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Friday, April 18, 2008


I overslept today!!! I got up at 6:00am...ADY??? What is up with that? OMG! Hey, I needed it. I accomplished sssoooo very much last night, and honestly, with the help of several amazing, wonderful people, this event is truly coming along. I know it's not a thousand peeps attending my event, buy honestly, I feel like anyone who comes to my event, should get the best that I can give them. I really feel this is going to be the BEST National Scrapbook Day I have hosted. I am ssssoooooo sorry that I have not posted pics...but I promise within the next 72 hours I will not only post pics of all the goodies given away, but I will post details of the whole event. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!
Got to go, as Vanessa is stressing me out with the cafe con leche situation!!! LOL!!! Vane...remember 7:30am or you are ssssoooo OUT OF GAS!!!


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

You are too funny!!! I will be there at 7:29 am with my mug waiting for my delicious, hot Cafe Yaucono.... LOL!!!! I am sooo excited.... I can't wait... maybe I'll show up tonight and stalk you....

Ady said...

You guys are too much. I'm already tired and it hasn't even begun yet. I stood up so much yesterday that my feet are going to fall off. I can't wait for tomorrow. I hope everyone's creative juices are flowing.