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Friday, April 25, 2008

Wow it's already FRIDAY!!!

Ok gang...quick post here. Lots of exciting changes going on here. The website is coming along for Scrapbook Designs..that makes me very happy. In additions to purchasing the monthly kits, you will now be able to purchase all kinds of goodies..who hoo!
I am presently filling in some dates for the calendar for MAY. My goodness, school is almost out here. Can you believe it? Incredible. Well, tomorrow, I will be celebrating my 2nd NSBD. I am looking forward to I have some really great and incredible classes going on this month. Can't wait to share. Well...have got to go. The kits are flying off the shelves..and that is GOOD! I will be posting pics by Sunday. I promise.
Have a great weekend.


Dayami said...

OMG! that is sooo awesome!!! Kit club & store!!! LOVE IT!!!!
Cant wait for the May 17 class here in my house, woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Great job girlie!!! You done good :-)

Ana, Miami said...

Hey girl! super excited for you. you have alot of great people backing you up and I know your success will roar! The just happens to great people! I am really excited about the kits and now even more with the store. Love to shop on-line! And if it helps out a friend, even more!

Congrats and may the lord continue to bless as he has.!

I will be odering as soon as the store is open! I will be on the lookout!
Love ya!
See ya soon!

Leelee said...

I'm Leelee and I live in the Doral area in Miami and I came across your blog and got really excited. I'm interested in getting together with scrapbookers in the area, buying kits and participating in classes and crops. Please contact me. I left a message with my info on the phone number you have listed,

many blessings