...

The pics are great eventhough I can't see mine bue that's fine. As I mentioned before it was a great day and I had an awesome time and of course very poductive. Can't wait until the monthly kits and inspriation, it will be very helpuful for us rookies :-)lol

Ady said...

I'm so proud of you. I know this will be a great new venture and you will definitely succeed. But please post the picture of the kit soon. My peeps are waiting.

Susie said...

Damaris, Thank you very much for a wonderful time. It was very productive. Thanks for the great Goody Bag wow Definitely Susie the Glitter on the album and the awesome Bird stamp I used it twice already Yippie!!! The food was very yummy to my tummy. I LOVE those 12 hours we definitely got alot accomplished. Whens the next one? I am ready. Thanks again great Job. Love ya lots Susie & Tick Tock HA HA

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great time, great goodies, and great food.

You did a great job organizing and keeping us motivated.

Love, Nay.

Trish said...

Hey you! That kit looks FAB and you know I want it ALL, right? I am so happy for you--and if you ever need anything, call. You are a natural--I am so excited for you!